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AFC - Match Report
match report 1915-16 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 0 - 4 Celtic
Kick Off:          McMenemy 62, McColl 63, Gallagher 78, Gallagher 87  
Attendance: 12,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Celtic fully merited their four-goal win at Aberdeen, where the local side, after managing to keep on equal terms in the first half, were completely outplayed. Aberdeen's attack, poorly led, depended on individual effort, and the result was that Shaw had pretty much a picnic in goal. The Celts were very convincing all through, and should have been leading at the interval. In the second period McMenemy and McColl scored a goal apiece within a minute of each other, and Gallacher had two to himself before the end. Attendance 12,000.

Source: The Scotsman, 7th February 1916

The record crowd for the season - it would be little short of 12,000 - welcomed Celtic to Pittodrie, and were treated to as fine a display as the Glasgow club ever gave in the Granite City. Much depended on the game, and the Celts from the start showed they meant business. They faced a bright sun, and though they made matters hum for the first few minutes they were beaten back, and for the next 15 or 20 minutes Aberdeen gave rather more than they got. It was the one period of the match in which the home side looked like getting through the opposition. The defence was strong, and the halves foraged briskly, and swung the ball about in refreshing fashion, and the wing forwards, Wyllie and J. F. Cumming, made good use of the opportunities that came their way. The incitement did not impress so strongly, but there was always the off-chance that they would come off. As a matter of fact, main and Brewster had hard lines in not doing the trick, and Cumming, who was a thorn in the side of McMaster and Dodds, anytime he did get the leather, also came within an ace of netting. But the Celts were able to keep their charge intact, and as the first half preceded it did less defensive and more offensive work. McColl was held well by Wyllie, who was a tower of strength. The wings were clever. Browning was the pick of the line. His resource was great. Gallagher, sharp as a needle, shot hard and often. McAll had the best shot of the match, with a fast rising which beat Anderson all the way, drive, and rebounded hard out after striking the post where it joined the bar.

In the second half Aberdeen appeared to have shot their bolt. The forwards somehow could never get agoing, and the defenders were given no respite. McMenemy score the Celts' first goal in 17 minutes. McColl got the second the very next minute, who Gallagher did the trick a quarter of an hour later, and again 3 minutes from the end. The victory was merited. The Celts' attack was on the top of its form and could not be held out. Aberdeen's, on the other hand, was spasmodic. Wylie and Cumming continued to the end to be their best. The latter could have done with a lot more of the leather, for he was able to move it about two advantage in a way that none of his confreres, with the exception of Wylie, could. His foot work at close quarters with Dodds was delightful. But as one swallow cannot make a summer, so one or two forwards could not be expected to break through the best defence in Scotland. Every cell put in a good afternoon's work. In the home 11 the half-backs, backs, and goalkeeper had too much to do, and they did their best. Anderson could not be blamed for any of the goals. He was well beaten every time.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 7th February 1916

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Anderson, Colman, Hume, Brewster, Wyllie, MacLachlan, Cumming, Archibald, Main, Cail, Wylie.

Unused Subs:


Celtic Teamsheet:  Shaw: McNair, Dodds; Young, Johnston, McMaster; McAll, Gallagher, McColl, McMenemy, Browning


Referee: Mr. A. Allan, Glasgow

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