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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
Orion 1 - 4 Brechin
Kick Off:  12:00 PM   Mitchell        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
In weather of the most pleasant description, a friendly match between the Orion and Brechin was played yesterday afternoon at Victoria Bridge Grounds. The attendance was as large as could be expected. The Orion kicked off, and at once held their opponents at bay, Baird putting in some trying shots. Then the Brechin got relief, and in a most unexpected way secured a goal, the inside left doing the needful. For a time play was confined to mid-field, the "Stripes" haying, if anything, the best of it. But the defence of the "patches" was unimpeachable, and a second invasion on their part was productive of good results. Lowe was left alone at goalmouth to parry the attacks of three good men, but had to succumb to their raking shots. The play of the Brechin left wing continued to exact the utmost energy of the Orion defence. Twice the "stripes" broke away, but erratic shooting prevented them from equalising. However a magnificent rush told. Leggat passed to Gloag, who transferred to Mitchell, with the result that the latter player secured the first point. The Orion continued to press, but lost several easy chances. Result at half-time: Brechin 2, Orion 1.
On recommencing the Orion had a momentary look-in, but were soon driven into their own territory, and compelled to act on the defensive. About ten minutes after the start the right wing of the Brechin attacked and forced a third goal. Play was very equal for a time, the ball being carried alternately from end to end. At last Lowe was thrown through the uprights in attempting to save, and a fourth point was conceded the strangers. A perfect fusillade was kept up on the home citadel, and soon after time was called. Final result: Brechin 4, Orion 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 3rd May 1892

Orion Teamsheet:  Lumsden; Mackay, Foote; Wight, Low, Baird; Fraser, Leggat, Gloag, Ruxton, Mitchell


Brechin Teamsheet: 



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