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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Victoria United 9 - 1 Brechin
Kick Off:    Annand, Sutherland, Milne, Sutherland, Ferries, Sutherland, Benzie, Sutherland, Ferries       Ferrier  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
The Vics Open their New Grounds.
The splendid new field of the Victoria United, designated Wellington Grounds, was opened by a friendly match between the Victoria United and Brechin. The event was looked forward to as a red-letter one in the history of the United, and it was unfortunate that better weather did not favour the inaugural match. In view of the fact that Aberdeen and Orion had to replay their Scottish Cup tie on the same day, it was a pity that the Victoria did not secure some stronger attraction than a match with the Brechin team, who are by no means formidable opponents. However, now that the Victoria have their ground in order, they may be reckoned upon to improve rapidly in form, and as the season advances we may look for visits of some of the famous southern combinations, against whom they gave such a capital account of themselves during last season. The following were the teams: Brechin Goal, Hendry; backs, J. Johnstone and Owler; half-backs, Bowman, Ferrier, and Gray; forwards, Henderson, Richardson, G. Johnstone, Donaldson, and Hetherington. Victoria United: Goal, Gray; backs, Thomson and Ririe; half-backs, Milne, Stewart, and Cruickshank; forwards, Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, and Ferries.

Brechin won the toss, and the Victoria kicked off. From midfield the ground team made a splendid attack upon their opponents' goal, and about a minute from the start Annand, from a pass by Benzie, scored the first goal amid deafening cheers. When the ball was restarted the Brechin players, with considerable dash, drove the Vics, before them, and on two occasions Gray had difficulty in keeping his charge intact. Beyond a couple of behinds, however, nothing resulted, and the Aberdonians, by several judicious passes, made for the north goal. Benzie and Turner conducted a likely shot, but Hendry was equal to the occasion, and in a twinkling his compeers were swarming in the vicinity of the United charge. The defence of the backs remained unbroken despite all the visitors' efforts, and before long the Brechin were called upon to assume the defensive. With little difficulty Sutherland notched a second point, and in a few seconds Benzie had the hardest of hard lines in not adding to the total. Before the visitors had an opportunity of getting on the leather it was taken in charge by Milne, who was successful in putting on a third point. It was evident that the Vics were too much for their opponents. Although Brechin sometimes managed to get very near the home citadel, their forwards did not appear to be able by combined effort to send the ball home. Not very long after the third goal had been put on, a scrimmage took place in the strangers' territory, and a beautiful header by Sutherland was converted into goal number four. Henderson, of Brechin, subsequently made a splendid run, and it was only by playing all he knew that Gray saved his team from disaster. For a few minutes the home team were considerably harassed, but at length they cleared their ground. Ferries secured a fifth goal, and from a corner immediately thereafter Sutherland forced the loather through for the sixth time. A seventh was added by Benzie, and at half-time the score stood:- Victoria United, 7 ; Brechin, 0.

Sutherland opened the second half by registering an eighth goal, and in retaliation Brechin attacked the home Charge, a splendid shot striking the crossbar, and rebounding into play. Some time afterwards the Vics put the ball past Hendry, but offsides was claimed and allowed, and the strangers then had a run which might have been crowned with success, but it wasn't. Ferries scored a ninth goal for the United, From the turn the play had taken it did not seem very probable that the visitors would during the remainder of the play register an initial point, and it was thus a pleasant relief in the monotony when they, by a surprising effort, drove the Vics, before them and gained their first point. Ferrier did the needful. No further scoring took place, and the result at the call of time stood Victoria United 9, Brechin 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 24th October 1892

The triple victors of last season opened their new home (the Wellington Recreation Grounds) on Saturday. It was unfortunate the blues could not get the day to themselves, but the meeting of the Aberdeen and Orion in their undecided Cup tie pre-cluded this. Mr. Robert Durward, of the Exchange Street Restaurant, a gentleman who has behaved handsomely to the Vics, performed the opening ceremony. Brechin were the visitors, and Mr. Durward kicked off. The game was very one-sided, the homesters going great guns all the way, winning their first match by no less than 9 goals to 1. The Victoria United lads are a very capable and well balanced lot of players, and if Saturday's form goes for anything, they ought again to play a prominent part in local football. Gray was not tried much, but from the way he performed the task set him to do, he is evidently as smart as ever. Ririe and Thomson as of old stand in front of him. Jimmie was slightly "off," but Thomson played excellently well Stewart gave a good account of himself, and in Milne (of Mugiemoss) the blues have made a capital catch, He possesses fine speed, tackles courageously, and kicks with surprising judgment. Benzie (late of the Renown) is another of the new comers who distinguished themselves, and the Vics are lucky in having secured his services. He is a home-grown plant of rare promise. Annand also played well, Ferris was fair, but Rab was stale - very stale.

Source: Bon-Accord, 29th October 1892

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gray; Thomson, Ririe; Milne, Stewart, Cruickshank; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Ferries


Brechin Teamsheet:  Hendry; J. Johnstone, Owler; Bowman, Ferrier, Gray; Henderson, Richardson, G. Johnstone, Donaldson, Hetherington



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