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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
Victoria United 5 - 1 Orion
Kick Off:  3:45 PM   ?, Sinclair, Duffus, Stewart, Turner       Innes  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The Cocks of the North
A friendly match was played between these teams at the Victoria Bridge Recreation Grounds in magnificent weather on Saturday. The field was in excellent trim, and was favourable to good football. The Orion kicked off, and play immediately became fast and somewhat exciting, both custodians being called upon repeatedly to save. While the game was still young, Cockburn dribbled the ball into Orion territory, and passing to Turner, who sent in a good shot, a scrimmage ensued at goal month, when the leather was sent through from the melee. Keeping up the pressure, Ferries had a good try at goal, but Lumsden was equal to the occasion, saving in capital style. Sinclair, however, beat; him with a low shot soon after, but the point was disallowed as the player was off-sides. After, experiencing somewhat hard lines, Sinclair a second time put the ball through. Play became pretty equal, and the Orion had a look in, but only momentarily, for the Blues again invaded, and a foul being granted in front of the Orion goal, Duffus sent through a well-placed shot. The Orion then made a determined effort to score, and a combined rush culminated in Innes notching the first and only goal for his side. Half-time soon after sounded with the score 3-1 in favour of the Victoria.
On restarting, the ground men again assumed the aggressive, but on the Orion retaliating, Cannon was almost beaten. The home citadel, however, was soon relieved, and the Stripes were again called upon to act on the defensive, but a point sent through by Sinclair was again disallowed. A foul and a couple of corners fell to the Vics, from the latter of which Stewart registered a fourth goal out of the "scrum." Continuing the aggressive, the Orion goal was again stormed, and Turner added a fifth point. The game to the finish was desultory and one-sided, ending Victoria United 5, Orion 1.
The Victoria United can now with some reason for themselves the "Cocks of the North," for have they not defeated all the local talent, an achievement of which they have every reason to be proud of. The latest victims of the stripes, who have hitherto been very successful and the tussles with the blues. Saturday's play was not brilliant, but it was decisively meritorious on the part of the Vics to inflict such a severe defeat on their opponents as 5 to 1. The Torry lads, in fact, were superior at all points, and played a winning game from start to finish. Cannon, who got little to do, was as confident as ever, the jaunty way he placed the ball for the kick-offs being in itself a feature of the match. He was a little too confident at one point, however, his fantastic handling of the ball very nearly costing his side a point. Ririe and Thomson worked into each other's hands admirably, and the halves exhibited a wall of defence which took the heart out of the wee boys. Cockburn is a capital acquisition. He knows the game in all its points - and can work it out too. Stewart was invaluable - as he always is - and Duffus also played well. Sinclair and Ferris were the best in front. Turner was very good, pinks fair, and Annand still further enhanced his reputation as a coming forward. Lumsden did some very smart things in goal. He cut a terrible amount of work to do, and he performed grandly. Foote played a good game at back, but Hugh Mackay was not a success. Baird put in a great deal of grand work, and was here, there, and everywhere, working with great vigour. Lowe kept diving into it in his own particular style, but with little effect. Wight played fairly well, but is too light. Gloag was the best man on his side, but got almost no support. Neither of the other forwards were in it, there was no combination in their efforts, and the left wing passed very in judiciously, throwing the ball to the opposing backs instead of giving it to their companions. The Orion, in fact, could hardly have played worse. The defence of part is specially.

Short Kicks.

The Vics, are now the undoubted local champions.
The Orion were scarcely ever in it, the stripes defence being of the weakest kind. There was more method in the play of the Torry men, who played with a confidence that was altogether awanting in their opponents. Lumsden, Foote, Baird, and Gloag alone did well for the stripes. Archie was in great fettle, and with a stronger defence in front of him he'd be a downright demon.
The blues have got two rare good ?un in Cockburn and Annand. They are indeed a capital catch. The whole of the Vics, played well, each and all having something to do with the win.

Source: Bon-Accord, 12th March, 1892

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Cannon; Thompson, Ririe; Cockburn, Stewart, Duffus, Turner, Binks, Annand, Ferries


Orion Teamsheet:  Lumsden; Edwards, Foote; Wight, Low, Baird; Fraser, Leggat, Gloag, Innes, Andrews



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