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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
Northern League 
The Aberdeen 3 - 1 St. Johnstone
Kick Off:    Key, Macfarlane, Flaws        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
In pursuance of their Northern League programme the Aberdeen met the St Johnstone (Perth) at Chanonry. The field was in capital condition, and the recent success of the Aberdeen in this contest was sufficient to attract a large assemblage of spectators. At the start the Perth men took the ball in charge, but a strong defence was offered them by the back division of the Aberdeen, and the "leather" was kept at a safe distance. The first fifteen minutes passed uneventfully, save that the Aberdonians once or twice were within an ace of scoring. After the ball had been confined to midfield for some time, Whitehead had a good opportunity to score, but he missed the mark. The strangers soon took up the running again, but Wood and Ketchen managed to keep the goal line intact. However, a foul fell to the Stripes, and from a scrimmage that ensued, the first goal was scored against the Aberdeen. Pretty equal play followed until another foul was conceded to the strangers, but the ball was sent past. During the last fifteen minutes the Aberdeen played with great persistency, and the St Johnstone goal was imperilled more than once. On one occasion Key put the ball through, but off-side was given. A little later, however, he again sent in a splendid shot, and scored the first goal. Half-time found the game on an equal footing, the teams having each a goal to their credit.
Almost the moment the ball was restarted the Aberdonians were in dangerous proximity to their opponents' goalmouth, and it was all that the St Johnstone custodian could do to prevent scoring. From this point the game grew more and more exciting, and towards the close Macfarlane, the inside right, scored the second goal for Aberdeen, and a few minutes later Flaws notched a beautiful goal. The Stripes had the disadvantage of playing with the sun in their faces, but they wrought hard and determinedly to equalise. Their efforts, however, were fruitless, and time was called with the score: Aberdeen 3, St Johnstone 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 16th May 1892

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