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AFC - Match Report
match report 1893-94 fixture list
The Aberdeen 1 - 8 Queen's Park
Kick Off:    White        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The Aberdeen opened their season with a match at Chanonry with the Queen's Park eleven. The fame of this combination was the means of drawing an immense crowd to witness the game. The Aberdeen had secured the services of Tom Ketchen and James Scott for the occasion, and altogether had a very good defensive team. The Queen's had their usual team with the exception of Berry, inside right, whose place was taken by Brand. The teams were: Queen's Park: Baird; Sillars, Smellie; Gillespie, Robertson, Stewart; Frazer, Brand, Waddell, Muir, and Cleland. Aberdeen: Ramsay; Ketchen, Wood; Shepherd, Thomson, Ewan; Cumming, Whyte, Toman, Fred Whitehead, Frank Whitehead.

Just as the game was commencing a strong north-easterly wind sprang up and was accompanied by a disagreeable drizzling rain. The visitors won the toss and preferred to play with the wind and rain in their rear. This was of incalculable value to them, for while they were fresh they were able to press the Aberdeen, who were so greatly handicapped by the elements. At kick-off Toman made away with the ball, but was quickly intercepted by Stewart, who crossed to Frazer, and that, player sent home a stinging shot which missed by inches. From the kick out the Aberdeen got a little relief,but not for long, Sillars sent the leather well down the field, and the forwards following it up Aberdeen experienced a hot five minutes in front of the goal. Ramsay cleared his lines in magnificent style, and once more the home team were rushing up the field. Toman had the ball, and when well up he passed to Frank Whitehead, but that player failed to score. Soon after he Queen's were again peppering the Aberdeen's goal, but Ramsay was saving beautifully. Muir, however, got a chance of shooting, which he was not slow to take advantage of, and sent in a splendid shot which completely defied the defence of Ramsay, and the first goal was registered tor the visitors. Soon after Waddell headed in another off a pass from Frazer. Frazer was frequently lying offside, and no less than four times fouls were given against the Queen's. Aberdeen on that account were being hard pressed, but they seldom could get past midfield. From a corner kick Waddell scored a third goal,and almost immediately the same player put on the fourth point. Aberdeen then made a desperate effort to score, and this they were enabled to do by a finely combined run along the right wing, whioh ended in White beating Baird. This success brought forth rounds of applause from the onlookers; but the visitors seemed nettled at being beaten, and played with renewed efforts. Brand, Waddell, and Muir had a magnificent run down the centre of the field, and passing all opposition Waddell shot a goal which Ramsay failed to negotiate through running too far out. At half-time the score stood: Queen's Park 5, Aberdeen 1.

In the seeood half the home team were quite out of it so far as scoring went; but for the first 15 minutes after recommencing they gave the visitors a pretty hot time of it. By this time, however, the grass was exceedingly slippery, and the local men could scarcely keep their feet. The Queen's Park had considerable advantage in this respect, as all kept up steadily. About 20 minutes after the restart Waddell scored the sixth goal, and from a corner a seventh was quickly added. The Aberdeen were now playing entirely on the defensive, but the attacks of tho opposing forwards wero too much for them, and Stewart scored the eighth goal. No further scoring took place, aud the game ended: Queen's Park 8, Aberdeen 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 28th August 1893

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ramsay; Ketchen, Wood; Shepherd, Thomson, Ewan; Cumming, Whyte, Toman, Fred Whitehead, Frank Whitehead


Queen's Park Teamsheet:  Baird; Sillars, Smellie; Gillespie, Robertson, Stewart; Frazer, Brand, Waddell, Muir, and Cleland



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