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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Stonehaven 2 - 13 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Adams, ?       From scrimmage, Ferries, Ingram, Cruickshank,Ritchie, Thompson, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Glenury Park, Stonehaven
The Stonehaven opened their season at Urie by a match with the Aberdeen Cupholders. The Victoria were without Ririe and Annand, and one or two others of their first team, while Stonehaven were also minus a few of their usual players, and besides had not played together this season till that day. The home team started the play, but the Victoria were soon at their goal, and though Valentine fisted out a stinging shot, it was quickly returned out of a scrimmage, and the first point registered by the visitors. Again the strangers put on the pressure, and the home backs for a time frustrated them; but they were not to be denied, and a pass to Ferries, who was lying suspiciously close up, resulted in a second goal for them. Ingram, at half, by a good shot, notched the third point, and his companion Cruickshank, coming in at a critical moment, had the credit of the fourth. Some open play followed, till a foul against Stonehaven gave Ritchie the opportunity of scoring the fifth goal; and Thompson, the back, by a pretty long drop, landed the sixth. Before half-time, however, Stonehaven played up better, and Adams scored their first goal.
The second half of the game was pretty much a repetition of the first as regards goal scoring, Ferries being very prominent, as were also Turner and Hickey. The game was more open, however, Stonehaven having a number of pretty runs, but their entire lack of combination told heavily against them. While the Victoria added other seven goals in this half, Stonehaven only managed one, the Victoria United thus winning by the big total of 13 goals to 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 12th September 1892

Stonehaven Teamsheet: 


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gray; Thomson, ?; Ross, Hickie, Ingram; Turner, A. N. Other, Sutherland, Cruickshank, Ferries



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