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AFC - Match Report
match report 1892-93 fixture list
Orion 2 - 2 Battlefield
Kick Off:  4:30 PM   Leggatt, Macfarlane       Andrews, ? (pen)  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
This match was played at Central Park, in presence of a large number of spectators. In consequence of the south train being an hour-and-a-half late, the Glasgow men did not appear on the field till half-an-hour after the advertised hour for starting. The referee was Mr Peter Harper of the 'Varsity F.U. Orion won the toss and Battlefield kicked off.

The Orion at once pressed, and almost scored. A foul to the Glaswegians, however, brought them relief. To the Orion a corner immediately followed, which was well placed by Leggat, but nothing came of it. The Orion were hemming the Battlefield on their own ground, when the left back conceded a corner, but ultimately the ball was forced behind. Battlefield smartened up in their play, and paid Edwards a visit, but the ball was sent behind. Leggat shortly afterwards had a nice run along the left, but Macfarlane shot wildly. A corner was given to the Orion, which was nicely placed and afterwards scrimmaged through by, Leggat. The Orion forwards had a well-combined run, but the Battlefield goalkeeper saved in the nick of time. The Battlefield had a splendid run along the field, when Edwards rushed out and gave relief. A corner soon after fell to the Orion, but the Glasgow men cleared their lines. A foul in mid-field against Foote gave the strangers an opening, but nothing came of it. Leggat had a brilliant run along the field, in the course of which he beat half-backs and backs. The ball was sent spinning behind. A glorious chance of scoring soon afterwards was missed by Fraser. The Orion, however, continued to press the Battlefield hard, but a smart bit of play by the Battlefield nearly lowered the Orion's colours. Play, however, was confined to the other end, and Fraser sent in a beautiful shot, to which Macfarlane gave the finishing touch, beating the goalkeeper easily. A hot scrimmage at goal tested the saving powers of Anderson, who saved several hot shots in quick succession, for which he was roundly cheered. A foul close on the goal-mouth against the Orion looked dangerous, but the parting shot of Andrews was wide, and the chance was lost. Half-time sounded, the Orion leading by 2 goals to nil.

On play being resumed. Battlefield playing with the incline pressed the Orion. Edwards received a hot shot which he punted out in time. Mackay blocked the ball, and had a dribble along the field all to himself, but foolishly ran the ball out. During, this half, Battlefield had more of the play, and pressing the Orion two corners in succession were conceded them, but both were resultless. They continued to hem in the Orion in their own quarters, and a likely chance of scoring was nipped in the bud by Mackay. They returned to the attack, and Andrews headed in their first goal - a feat for which the strangers were loudly cheered by the spectators. The game now grew fast and furious, the Battlefield being inspired by success, and their opponents being nettled at the achievement which transferred a goal to the strangers. A likely run was spoiled by Macfarlane shooting wildly behind. Lowe, who had been playing a splendid game, sent in a shot which grazed the cross-bar. A hot scrimmage at the Orion goal ensued, when one of the Orion men fisting out the ball, a penalty kick was awarded, the result was another goal to the Battlefield. The game resulted: Orion 2; Battlefield 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 3rd April 1898

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Referee: Mr. Peter Harper of the 'Varsity F.U.

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