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AFC - Match Report
match report 1892-93 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup First Round 
Peterhead 0 - 12 Aberdeen
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Park, Peterhead
These teams met in the Aberdeenshire Cup Ties at Peterhead. Aberdeen kicked off with the wind, and during the whole of the first half they continually kept in Peterhead territory. Peterhead now and then broke away, but could never get past. The Aberdeen combination was excellent, and at half-time the game stood: Aberdeen 7, Peterhead nil. Peterhead played hard in the second half, and experienced hard lines. Result: Aberdeen, 12 ; Peterhead, 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 21st November 1892



From "Convictopolis." Our Peterhead friends think the application of the term "Blubberopolis" to them is quite out of place now, seeing there is an almost entire absence of that sweet smelling commodity in the "blubber box."
Good old blubber box, it has done its duty well, and no one, we opine, will regret its emptiness, Eh, ye long suffering dwellers on the "Queenie?"
The boys in white romped through the mire and gave the "Convicts" a most severe drubbing.
Cowie has not had such a day out since he went between the sticks, we guess, as be was eternally on his toes.
The Peterhead players have undoubtedly got the necessary staying powers, but their actions are so individually spasmodic and indiscreet that their good qualities go absolutely for nothing. I Remember, gentlemen, that combination Is the all-important factor to be courted, If ascendency in the football field is to be achieved.
The ground was in such a heavy state that scientific tactics were entirely useless.
The game was pleasantly contested, there being only a slight squabble at the granting of the twelfth goal, the Peterheadians rebelling against the decision of the referee - Mr John Clark, Kittybrewster Mechanics - on the ground that the ball previous to being centered, was over or on the goal line.
It was invidious for Captain Mackie to behave in the manner in which he did. Tom is a great authority on matters sport in Peterhead, but really he ought to keep a cool head, and thus set his men a good example.
The whites were entertained to tea in the North Eastern Hotel, and a jolly good spread it was,. Morley was as usual the shining light in the "ditty world," and brought down the house with several of his favourites (not excepting "She's gone from us for ever.")
Mr Tom Mackie thanked the whites for again visiting them, and spoke highly of the esteem in which they are held in the "Convict Toon."
Captain Ketchen was in good after-tea form. He let fly some humorous hits, and altogether was very entertaining.
Peterheadians are to indulge in "Ye Game of Terpsichore" to-night (Friday), and Tom, apologising for the inability of the members of the Aberdeen team being unable to attend owing to the SCOTCH! Cup tie, jocularly remarked that they would send some of the older members of the club to represent them.

Source: Bon-Accord, 26th November 1892

Peterhead Teamsheet:  Cowie; Cordiner, Mackie (c); Marr, Forrest, Kelman; Duff, Smith, Davidson, Moir, Imlah


Aberdeen Teamsheet: 


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