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match report 1893-94 fixture list
Peterhead 0 - 4 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Park, Peterhead
Played before a good turnout of spectators within the Recreation Park, Peterhead. Within a minute or two of the beginning of the game the Whites came down with a rush and scored the first point. The home team next attacked the Aberdeen citadel with vigour, but they were repulsed. Give-and-take play resulted for a considerable time, and then Peterhead came away, and the strangers were called upon to do their utmost to prevent their colours being lowered. Two or three times after this the Whites had hard lines, but the Peterhead defence was good. Cowie, in saving, gave the strangers a corner, and from a scrimmage in front of goal the ball, after striking the cross-bar twice, went through. From that time onward the home men had decidedly the best of the play, and several times they were very unfortunate in missing good chances to score. They pressed hard but the strong back defence of the Whites baffled them. At half-time, the game stood: Aberdeen 2 goals, Peterhead nil.

With the sounding of the whistle, Peterhead immediately commenced to press, but the strangers relieved, and Cowie was called upon to save. Peterhead, however, would not be denied, and again and again they came away with a rush, giving the Aberdeen backs plenty of work. Ramsay had several times to fist out to save his goal. The leather after a time was carried into the territory of the home team, and Cowie, running out to catch the ball missed it, with the result that it rolled between the posts. Notwithstanding the odds against them, Peterhead continued to press, and for a time Ramsay had to work hard. Several corners were obtained by both sides, but nothing came of them. The Whites from another brief visit to the home team's ground, managed to break down the Peterhead defence, and score their fourth goal. From this point Peterhead had the best of the play, although the passing of the strangers completely baffled them at times. The game finished: Aberdeen 4 goals, Peterhead nil.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 9th October 1893

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