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match report 1891-92 fixture list
Victoria United 4 - 2 Montrose
Kick Off:    Sinclair, Mackintosh (o.g.), ?, Binks       Scott, Burgess  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Vics again on the Winning Side.
This match was played at the Victoria Bridge Recreation Grounds, Torry, in presence of a very large number of spectators. The ground was in capital condition, but a strong breeze blew from the northwest, and at times raised the dust in such a way as to make play next to impossible. The United, winning the toss, opened play from the west end, and were not long in asserting themselves. Before the game was many minutes old, a pass from Cockburn to Sinclair ended in the latter smartly notching the first goal for the Victoria. A rally on the part of the Montrose forwards kept the ball in midfield for some time, but eventually Sinclair forced himself through, and centered the ball well across the goal mouth, when a mistake by Macintosh cost his side another goal, the player heading through in attempting to save. On the kick off, Keillor made a splendid effort to retrieve the honour of his team, but he was too closely watched to be really dangerous. However, his magnificent charging received well-merited applause from the spectators. At last an opportunity offered itself to the Montrose men, and Scott scored an easy goal from a centre by Burgess. The ground men were not long in assuming the aggressive again, and the ball was carried by Binks and Ferries to the Montrose line, when a corner was earned. From the kick-in the ball was sent through with rather a tame shot. Thus encouraged, the United played with great dash, and harassed at every point their opponents, whose clever combination was of little or no avail against the heavy wind. A splendid thrown-in by Stewart was headed through by Binks, and soon after half time was called, with the scores: United, 4; Montrose, 1.
On resuming, the order of play was completely reversed, and the United was kept wholly on the defensive. A low shot from Burgess for the second time lowered the colours of the Victoria. Play became very uninteresting for a time, and although the Montrose repeatedly made strenuous efforts to score, they were unable to equalise, and time was called with the game standing: Victoria United, 4; Montrose, 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 25th April 1892

Victoria United 4, Montrose 2. This match was decided at Victoria Bridge Grounds before a splendid assembly. A strong wind blew right down the pitch, carrying waves of dust in its wake, which rendered accurate play impossible, but, nevertheless, some excellent work was witnessed, the home team having the best of the deal. The game was on the rough side, displays of temper being prominent. In goal Cannon was safe, saving some shots, even though he was sometimes shadowed by his backs, of whom Ririe was the best, though Fairweather did very well for a young 'un. Stewart as usual, was indispensable, and Duffus played a clean, effective game. Sinclair played neatly and cleverly in front. Turner followed closely on his heels, and Binks and Ferris were also very useful. The feature of the game, however, was the play of the International, Keillor, who, though he was cleverly watched and lain upon by Stewart, gave a fine exposition of smart, energetic forward play. The victory of the blues was well deserved, and the Orion lads will have to do something out of the common if they mean to secure the Charity pot, which looks a good thing for the Torry boys, form goes for anything.

Source: Bon-Accord, 30th April 1892

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