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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Orion 3 - 4 Brechin
Kick Off:    Currie, Opponent o.g., ?       Bowman,Henderson, ?, Ferrier  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
These teams met in friendly contest at the Central Park in bitterly cold weather before a poor attendance. The teams were: Orion: Edwards ; Low, Mackay; Wight, Gordon, Currie; Fraser, Macfarlane, Forsyth, Gloag, Leggat. Brechin: Owler; Smart, Johnston; Gray, Will, Cobb; Bowman, Davidson, Ferrier, Richardson, Henderson. Referee, Mr J. Mackay.

Orion kicked off against a strong wind in the direction of the north goal, and for a time play was even, both teams having about an equal share of defence and attack. The strangers were the first to get a look in, and on several occasions they had good chances to score, but their shooting was erratic. Orion then had a look in, and with the aid of a fine piece of combination on the part of Gloag, Leggat got well within shooting distance of the Brechin goal. The defence of Owler and his backs, however, was too good, and aided by a considerable slice of luck the strangers managed to clear their lines. Shortly afterwards they had a run in the direction of the goal, but Mackay easily relieved with some strong kicking. The Brechin men, however, were not to be denied, and they once more made a descent on the south goal. A corner had to be conceded, but nothing resulted. Still keeping up the pressure, Brechin once more bore down upon Edwards, and from a scrimmage in front of goal Bowman scored a goal, which was allowed despite a claim by the Orion for offside. For a time after this Brechin had all the best of the game, with the exception of one or two occasions, few and far between, when the Orion managed to break away. Nothing resulted, however, and at last Henderson was instrumental in scoring the second point for his team. This was followed immediately afterwards by a third, and still keeping up the pressure Ferrier added a fourth. From this point the game was all in favour of the visitors, who kept up a perfect siege on the Orion goal. Thanks, however, to Edwards' defence and to a good deal of luck, it escaped downfall. Just before half-time the Orion forwards went up the hill with a run, and had an easy chance to score, but the miserable pottering of the players lost them the opportunity, and the whistle blew with the scores standing: Brechin 4, Orion 0.

It was anticipated by most of the spectators that the Orion would make up in the second half for their shortcomings in the first, and it was soon apparent that this would be the case. From the kick-off the Orion went southwards, and at once began to trouble Owler, who, with his backs, had to do all they could to keep the homesters from finding an opening. The defence was strengthened by bringing several of the men to back, and filling the goalmouth with them. This policy, of course, was successful for a long time. The locals wrought all they knew to pierce the augmented defence, but found it perfectly impossible to do so. At last Orion were successful, Currie scoring their first goal with a long kick. Orion still continued to have all the play, the strangers never being able to cross the half-field line. Even Edwards became tired of his inactivity in goal, and went down the field to participate in the game. His attempts, while laughable enough, were not, however, particularly brilliant, although one or two of his kicks from half field were decidedly good. Despite the utmost exertions of the home team, however, they could not score, till at last one of the Brechin men obligingly headed the ball through his own goal. This success gave the homesters and their sup-porters fresh encouragement, and amid the cheers and yells of the spectators the Stripes once more surrounded Owler. Again was he defence tested to the utmost, and again it stood all assaults. The strangers never left the goalmouth, but kept their position and citadel intact. Of course these tactics added fuel to the feelings of the crowd, who expressed their disapproval of the measures to which the Brechin men resorted, in terms more forcible than polite. The defence, however, could not stand the strain to which it was subjected for very long, and a third time were the strangers' colours lowered by a shot from the right. This further success put the Orion on their metal, and again the pressure was applied. Time after time was the ball peppered at the Brechin custodian, and as often returned to the besiegers, and this state of matters was continued until within a few minutes from time, when the play was completely stopped by one of those extraordinary scenes which happily are rarely witnessed in Aberdeen. For some reason or other, which few of the spectators could understand, one of the Brechin backs attacked Forsyth, and in a moment the play stopped by both teams surrounding the combatants. The spectators at once rushed on to the field and rendered even an attempt to play out of the question. One of the linesmen, the representative of the strangers, who had been making himself prominent during the latter stages of the game, by tendering gratuitous advice to his team, also interfered, and received a hot reception from the spectators, being made the object of remarks which, to say the least, were not at all complimentary. The combatants having been at last separated, the referee said he would continue the match until time was up, and this was done. The whistle, however, sounded before the play could become general, and the game resulted: Brechin 4, Orion 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 20th March 1893

Orion Teamsheet:  Edwards ; Low, Mackay; Wight, Gordon, Currie; Fraser, Macfarlane, Forsyth, Gloag, Leggat


Brechin Teamsheet:  Owler; Smart, Johnston; Gray, Will, Cobb; Bowman, Davidson, Ferrier, Richardson, Henderson


Referee: Mr. J. McKay, Orion

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