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match report 1891-92 fixture list
The Aberdeen 5 - 2 Cameron Highlanders, Edinburgh
Kick Off:  3:15 PM   Key, Whitehead, Opponent o.g., Ketchen, Whitehead        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
This match came off at Chanonry on Saturday afternoon before a large assemblage. Winning the toss, the Aberdeen elected to play downhill with the wind in their favour. Shortly after the ball was kicked off Key got hold of it, and, after a smart run down the field, scored the first goal. A few minutes later, from a fine pass by Ross, Whitehead put on the second goal for the Aberdeen. Some fine play was then seen on the Aberdeen side. Good combination was kept up, and several well maintained rushes were made with the ball, but they always ended in erratic shooting at the goal mouth. Whitehead again scored, but the point was ruled offside. Shortly after, however, a scuffle occurred when the ball was within a yard of the goal, and one of the Highlanders' half-backs, in his endeavour to clear the lines, kicked the ball through his own goal, bringing up the score against his side to 3. The Aberdeen soon put on a fourth goal, off a foul given against the Highlanders, and kicked off by Ketchen. Just before half-time sounded, Whitehead shot another goal from a pass by Cobban, and the first half ended: Aberdeen, 5; Cameron Highlanders, 0.
On resuming play, the Highlanders seemed to have improved greatly, and once or twice invaded the Aberdeen goal. The centre forward, by a succession of smart dribbling operations, managed to clear the lines and put on the first goal for his team. The strangers seemed to brighten up considerably at this turn of good fortune, and again and again made attempts to score, but the Aberdeen were on the alert, and not till nearly time did they manage to put on their second and last goal, the game ending Aberdeen 5, Cameron Highlanders 2. The match throughout was rather dull.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 8th February 1892

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Low; Ketchen, Wood, Ross, Reith, Scott; Cobban, Brown, Key, Thompson, Whitehead


Cameron Highlanders, Edinburgh Teamsheet: 



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