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match report 1893-94 fixture list
Scottish Cup Second Preliminary Round 
Victoria United 8 - 0 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Clark, Clark, Benzie, Benzie, Turner, Stewart (pen), Turner, Clark        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
A Big Take Down.
The Aberdeen met the Victoria United in the second round of the Scottish Cup ties at Victoria Bridge Grounds. The teams were: Aberdeen: Tom Smyth; Wood, "Teddy" Brown; Morren, Davidson, Ewan; Shepherd, Whyte, McFarlane, Fred Whitehead, Frank Whitehead. Victoria United: Edwards; Foote, Ririe; Morice, Stewart, Duffus; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Clark. From the commencement the Victoria United pressed, and Smyth had hot work keeping out the quick shots from the opposing forwards. At length Clark succeeded in scoring the first point by a splendid "header," which Smyth failed to negotiate. The Aberdeen then got away, and once or twice looked like scoring, but rash shooting on the part of the forwards lost them some splendid opportunities. Again the Victoria United assumed the aggressive, but the defence of the Whites was for a time impregnable. Ewen got off with a splendid dribble, but collided with Turner, the result being that the former sustained a rather serious injury to his forehead, and had to leave the field for some time. Soon after Clark headed through a second goal, and before half-time Benzie scored a third point.

In the second portion of the game the United had it all their own way. The Aberdeen seemed completely demoralised, and were unable to defend their charge from the repeated attacks of the United's forwards. Within three minutes of the restart Benzie scored a fourth point. For a brief spell the Aberdeen got away, and in all probability would have scored had not a foul been conceded the Vics, just as Shepherd was shooting for goal. Turner once more had a run along the wing, which ended in the ball being sent through between the uprights in fine style. Fouls had been frequent, and ultimately the Aberdeen were penalised. Stewart took the kick, and sent home a stinging shot, which Smyth fisted out beautifully, but before the goalkeeper could return to his post Stewart had sent the leather through. Turner shortly after scored the seventh goal, and before the whistle blew Clark had increased the number of points to eight. Result: Victoria United 8. Aberdeen 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 25th September 1893

As was to be expected from their doings this season, the Aberdeen had really no chance with the Victoria United in their Scottish Cup tie, the Wellingtonians scoring a grand victory by 8 goals to nil, one of the severest defeats the whites have ever sustained in the national competition. The match was played at Victoria Bridge Grounds, Torry, before a splendid assemblage. The ground was in a very bad state, so much so indeed that general surprise was expressed when the referee gave it as his opinion that it was good enough for a cup tie. From start to finish there was only one team in it. The blues went to work in the most determined fashion, while on the other hand the whites seemed to play without heart, especially in the second half. The Victoria United have never been so well balanced as they are now, and will take some doing in a local sense. All the team played well on Saturday, but if we except Tom Smith, the performance of the Chanonry men was below par. There was great jubilation among the supporters of the Iron Dukes at the finish, with a corresponding depression among the followers of the whites. The game was vigorous enough, and Ewan unfortunately got injured through a collision with Turner. It was quite an accident, but it ought to be a lesson to players to exercise a little judgment when charging each other. Mr Halley, Cowlairs, was referee, and he performed his task well till close on the finish, when he certainly didn't pay that attention to the play which he ought to have done. Referees are paid well, and even though the result was beyond question, Mr Halley should have followed the play till the end.

Source: Bon-Accord, 30th September 1893

Gone! Gone!!

Listen to this outburst on the part of the poet. laureate of the Vics.:-

Gone are the whites from the Cup ties,
Gone, and all through the blues,
Gone, and Durward's happy;
Gone, they were bound to lose.

Gone in an awful funk,
Gone to play League affairs,
Gone, half crack, they tell us;
Gone - ?and nobody cares.

Gone, ne'er to see the third round,
Gone - to reflect on what's past,
Gone from the Scottish Cup ties;
The whites are gone at last.

Gone - just fancy, eight-nothing
Gone in spite of their tricks,
Gone, and they're weeping and wailing;
Gone - beaten by the Vics.

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Edwards; Foote, Ririe; Morice, Stewart, Duffus; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Clark


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Tom Smyth; Wood, "Teddy" Brown; Morren, Davidson, Ewan; Shepherd, Whyte, McFarlane, Fred Whitehead, Frank Whitehead


Referee: Mr Halley, Cowlairs

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