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match report 1891-92 fixture list
Northern League 
Harp, Dundee 6 - 1 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:          Flaws  
Attendance: 0
Venue: East Dock Street Park , Dundee
The Old, Old Story.
FOR the third time this season the Aberdeen visited Dundee in connection with their Northern League engagement, when they met the Harp at East Dock Street Park on Saturday afternoon. The ground was in excellent condition, but a strong westerly breeze which blew along the course put accurate kicking out of the question. Both teams were well represented. The Harp lost the toss, and kicked off in a business-like way, at once bearing down on the Aberdeen goal. Repulsed in the first instance by the backs they came, again, and a high shot from the right defeated Ramsay. Aberdeen were at this point playing very slackly. The Harp soon scored again, and a third point was also put on in this half. But for Ketchen and Wood at goal, the scoring would undoubtedly have been much greater. Passing over three to love the Harp had to defend for a spell, but the vigour of the Aberdeen exhausting itself the Harp kept play almost entirely in the north territory. Flaws was the fortunate man to give his team encouragement. He scored beautifully. Unfortunately, however, although his success put mettle in the heels of the Aberdonians, it was only for a brief interval; and the Harp again taking up the running, put on goal after goal and finished victorious by 6 goals to 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 25th April 1892

Harp 6, Aberdeen 1. Though it was out of the question to expect a win over the robust Irishmen on their own ground, we at least looked for better things of our men than a 6 to 1 defeat. The game was energetically contested, and notwithstanding the manner in which the "danders" of East Dock Street operated against the whites, they had decidedly the best of the exchanges, although the goal register would denote an opposite opinion. It was the old story. The Aberdeen failed to take advantage of the many glaring opportunities of scoring thrown in their way, their injudicious timing of the goalkeeper being conspicuously prominent. However, these features have characterised their play throughout the season, and until they are remedied, success will not be achieved. As to the players, Ramsay in goal negotiated one or two hot shots, but unaccountably let the leather past him on several occasions when he had plenty of time to judge them. Ketchen and Wood could not have been improved on, the former's splendid tackling and the latter's magnificent drives fairly captivating the spectators. The half-back trio were a host of talent - Jimmy Thompson working with rare vigour, and occasionally giving his opponents their due "deserts." Singleton, although not particularly sure during the initial period, warmed up in the second half, and put in some very service work, breaking up the famous right wing of the greens to some tune. Colin Ross, though not in his very best form, played a useful game. Then as to the forwards, with the exception of Whitehead and Brown, who adapted their tactics to the nature of the ground, and otherwise played a rattling good game, the others made a miserable appearance, and seemed palpably nervous. The "dribbling-round-the-man-style-of-play" was completely obliterated, and the efforts put forth by the late Bon-Accordians was indeed very lame. A classification of the play of the Harp is unnecessary, suffice it to say that they did not form a precedent but played in their usual robust (very) manner. It is indeed very tantalising for the whites to have invariably as much, if not more, of the game as their opponents, and suffer defeat by such an annihilating goal register. Query: Who was that Granite City gent, who was seen indiscreetly counting pound notes in the middle of one of the thoroughfares of Juteopolis? Remember the danger of such a proceeding, and don't act in the same manner again, or possibly the "disappearing trick? will be brought into play.

Source: Bon-Accord, 30th April 1892

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