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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 5 Orion
Kick Off:  2:30 PM   Whitehead, Brown       Henderson, Gloag, Innes, Gloag, Andrews  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
These teams were to have engaged in the fourth round of the Aberdeenshire Cup tie on Saturday at Chanonry, but owing to the wretched condition of the ground it was found necessary to abandon the original intention and accordingly a friendly was played. The field was in a deplorable state, at the east end especially, where the ground was completely inundated, while all over appeared explosive sheets of ice. Aberdeen kicked off. Their opponents almost immediately invaded, and the ball was sent behind. For some time play was confined to mid-field, and a foul was granted to the Aberdeen. The Orion soon relieved, and a corner being conceded them, Gloag failed to accept a fairly easy chance. After a rush down field by Brown, the Orion again assumed the aggressive, and Henderson secured the first point by a some¬what slow shot. Continuing their attack on the home goal, the Orion added another point, this time through a smart piece of play on the part of Gloag. For the first time after this Aberdeen invaded, but, although a corner was granted, their incursion on Orion territory was easily repelled. Some amusing scenes took place here, owing to the inundated nature of the field. Whenever the ball got into one of the pools at this end, the efforts of the players in "retrieving" it were productive of some mirth, provoking struggles amid much splashing and drenching. On breaking away with the ball, a third point followed to the Orion's credit, thanks to their centre forward, who headed through a smart goal. Pulling themselves together, the Aberdeen men managed, for the rest of the first half, to put a different complexion on the game. Approaching dangerously near the Orion goal, Brown passed beautifully across the goal-mouth, and Whitehead cleverly headed through the first goal. Nor did their success end here, Brown almost immediately after sending through a lovely shot. The teams crossed with the score standing: Orion 3, Aberdeen 2.
Throughout the second period the game was fairly equal, but the Aberdeen played somewhat aimlessly and indifferently. At first they invaded frequently, but gradually fell off. Ketchen, in stopping a charge by the Orion men, missed the ball, and Gloag found little difficulty in beating Cobban. A fifth point was added shortly after by Andrews. No further scoring took place, and the game ended: Orion 6, Aberdeen 2.
Little in the match calls for comment or criticism. Baulked in their anticipation of witnessing a cup tie, the spectators manifested in small measure the usual interest that attaches to a contest between such teams. Something of the same feeling seemed to have entered the players, and thus the thought remains that had the game been fought under different auspices the result might have been different.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 18th January 1892

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Cobban; Ketchen, Wood; Ross, Reith, Scott; Mitchell, Brown, Key, Thomson, Whitehead


Orion Teamsheet:  Lumsden; Foote, Smith; Wight, Low, Baird; Gloag, Leggat, Innes, Andrews, Henderson



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