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AFC - Match Report
match report 1914-15 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Motherwell 1 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Archibald       Walker.  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Fir Park, Motherwell
The attendance at Fir Park, where Motherwell and Aberdeen met, was the smallest of the season, not more than 2000 being present. For the major part of the match Motherwell were on the aggressive, and through Archibald scored a few minutes after the start. Walker equalised for Aberdeen just before the interval. Aberdeen showed some improvement in the second half, but upon the whole Motherwell was the predominant partner. The defence of both sides was equally good, but the Motherwell forwards were superior to those of Aberdeen.

Source: The Scotsman, 28th December 1914

Following its somewhat belated win at Pittodrie a week ago, Aberdeen on Saturday put up a hard game at Motherwell, and ultimately a draw resulted. All things considered, Aberdeen was hard put to it to place itself on terms of equality at the end of the first half, but throughout the second period they were distinctly top dogs, and looked like taking the game in hand towards the close. It was clever attack opposed to a strong and busting defence most of the time. The Motherwell side played fine football in the earlier stages, but the vigorous work of the visitors demoralised them, and in the end they were sorely pressed. Motherwell opened with the elements undoubtedly in their favour, yet inside of five minutes Aberdeen had forced a couple of corners. For a long time following the home team had the superiority, and from a corner Archibald beat Anderson with a finely-placed low shot. Aberdeen's only chances until just on the call of the interval were at the feet of Cail and Soye, latter's a splendid shot, brilliantly held by Allan. The whistle was expected when owing to a glaring lapse of the Motherwell defence, Aberdeen broke through and Walker equalised.

Up after the two-minute interval, Aberdeen had undoubtedly the honours of the game. An abortive penalty claim by Motherwell drew some bad feeling from the crowd two wards the referee, and the play suffered in quality thereafter. Bond had a clever solo run, but make nothing of the finish. Main was next prominent with a run and drive, which brought Allan to the ground in his effort to save. Aberdeen maintained a strong bombardment of the home goal onwards to the end, and was unlucky in failing to obtain the lead. Colman, Wyllie, and Hume had a hard afternoon's work, and played soundly. Of the forwards, Soye and Walker put in the best work.
Motherwell Teamsheet:  Allan; Penman, Kelly; McStay, Finlayson, McGlade; Bond, Waugh, Archibald, Gray, Fairgray


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Anderson, Colman, Hume, Chatwin, Wyllie, MacLachlan, Soye, Walker, Cail, Main, Wylie.

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