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AFC - Match Report
match report 1892-93 fixture list
Northern League 
The Aberdeen 4 - 2 Harp, Dundee
Kick Off:    ?, Wood, Wood, ?       ?, Ferguson  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Aberdeen had another Northern League fixture at Chanonry, when they met the Harp from Dundee. The weather was showery, and caused the turf to play treacherously, falls being frequent. There was another large concourse of spectators. The teams were: Aberdeen: Ramsay; Ketchen, Singleton; Ross, Cobban, Ewen; Wood, Whyte, Toman, Brown, Whitehead. Harp: Cooney; Macreadie, Fagan; McGhee, Collins, Donachie; Farrel, Ferguson, Lonie, Kinsella, Brannan. The Aberdeen colours were red and white striped tunics, the Harp appearing in white tunics, and green collars. Mr McLean, Ayr, refereed.

Losing the toss, Aberdeen were compelled to kick from the west end, and Toman set the leather in motion. Lonie at once stepped in and made down field, but he was smartly stopped and play transferred to the neighbourhood of the Harp goal. Relief soon came, and Brannan made away on the left, passing smartly to Lonie. A good chance presented itself to score, but Ramsay was equal to the occasion. Again the venue was changed, and Cooney had enough to do for a time, but Aberdeen, despite several opportunities from corners, failed to take advantage of them for a considerable time. At last, about twenty minutes from the start, Whitehead placed a beauty from the left corner, and the ball was sent through for the first time. From the kick-off the Harp went westwards, but the parting shot was absurdly high. Coming back, Aberdeen were soon round Cooney, and Wood, who was playing well on the right - a rather novel position for the crack back to occupy - sent a pass well across. Toman quickly grassed Cooney, and put him out of the way while the ball found its way between the sticks for the second time. From the kick-off the Harp secured a corner, which, however, was fruitless; and a foul was shortly afterwards given against the home team, which was well placed, and the leather travelled through for the first time for the strangers. From the kick-off Aberdeen again went to the east goal, where with the assistance of several corners the locals succeeded in completely hemming the strangers to within a few yards of their own goal mouth. Do as they would, they could not break through the defence. Up till within a few minutes of half-time play was general, though Aberdeen had the best of it. Both goals were visited in turn, the visitors' forwards showing a considerable amount of effective combination and accurate kicking. Aberdeen, however, continued to press, and from a scrimmage right in front of goal Wood got hold of the leather as it was bobbing about, and scored the third goal for Aberdeen amid loud cheers. Again the locals were off in the direction of Cooney, but just when victory seemed certain a foul against them allowed the strangers to clear their lines, and transfer play to the other end. Nothing, however, came of this attempt, and another which was made immediately afterwards was splendidly repulsed by Ramsay. There was no further scoring, and half-time came with the home eleven in the Harp's territory and the scores standing: Aberdeen 3 goals, Harp 1 goal.

On resuming a foul was immediately given against the Harp, and a corner quickly followed. The leather was well placed by Murray, but Toman headed the leather over the bar. Some hot work followed in the mouth of the Harp goal. Cooney, however, was quite alive to what was expected of him and fisted out splendidly. After this play was quiet for a time, the ball travelling from end to end of the field with great rapidity. A swift shot almost beat Ramsay, and, in fact, would have done so had not one of the Harp forwards got in the way and kept it out. The locals showed their thankfulness for the escape by working off in the direction of Cooney, who was again called on to exercise all his powers to avert defeat, and did it too, splendidly. During the scrimmage Toman was considerably hurt, but he soon recovered, and once the locals had got into their stride again they swarmed round Cooney with the result that a fourth goal was scored. The ball shortly afterwards was sent through again, but the point was disallowed on the plea of off-side. Up till within five minutes of time the game was only middling, but then the Harp began to pull up, and Ferguson added their second and, as it turned out, last goal. The whistle blew with play in mid-field. Result: Aberdeen 4. Harp 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th April 1893

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ramsay; Ketchen, Singleton; Ross, Cobban, Ewen; Wood, Whyte, Toman, Brown, Whitehead


Harp, Dundee Teamsheet:  Cooney; Macreadie, Fagan; McGhee, Collins, Donachie; Farrel, Ferguson, Lonie, Kinsella, Brannan


Referee: Mr. McLean, Ayr

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