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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
Northern League 
The Aberdeen 1 - 4 Arbroath
Kick Off:    Brown       Buick, ?, ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
This league fixture was played at Chanonry before a large number of spectators. The weather was very favourable for spectators, but it was, if anything, rather warm for the performance of any brilliant football tactics.
The teams were: Aberdeen - Ramsay ; Ketchen and Matthews; Reith, Thomson, and Cobban; Mackie, Taylor, Key, Thomson, and Brown. Arbroath - Murray; Drummond and Milne; Rennie, Storier, and Willox; Findlay, D. Willox, Skae, Hendry, and Buick.
It will be seen that the Aberdeen team was minus Alec Wood, Colin Ross, and Low, whose places were taken by Matthews, Adam Taylor, and Ramsay. The game opened under very favourable circumstances for the visitors' team. Winning the toss, they elected to play down hill with the sun at their backs, and before the ball had well passed from the Aberdeen for wards, they were tearing down the field with it, towards the Aberdeen goal. Buick getting hold of it, made a fine shot for goal, but was baffled by Ramsay. The Aberdeen then gathered themselves together, and, with a combined effort, carried the ball before them till within an ace of their opponents' goal, when Murray cleared the line by a long kick. After the ball bad passed between the two goals for some considerable time, Mackie got hold of it, and, running up the wing, made a line pass to Brown, who converted it into a goal. After this bit of encouragement, the Aberdeen worked well, and were continually invading their opponents' goal, but without further success, the custodian being always on the alert. Shortly before the whistle was blown, the Arbroath pressed hard and it was with the utmost difficulty that Ramsay was enabled to protect his goal. Scores at half time: 1-0, in favour of the Aberdeen.
On resuming the game, the Aberdeen with the sun in their favour played with great audacity, but lost several grand chances at the goal mouth. In the last quarter of an hour the fortunes of the sides changed, however. The Arbroath team smartened up and having discovered the weak spot in the Aberdeen defence - left-wing - continually took advantage of it, and at last by means of a quick shoot from Buick secured a goal This seemed somewhat to discomfit the Aberdeen men and their play began to be careless. Again and again their goal was attacked, but was as often cleared by Ramsay. Ultimately, however, they were successful, and, in less than three minutes, towards the close brought up their score to 4. The game ended: Arbroath 4, Aberdeen 1.
Undoubtedly the best team won. The Arbroath men worked well together. Murray in goal and D. Willox were among the best. For Aberdeen, Ramsay kept an excellent goal, and among the others Ketchen played and worked hard, as also did Brown, Cobban, Jamie Thomson, and Key. Mackie played well, but he was continually watched.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 4th April 1892

N.B. Arbroath protested the result of the original fixture - played on 14th November 1891 - on the grounds that it was ended 7 minutes early because of darkness. The game was alleged to have started late because The Aberdeen had taken the field behind schedule. The League committee agreed that there should be a rematch.
The weather of Saturday waa excellent, from a spectators point of view, but rather hot for the leather-kicking business. Though the Orion and Vics were out at Torry, the whites had a good crowd to support them at Chanonry in their League fixture with Arbroath. The Senior Club has been very unfortunate with its players this season, scarcely a match taking place but some of the best men have been awanting, and on this occasion they were again in bad luck, Low, Alec Wood, Ross, and Whitehead being all absent. In the opening half the home team had a good deal the best of the exchanges, but bad judgment in goal-mouth was conspicuous, and they only scored once. On turning round they continued to hold their own till about twenty minutes to time, when they cracked up, and Arbroath came away in irresistible style and scored four points right off the reel. Ramsay gave a surprisingly good show in goal for a first attempt, and is certainly worth a fair trial. Ketchen was par excellence at back, kicking, tackling, and blocking in a way that he has seldom done this season. Matthews, though somewhat timorous at the start, and made some rash rushes when the opposing forwards got down upon him, played very well indeed for a young 'un. We were delighted to see Reith waken up. He was the most useful of the halves, and his display conclusively proves that he is an excellent half when he does himself justice. Thomson worked with his accustomed energy, but Cobban was disappointing. In fact, this capable and gentlemanly player has been quite off colour since he changed from half to goal. The forwards were weak all over, Thomson being the worst. This was strikingly apparent in the clese, as, when they had golden opportunities of scoring, they crossed the ball to a companion, with the result that the opposing backs nipped the leather from them. Mackie at one point got in a nice position between the backs, with the citadel at his mercy, but unaccountably struck the cross-bar. The Arbroath men were seen at their best in the last moments of the game, fairly waltzing round the Locals, and it was apparent to all, had they got the same opportunities as the whites, their record would have bean considerably augmented.

Source: Bon-Accord, 9th April 1892

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ramsay; Ketchen, Matthews; Reith, Thomson, Cobban; Mackie, Taylor, Key, Thomson, Brown


Arbroath Teamsheet:  Murray; Drummond, Milne; Rennie, Storier, Willox; Findlay, D. Willox, Skae, Hendry, Buick



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