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AFC - Match Report
match report 1892-93 fixture list
Victoria United 4 - 1 Cowlairs
Kick Off:    Turner, Ferries, Ferries, Benzie       Edgar  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
Still well ahead in the matter of enterprise, the Victoria United had as their guests at Wellington Grounds the Cowlairs of Glasgow, a team of considerable repute. The pluck of the local club in securing an engagement with such a renowned combination was well rewarded, for there was a very large attendance of spectators at the match. The teams were: Cowlairs: Fyfe ; Maxwell, McLeod ; Lamont, Shanks, McPherson; Lynch, Brown, McBryde, Edgar, Adams. Victoria United: Gray; Anderson, Ririe; Ross, Stewart, Ritchie; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Ferries. Cowlairs were thus without four of their usual team: Elliot, McFarlane, Aitken, and Rooney. The substitutes were capable players, however, and the eleven was thus about as strong a combination as any local team would care to tackle with any hope of success. The ground was very fast. Mr P. Simpson acted as referee.

Cowlairs lost the toss, and kicked off. For a moment the ball remained near midfield, Annand neatly taking the pass from the opening kick; but then the western men broke away, and some fine passing ended in Shanks having a good try. The Vics promptly retaliated, and Turner sent in a hot one which, however, went wide. In a trice Cowlairs were, again at Gray's charge, but the clever custodian saved smartly in the nick of time. If the ground was fast the game was too; and Cow¬lairs had an anxious moment, as the United's left wing sorely harassed them close to goal. After some end to end play, Sutherland got the ball and should have shot for an open goal, but he passed to Turner who was surrounded by the foe. A little later, however, Turner aroused enthusiasm by scoring with a magnificent shot. The ball had been taken well up by some fine passing on the part of the home forwards, and with a long shot, smartly and cleverly taken with the left foot, the "little un" fairly beat Fyfe. The ball sailed beautifully in, and went through just below the crossbar. Nothing could possibly have saved it. The best efforts of the Western combination were fruitless, and, loudly encouraged, the United again went away, bearing everything before them. Cheered on to further exertions they responded gallantly. Sutherland sent in a good shot which Ferries rushed through just as Fyfe was attempting to save it. A scene of the wildest enthusiasm followed, and the Victoria United were fairly masters of the situation. Again they attacked, and once more Ferries beat Fyfe, an appeal on the ground of off-side being dis¬allowed. Soon after this half-time was called with the score standing: United 3, Cowlairs 1.

Shortly after the game was resumed the United got a free kick well towards the Cowlairs goal. Stewart sent in a beauty, but it sailed through untouched, and consequently no point was given. A visit by Cowlairs to the other end came to nothing, and then Turner gave Fyfe a splendid one to hold which resulted in a corner. The kick was taken in a period of breathless excitement, but Cowlairs kept their charge intact, although half-a-dozen men bit the dust at the goal mouth. The visitors were now becoming somewhat savage, and McPherson and McBryde had to get a word of advice from the referee on account of their tactics. The team rushed up, however, and at length Edgar beat Gray and scored the first point for his side. After this Turner had a likely chance, but missed the opportunity. Then he centred beautifully but his comrades failed to improve a grand chance. Despite the intense heat the game proceeded fast as ever, and there seemed to be still more of an inclination, on the part of the Cowlairs especially, to play the man instead of the ball. Adams sent in a lovely shot which skimmed the top of the bar and the United retaliated with one which went just a little wide. In the height of another charge by Cowlairs Gray received a nasty kick. Turner, Benzie, and Sutherland gave a fine exhibition of the game as it should be, and a pretty bit of play on their part called Fyfe out. Another example of this was given on the left wing, and from a fine pass by Ferries, Benzie neatly scored a fourth goal for the United. They were clearly more than a match for their opponents in football, as the following final result proves: Victoria United 4, Cowlairs 1.


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gray; Anderson, Ririe; Ross, Stewart, Ritchie; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Ferries


Cowlairs Teamsheet:  Cowlairs: Fyfe ; Maxwell, McLeod ; Lamont, Shanks, McPherson; Lynch, Brown, McBryde, Edgar, Adams


Referee: Mr. P. Simpson, Aberdeen

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