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match report 1891-92 fixture list
Charity Cup Final 
Orion 0 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:          Annand, Binks, Turner  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
In favourable weather the final round of this Charity Cup contest was played off at Chanonry Grounds between the Victoria United and the Orion. The attendance was very large. The Victoria commenced from the west end, and about a minute from the start carried the ball into the Orion headquarters. Annand neatly took a pass, and, amid loud applause scored the first goal of the match. The United continued to press, and had several clever shots, but the Orion, with a little bit of luck, succeeded in averting any further scoring. Play then became of a thorough give-and-take description. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the Orion back division they managed to ward off the splendid charges of Turner, Sinclair, and Binks. Once, indeed, the Central Park men ought to have had their efforts rewarded. A crashing shot tore over the heads of the Victoria, but in its ricochet it struck the cross-bar and bounded over. So half-time was called, with the Victoria leading by a goal to nil.
On resuming, matters began to look ominous for the Vics, as, aided by the slight breeze which was blowing up the field, the Orion kept them pretty much on the defensive. Had it not been for Cannon's skill at the goal mouth, the stripes would have equalised with ease. But the fury of their onslaught soon spent itself, and gradually they were driven back to their own territory. From a capital run by Ferries, who centred in splendid style, Binks added a second goal. The kick-off was followed by a temporary possession of the field by the Orion, but again the skill of the opposing forward rank began to tell upon them, and they were compelled to act on the defensive. Then Turner let fly a fine low shot, which took effect. This practically settled the fate of the Orion, who for the remainder of the game played with much less spirit. Soon after time was called, with the scores standing: Victoria United, 3; Orion, 0.
The United deserve the warmest congratulations on this, their latest, success, which settles the possession of the cup for another year.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 2nd may 1892

The Victoria United on Saturday defeated the Orion most decisively in the final of the Charity Cup by three goals to nil, and are now the happy possessors of both the 'Shire and Charity pots, besides the Junior Cup, which the second string of the blue's most unexpectedly won by defeating the second Orion. We congratulate the Vics most heartily. From the kick-off at the beginning of the season they have throughout played with an energy and enthusiasm which has been altogether absent from the tactics of their opponents. That they may have been lucky in their players no one can deny, as when one good man was laid aside, a player of almost equal merit was always found handy. The most virulent supporter of either the Aberdeen or Orion, after dispassionately looking over the doings of the blues, cannot but give in that they are the undoubted cocks of the work in northern football.

Source: Bon-Accord, 7th May 1892

Orion Teamsheet:  Lumsden; Mackay, Foote; Wight, Low, Baird; Fraser, Leggat, Gloag, Ruxton, Mitchell


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Cannon; Ririe, Thomson; Duffus, Stewart, Ross; Turnr, Sinclair, Binks, Anand, Ferries



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