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AFC - Match Report
match report 1915-16 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Heart of Midlothian 1 - 2 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Graham       Cail, Archibald.  
Attendance: 6,500
Venue: Tynecastle, Edinburgh
Aberdeen created a surprise by taking both points from the Heart of Midlothian at Tynecastle. The home side had the assistance of Crossan, Briggs, Wattie, and Currie, last season's players, now in Sir George McRae's battalion, but it cannot be said that their inclusion made for strength. Briggs and Wattie did well, particularly the former, but Currie at Centre and Crossan at right back were poor. Mercer did not appear to be fit for the game, and before the finish was lame. Aberdeen, a team of well-made players, opened the scoring in the first half, Cail at inside left beating Boyd with a long shot. The equaliser came from Graham with a well-taken goal from close in, but before the interval Archibald had given the northern side the lead again. In the second half the Hearts did most of the attacking. They were value for the equaliser, but the forwards missed their chances, and they were opposed by a strong defence. The spectators would number between 7000 and 8000.

Source: The Scotsman, 6th December 1915

Aberdeen had their biggest success of the season by defeating Hearts by 2 goals to 1 at Tynecastle. Despite the wintry weather there was an attendance of between 6000 and 7000 spectators.

Aberdeen invaded on the resumption, and Boyd had to throw out. Hamilton forced a corner for Hearts, but the Aberdeen defence was sound, and the ball was returned to midfield. Currie was presented with a likely chance to equalise, but failed. The game continued on keen and fast lines, and both goals were visited in turn. Hamilton made an attempt to score, but Anderson saved, with Currie in close attention upon him. Colman and Hume were in excellent form, and beat off all attacks by the Hearts' eager forwards. Archibald was getting away for the Hearts' goal, when Briggs intervened. Wattie did well in an individual effort. At the other end, Boyd saved twice from Grant. Hearts were pressing when time was called.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 6th December 1915

From the beginning Aberdeen attacked, but did not remain long in Hearts' territory. Sinclair got possession, and made progress, a corner resulting. Grant, Aberdeen's outside right, got away, but was successfully tackled by Mercer. After Chatwin had shot over the bar, Hearts forwards pressed, and forced a couple of corners, which brought no advantage. Aberdeen invaded in turn, and Cail scored with a nice, long shot. Hearts applied the pressure, and Anderson was called upon. Sinclair got the ball after the goalkeeper had kicked out. A scrimmage followed, and Graham succeeded in equalising. Another advance by Hearts was repelled by Colman and Hume. Aberdeen's front line again got through the Hearts' defence, and Archibald scored with a shot from long range.

Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet:  Boyd; Private Crossan, Wilson; Corporal Briggs, Mercer, Private Martin; Sinclair, Private Wattie, Sergeant Currie, Graham, Hamilton


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Anderson, Colman, Hume, Chatwin, Brewster, MacLachlan, Grant, Archibald, Main, Cail, Wylie.

Unused Subs:


Referee: J. Binnie, Falkirk

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