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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Victoria United 7 - 1 Montrose
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Annand, ?, Stewart, McIntosh (o.g.), ?, Stewart, Sutherland       Burgess  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
Splendid Play and a Grand Victory.
The Victoria United had as their visitors at Wellington Grounds a team representing Montrose, the holders of the Forfarshire Cup. In view of the great attractions to the football public in other parts of the city, it was not expected that there would be a large attendance, and it was, therefore, a pleasant surprise to those interested in the finances of the Victoria to see the ropes lined with spectators. The ground was in capital condition, considering the recent heavy rains. Shortly after three o'clock, the teams entered the arena, their appearance being the signal for an outburst of cheering. The teams were: Montrose; Goal, McKie; backs, Bowman and McIntosh; half-backs, Duncan, Gordon, and Buchanan; forwards, Cairncross, Falconer, Murray, Burgess, and Keillor. Victoria United:?Goal, Gray; backs, Thomson and Ririe; half-backs, Hickie, Stewart, and Milne; forwards, Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, and Ferries. The referee was Mr P. Simpson, Aberdeen.

Montrose won the loss, and the Vics set the leather in motion, carrying it at once up to the Montrose citadel. The "Gable-Endies" speedily returned it and after some desultory play, Falconer darted up the right wing, and when within shooting distance passed the sphere to Burgess on the left. Unfortunately that player muddled the chance, and the Vics then piloted their way down the field, a beautiful piece of play on the part of the ground team, which elicited the applause of the spectators. The forwards, among whom Turner was conspicuous, wrought hard, but in a minute or so their opponents dodged them, and transferred play to neutral territory. The Vics, returned to the attack, and Turner and Sutherland made an attempt to elude the vigilance of McKie. Their efforts were futile. The Montrose players then by a capital combined run made their way to the United quarters, and a stinging shot was sent in from the foot of Falconer. Fate, however, was against the invaders; the ball struck the crossbar and rebounded into play. In a trice the United were swarming round the Montrose charge, and a brief scrimmage resulted in the first goal of the match being scored for the Victoria. Annand put the ball through. Spurred on to greater exertion by this reverse the visitors made an attack on the home goal, and a dangerous shot from the invading forwards all but beat Gray, the United custodian. Subsequently the home players retaliated. Turner got on the ball, and after a judicious dribble passed to the centre player, who in turn directed the leather to his compeer on the right. So far the play was beautifully managed, but the final kick, which looked so easy, was blundered, and the ball went behind. With as much science Montrose returned the ball, and by an almost similar fortune Burgess had the mortification of misjudging his parting kick and thereby sending the sphere wide of the mark. Gray with much presence of mind fisted out a likely shot; but a second stinger baffled him, the score being thus equalised. Burgess had the honour of putting on the point. But it was not destined that the teams should long remain on an equal footing. The ball was soon careering in the vicinity of the Montrose citadel, and an exciting scrimmage resulted in a second goal being registered. The "Gable-Endies" then had a "look in," but the "Blues" cleared their ground, and Turner had very hard lines in not adding to the total of his team. What he could not do, however, Stewart accomplished, he, amid ringing cheers, notching goal number three. From mid-field another run was initiated by the home players. A tussle took place, and in the excitement McIntosh, of Montrose, unwittingly scored a fourth goal for his opponents. Score at half-time :- United, 4 goals : Montrose, 1 goal.

Murray restarted the game. For the first few minutes the Montrose forwards carried the leather before them, but the United brought themselves up the field, and on three occasions splendid shots were directed to the visitors' goal. On each occasion however, they were successfully negotiated by McKie. In course of time the visitors drew themselves up, and for a few minutes the "Blues" were considerably harassed. Gray had occasion to fist out, and at last a corner was conceded. Nothing resulted. What was really one of the best pieces of play up to this point followed. Turner took charge of the leather in his own ground, and overcoming all obstacles he ran it up the entire length of the field. Nor was his final kick unworthy of the run. He directed it with the swiftness of an arrow, but to the chagrin of the supporters of the Vics, the ball struck one of the uprights. Nothing daunted by this failure he made a second attack, but he was again unsuccessful. Afterwards a corner was got by the United; the ball went behind, and the Montrose men made up the field. A foul in neutral territory aided them, and they had the good fortune of securing two corners, but, do us they liked, the leather would not go between the uprights. Ultimately the "Blues" again bore down, and Turner having centred the sphere, his compeers managed to see it safely through the goal. This fifth point was followed in a few seconds by a sixth, which was put on by Stewart. With ten minutes or so to play it looked hardly probable that the visitors would assert themselves, but they continued to play with commendable pluck. A seventh goal was added by Sutherland, and this completed the scoring. Result: Victoria United 7, Montrose 1.

From the capital form shown by Montrose for some time past, it was not expected the Victoria United stood much chance of beating them, but the "Iron Dukes" (this appellation is copyright) profiting by the lesson read them at Chanonry the week before, pulled themselves together, and created a very pleasant surprise by scoring one of the most brilliant victories which has ever been achieved by them. The ground men, realising that a great effort was wanted to land them first past the post, went to work with a spirit and determination that very soon told on the visitors, who gradually got disorganised, and the homesters gaining heart as they went on piled on the agony, which at the finish read 7 goals to 1. Some good individual efforts were made by the visitors - Keillor and Cairncross being prominent - but it invariably came to nothing through the energetic and dashing tackling of Stewart, Hickie, Ririe, and Thomson, while the home forwards continually harassed the Montrose defence, combining excellently together. The victory, which was no fluke, and might have been enlarged to a double figure had all the chances been put to account, ought to nerve the Vics to greater deeds, and it is our settled conviction they will die hard in their endeavours to retain the cups.

Source: Bon-Accord, 12th November 1892

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gray; Thomson, Ririe; Hickie, Stewart, Milne; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Ferries


Montrose Teamsheet:  McKie; Bowman, McIntosh; Duncan, Gordon, Buchanan; Cairncross, Falconer, Murray, Burgess, Keillor


Referee: Mr. P. Simpson, Aberdeen

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