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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Victoria United 6 - 1 Broxburn Shamrock
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Annand, Ferries, Ferries, Murrison, Sutherland, Stewart       McCann  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
The Victoria United had the Broxburn Shamrock as their visitors at Wellington Grounds. There was a large attendance and the ground was in excellent condition. The teams were: Shamrock: Walker; McCabe, Kane; Hughes, Byrne, McCann; Morland, Kenndy, Millar, McCann, Devline. Victoria United: Gray; McEwan, Ririe; Morrice, Stewart, Ritchie; Murrison, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Ferries.

The visitors won the toss, and Sutherland set the leather in motion. It was at once taken up by the left wing, by Ferries, and sent behind, and in a twinkling a corner was secured. The ball was centred with great precision, but the strangers were not long in clearing their ground. They made off with the leather, and although McEwan checked their career, before long they were swarming round Gray's charge. An attempt was made to force the ball through, but unfortunately for the Shamrock it only grazed the cross bar and passed out of play. From the goal kick the United smartly made their way along the field, Murrison taking charge of the sphere, and a pass from that player was taken advantage of by Annand, who with comparative ease scored the first goal. Two succeeding runs all but proved disastrous to the Broxburn; and, indeed, at this stage of the play the strangers were hardly pressed. A corner was at length awarded them, and a stiff tussle succeeded, the outcome of which was the notching of goal number two, Ferries on this occasion doing the needful. For a short period the play centred in midfield, and Morland gave an exhibition of what speed he possessed by darting along the right wing. Gray and the United backs were on the alert, however, and they had not much difficulty in negotiating the onslaught. The home team did not at once force the Shamrock beyond the line, and they had on one occasion a somewhat narrow escape of being overcome by their opponents, Byrne sent in a strong shot, which, however, passed over the bar, and the free kick which followed was the means of enabling the Vics to transfer the scene of hostilities to the other end of the field. A short scrimmage was occasioned in front of the Broxburn charge, and almost before the spectators could credit it, Ferries had added a third goal. It was now the turn of the strangers to attack, and they did so in capital style, forcing the United to concede a corner. This was fruitless, and once again the "Blues" drove back the strangers to their own, territory. After some give and take play the force of the teams was concentrated in the front of Walker's citadel, and from the midst of the fray Murrison neatly sent the ball through, thus raising the United's total to 4. The play of the next five minutes was pretty even, but in its course Gray had one hard fight to preserve his charge intact. Just before half-time McCann scored the first goal for the Shamrock, and the first period of play ended: Victoria United 4, Broxburn Shamrock 1.

The Vics, opened the second half with some determined pressing, and in about five minutes Sutherland with a beautiful shot from the right registered a fifth goal for Aberdeen players. From midfield the strangers' centre forward tossed up the ball, and after some clever tackling, he tipped it on to the inside left, who had the hardest of hard lines in not scoring. After a short time the Victoria again bore down upon the Shamrock goal, and, but for the strong defence of the two backs, another goal would certainly have been notched. The strangers did not seem to be able to make any headway, and before the game was much older Stewart put on a sixth goal. A corner afterwards fell to the Broxburn, but McEwan and Ririe speedily sent the leather spinning out of danger. The next run resulted in a corner for the Vics. The ball was planted in the goal's mouth but an opening could not be found. In a twinkling the Shamrock were to be seen swarming around the home goal, and an exciting scrimmage took place during which Gray received a nasty punt. He was "grounded" for a few minutes, but he speedily recovered, and appeared to be little the worse for the mishap. The game ended: Victoria 6, Shamrock 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 13th March 1898

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gray; McEwan, Ririe; Morrice, Stewart, Ritchie; Murrison, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Ferries


Broxburn Shamrock Teamsheet:  Walker; McCabe, Kane; Hughes, Byrne, McCann; Morland, Kenndy, Millar, McCann, Devline



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