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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Northern League 
Forfar Athletic 8 - 4 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Milne, Milne, Milne, ?, G. Ramsay, Scrimgeour, ?, ?       ?, Whitehead, ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Station Park, Forfar
At Forfar, both teams being representative. The early efforts of the strangers were unsuccessful, and Forfar scored. Aberdeen soon afterwards equalised, but a second and third were soon added by the home team. Some fine play was then exhibited by the visitors, but luck and the goal-keeping was against them, although before half-time they added a second point. After some quiet play the strangers scored, and then the game began to deteriorate greatly, fouls being frequent. Two more goals were added by the home team in quick succession, and subsequently a sixth was scored with a lightning shot. Aberdeen put on a fourth point, while the home team added two others, and the game ended: Forfar 8. Aberdeen 4.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 20th February 1893

As the outcome of this game, which was played on Station Park. Forfar, on Saturday, in pleasant weather, and before a good attendance, the Athletic added a couple of points to their League total. The Athletic started the game up hill, and the Aberdonians at once had a try for goal, Whitehead on the left, sending the ball past. The Athletic quickly responded, and Anderson centering accurately, Milne drew first blood within two minutes from the start. The home forwards were playing well, and Anderson grazed the uprights with a good shot. Aberdeen equalised from a corner, and then Milne headed through a second for Forfar. The Athletic forwards still playing brilliantly, and showing splendid combination. Milne again sent the ball through before ten minutes of the game had gone. The Aberdonians sent in several well-directed shots from long range which Muckersie safely got rid of, and then a fine passing run by Anderson and Scrimgeour landed the ball in front of the visitors' goal, but Wood got the leather away. The Aberdeen goal was several times menaced, and Ramsay, their custodian was rather indecisive in his clearing. The visitors wrought hard to score, and shortly before the interval Whitehead sent a ball past Muckersie.
On resuming Milne lost a likely chance, and the visitors' forwards dashed away to the other end and equalised. Play became forcible, and the homesters rushed through fourth goal, and G. Shepherd had no difficulty in obtaining a fifth from a fine shot by A. Shepherd. Play continued fast, and in favour of Forfar, but Ramsay brightened up, and saved several dangerous shots, being ultimately beaten, however, by Scrimgeour. Aberdeen obtained a fruitless corner, but from a throw-in near goal they were more fortunate, and scored a fourth point. The Athletic added other two, and ran out winners of a fast game by 6 goals to 4.
The Aberdonians were a speedy lot, and gifted with plenty of weight, which they showed a tendency to use rather freely occasionally. Their forward play was markedly inferior to that of the Athletic and they generally indulged in long passing. Ketchen was the better back, and Ross and Singleton were most noticeable at half. In the opening stages the home forwards played in irresistible style, and fairly ran round the opposing backs; but latterly they fell away a bit. All the line played well, but Scrimgeour deserves special mention. Taylor was in fine form at half, and the veteran Cable was too good for Murray and his partner. Stormont was decidedly off colour.

Source: Dundee Courier, 20th February 1893


The Whites at Forfar.

Just Their Luck.

Though not very sanguine of their fancy being able to claim a victory over the Forfar Athletic, the supporters of the whites were quite "knocked out" by the telegram sent to the Wav. - Forfar 8, Aberdeen 4. Mr Spalding, of the East End, was referee, but we must say he proved anything but a success, as he not only allowed the Station Parkers too much tether in the matter of illegitimate tactics, but he also gave them two distinct off-side goals. Indeed, he acted the blind man's part to a nicety, and the whites trust they'll see no more of him, at least on his Saturday's form. Ramsay has been so consistent this season that his mediocre display of Saturday came as a great disappointment. Three goals were scored against him in as mauy minutes at the beginning of the game, shots which at other times he would have found no difficulty in getting away. Tom Ketchen and Alec Wood played consistently throughout. Ross and Cobban ex¬hibited their usual good form, and Singleton worked with great energy, making his presence felt all round. The forwards dodged, dribbled, and shot in greatly improved form, but failed to follow it up by timing the custodian. Brown and Whitehead are a strong pair. Morley fed Frank beautifully, and the latter centered finely. Toman's passes were not executed in his best style, but possibly the ground had something to do with this. White and Murray did exceedingly well, combining splendidly together. The team should be allowed to remain as it is at present. Continual shifting of the front rank during the season has proved disastrous, and in addition the players cannot do themselves justice when they are placed in a different position every other Saturday.

Source: Bon-Accord, 25th February 1893

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Referee: Mr. Spalding, East End

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