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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Orion 6 - 0 Mossend Swifts
Kick Off:    Macfarlane, Leggat, Fraser, Russel (o.g.), Leggat, Fraser        
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
The Orion Have It All Their Own Way at Central Park.
Considerable interest was manifested in the meeting between the Orion and the famous southern team, the Mossend Swifts. The second appearance of the Orion this season - their first match with the Victoria United ending in an easy win for the Orion by seven goals to two - it was matter for speculation as to how they would tackle a team with the reputation of the Swifts. The latter came to Aberdeen with a good record SO far as this season is concerned, a draw with the Heart of Midlothian, and wins over Burnbank Swifts, by 3 to 1, and Broxburn by 2 to 1, being their principal achievements.
Half-an-hour before the advertised time of commencement spectators began to line the barricades, and by three o'clock about 700 were present. The Swifts as they appeared on the field were received with a cheer, and a like demonstration awaited the appearance of the home players. The teams were: Orion - Goal, Edwards; backs, Foote and Mackay; half-backs, Wight, Low, and Baird; forwards, Fraser, Macfarlane, Gloag (captain), Forsyth, and Leggat. Mossend Swifts - Goal, Russell; backs, Ellis and McKenna ; half-backs, McGovern, Reid, and Brown; forwards, Robb, Ferguson, Boyd (captain), Fairlie, and Morris. The umpires were Messrs Andrews and Anderson, Aberdeen, and the referee Mr Thomas Leitch, Mossend. Fine weather favoured the game, and the turf, considering the work it has undergone of late, was in fair order.

Mossend Swifts won the toss, and Gloag kicked off. At once a foul was given off Fraser, but it did not result in anything. A second foul off a Swift man followed immediately, and Mackay took the kick, but was too strong, and the ball went behind. The Orion pressed, but the Swifts right back relieved by kicking into touch. From the throw-in the same player had to grant a corner, followed by another. A well-placed corner by McFarlane enabled Gloag to head the ball, which, however, just grazed the bar and went over. The Orion, with the exception of one relief, kept the ball in the visitors' territory for some time, but the backs frequently relieved and averted the danger. Play was transferred to the home territory, and a throw-in from the right of the Swifts went dangerously near the goal, but Low headed out. Almost immediately thereafter a foul at the goal mouth was granted to the Swifts off Low, but the ball went behind. A well combined run started by Gloag was stopped abruptly on the plea of off-side, a decision which was by no means popular with the spectators. A scrimmage at the goal mouth looked dangerous for the Swifts, but the goalkeeper smartly gave relief. All this time the Orion were pressing severely, and several well-directed shots were repeatedly saved. The success of the home team was very popular with the spectators, who gave, plenty of encouragement to their favourites. A run towards the Orion goal resulted in the right winger sending the ball over the bar, and the pressure was maintained till Gloag got off with the ball and the run ended in the goal keeper conceding a corner, which proved abortive, and a second went the same way. A break away by the Swifts led to another try at goal, which Edwards fisted out. Play was of an indifferent character for a time, the only feature being a fine piece of dribbling by Gloag, which was heartily applauded. The Orion had a series of raids on the goal, and experienced hard lines. In a scrimmage Low flattened the right back of the Swifts, who had to retire for a few minutes, but was soon able to take his place. Several fouls were given on both sides. With forty minutes of the first half gone, the Orion scored the first goal of the match amid loud cheers. The players were scrimmaging in the goal mouth after a well-placed ball by Mackay, and Macfarlane shot for goal. The goalkeeper attempted to save, but the ball rebounded off his hand and went through. Flushed with this success, the Orion continued to press, and on several occasions were within an ace of scoring. All their efforts, however, proved futile, and then the Swifts had a look in. Edwards conceded a corner, which was cleverly headed out, and the Orion went off with a rush in the direction of the Swifts' goal, but nothing resulted. Half-time arrived with the score: Orion, 1; Mossend Swifts, 0.

The second half opened with Orion pressing. A fine pass from Gloag was well taken by Fraser, and placed to the centre of the goal, but Forsyth heaved the ball over the bar. The second goal for the Orion was taken after a piece of smart play. Gloag collared the ball, passed to Taylor, who in turn shot across the goal to Leggat, who sent a beauty home amid great cheering. A third goal went to Orion not long after. Leggat got a pass close to the goal mouth, but missed it. The ball rolled in front of the goal, and, after a scrimmage, Fraser's foot did the needful. This great success on the part of the home team was naturally very popular with the crowd, who relished to the utmost the way in which the Orion were outplaying their opponents at all points. Again the Orion made a descent on the goal of the Swifts. Leggat passed beautifully into the centre, where Macfarlane was ready, steadying himself, the latter sent in a clinker which went through, but off-side was claimed, and, to the disgust of the spectators, the claim was allowed. Afterwards two successive runs to the Swifts' goal resulted in Fraser shooting wildly past. The fourth goal, however, was scored immediately following upon these, the Swifts' goalkeeper, in trying to kick out, screwing the ball through his own goal. Leggat put on a fifth point a few seconds thereafter. The goalkeeper was kneeling to pick up the ball when it was deftly shot through. The Swifts afterwards broke away a little, but were sent about by Foote, and from the run down, in which the whole front line took part, Fraser notched a sixth. The Swifts, from the kick-off, pressed, and made a promising attempt at the Orion goal, a corner having to be conceded. Nothing resulted, however, and the Orion forwards once more carried the ball to their opponents' territory, where two corners were granted in succession, which, however, were fruitless. The succeeding play was for a time of a give-and-take order, the ball travelling swiftly between both goals. Fairlie and Morris got past the backs, and at close quarters Morris shot and ran down on the goalkeeper. Edwards, however, was "all there," and smartly kicked down field. The play after this point deteriorated greatly, and towards the close became mere attempts at big kicks. In this department the Mossend team had certainly the best of it, but all the sting was out of their play, and they made scarcely any effort to make up the minority in which they were placed. The crowd, which by this time had reached about two thousand, seemed to look on the result as perfectly safe, and indulged in a good deal of chaff. A very one-sided game resulted in an easy win for the Orion by 6 goals to 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th September 1892

The visitors on Saturday were the Mossend Swifts, and though they are not the Swifts of old by a long chalk, still we were not prepared for such a dismal failure on their part They were outclassed at all points, and have to thank their stars the defeat was not a greater one than 6 goals to 1, as the locals had rather hard lines of scoring several times, Russell clearing his lines most miraculously. Though only one point was registered in the first half, the Orion had almost all the play uphill. On crossing over, the stripes simply ran clean away from their opponents, the whole team playing in beautiful unison, piling on point after point with surprising rapidity. The game was altogether too one-sided to be interesting, but the fine performance of the locals gave intense pleasure to their supporters. Edwards filled Archie s place in goal, and though he got very little to do, what danger did threaten him he turned aside very smartly indeed, the Orion are decidedly fortunate in having a reserve custodian of his merits. Foote and Mackay did their work well. The latter is coming on capitally, and should develop into a most capable defender. Baird played a showy, energetic game at half, travelling very fast, and invariably "coming off.? As usual he wandered very much, but his wanderings on this occasion were always of service. Low in centre gave a characteristic exhibition of the defensive game, his head work being particularly effective, while Wight displayed excellent judgment, placing very neatly to his forwards. The combined play of the front rank was the feature of the match, most strikingly in the second half, Leggat's play reminded us of his best days, passing, dribbling, and shooting in grand style. He was well supported Forsyth, and Gloag played nicely into his men's hands, being always in the right place, while Macfarlane and Fraser worked well together. The Mossenders played disjointedly from start to finish, and never got settled down. Ramsay was all right, and the backs kick well, but the man in white seemed a little "off." The halves kicked too strongly, and failed to play to their forwards, all of whom gave a poor display, bar Morris.

Source: Bon-Accord, 24th September 1892

Orion Teamsheet:  Edwards; Foote, Mackay; Wight, Low, Baird; Fraser, Macfarlane, Gloag (c), Forsyth, Leggat


Mossend Swifts Teamsheet:  Russell; Ellis, McKenna; McGovern, Reid, Brown; Robb, Ferguson, Boyd (c), Fairlie, Morris


Referee: Mr Thomas Leitch, Mossend

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