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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Victoria United 7 - 1 Orion
Kick Off:    From Scrimmage, ?, Annand, Sutherland, Sutherland, Turner, Annand       From Scrimmage  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
Played at Wellington Grounds last night before a large turnout of spectators. The Orion were minus Edwards, Foote, Currie, and Wight, for whom substitutes played; and the Victoria were without Stewart and Ririe, Ingram and Thomson taking, their places.

Immediately after the start the Victoria men got away with a rush, and from a scrimmage at Orion's goalposts the ball was sent through. The Orion then pulled themselves together, and for about ten minutes succeeded in keeping the ball in their opponents' territory. The forwards were weak in shooting, and thus lost several good opportunities of scoring. The "Blues" forwards got upon the ball, and taking it down the field, got a corner, off which another goal was scored. The kick-off enabled the "Stripes" to get up the field, and a splendid chance of gaining a point was got, but one of the forwards spoiled it. Even play followed, until within ten minutes of half-time, when, the homesters having got the leather near the Orion's goal, Annand sent in a lightning shot, which Andrews (goal) failed to negotiate. Shortly afterwards, from a pass by Turner, Sutherland scored the fourth goal for his side. Half-time score: Victoria, 4; Orion, 0.

On changing sides the Victoria had it all their own way. Sutherland put on the fifth goal for his side, and a few minutes later Turner scored another. The homesters were now six to the good, and the Orion seemed to have abandoned ail hope of making up, when, by a combined charge, they forced the ball up the field, and from scrimmage it was sent through. This first goal for the Orion was loudly cheered by the spectators. After a spell of uninteresting play, Annand having got the ball near the Orion's charge, sent home a splendid shot, and this made the seventh goal. No further scoring took place, and the game ended: Victoria United, 7; Orion, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th May 1893

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