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AFC - Match Report
match report 1916-17 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 1 - 1 Morton
Kick Off:    Wylie.       Gourlay 87  
Attendance: 4,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Aberdeen were again at home when they played a drawn game of one goal each with Greenock Morton. The result was just about the value of the game. Aberdeen's team was somewhat mixed, J. Wyllie being at back in place of Colman, and Walker, the inside right, taking the centre-half position. Play was keen from first to last, and the defences were sound. Twenty-five minutes of the first half had run when Aberdeen got their goal through W. Wylie. Three minutes from time, however, Anderson, the home goalkeeper, was beaten by Gourlay.

Source: The Scotsman, 25th September 1916

Aberdeen almost succeeded in pocketing two points at the expense of Greenock Morton at Pittodrie, but the visitors chipped in with a goal some 5 minutes from time and secured a draw of on the general run of the play, however, the 1-1 score was not an unfair result. Aberdeen were without Colman, Brewster, and Cumming, and J. Wyllie was at right back and Walker at centre half, while Mackay came in at outside right. Spectators numbered about 4000, and the weather was agreeable.

Morton were the first to get within range, but the ball was sent behind. Ambler got away on his own, and made a strenuous attempt to get through, only to be overborne by force of numbers. Aberdeen forced a corner, but it brought them no advantage. McNeil had a nice run for Morton, and shot, but the ball went wide. Anderson was tested by Gourlay, and cleared in easy style. Morton continued on the offensive, and Anderson saved from Stevenson. Aberdeen got on the move, and had two or three dashing runs. Wylie crossed beautifully, but one of the defenders cleared. McNab got away and sent into goal, but Wyllie saved by heading over the bar. The corner was not improved upon by Morton, and Aberdeen had dangerous raid, W. Wylie doing some good work. Aberdeen kept up the attack, and ambler, Cail, and Wylie pressed hard into the Morton defence. The ball was returned to midfield, but Mackay and Paton again carried the play forward, and the outside right crossed to Wylie, who steadied himself and scored a well-taken goal. Give-and-take play followed. McNeil had a try for goal, but the ball took the wrong side of the upright. Picking up from Mackay Ambler sent goalwards, but Bradford had no difficulty in clearing. Walker sent over the bar from the free kick. McNab made progress and sent over to Seymour, who did not succeed in beating Anderson.

On the resumption, Morton's left wing got on the move, but Seymour sent out of play. Aberdeen attacked in turn, without result. In a raid by Morton, first Moir and then Wyllie kicked clear. Aberdeen forwards got round Morton's goal in a body, and for some time the visiting defence was kept busy. J. Wyllie, when pressed, returned two Anderson, and the result was a corner, which, however, brought no advantage to Morton. Mackay got well a way for Aberdeen and Bradford came out but did not succeed in clearing, and the ball was sent to the left. Wylie sent two wards goal, but the Morton defender got his foot on the ball and sent to midfield. Paton gave away a corner which Morton did not improve upon. McNeil attempted from 20 yards' range to beat Anderson, but sent just outside the post. The centre came into collision with Wyllie, and the game had to be stopped for a short time until he recovered. A swift dash by the home front line yielded a corner. Morton's goal, however, was never in danger. Seymour worked his way into a good position, but sent over the line. And lower was fouled by Laws, and J. Wyllie had a creditable attempt for a goal. The shot had all the necessary speed, but the direction was just a trifle wide. Moir cleared in splendid style from McNab and Gourlay. A foul was given against Aberdeen just outside the penalty line. Wright took the kick, but the ball rebounded off one of the Aberdeen defenders to Seymour. The latter's shot hard, and Anderson saved brilliantly. 3 minutes from time, Gourlay beat J. Wyllie and equalised the score with a fine effort.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 25th September 1916

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Anderson, Wyllie, Moir, Cruickshank, Walker, Calder, McKay, Paton, Ambler, Cail, Wylie.

Unused Subs:


Morton Teamsheet:  Bradford; Laws, Ormonde; McIntyre, Wright, McLean; McNab, Gourlay, McNeil, Stephenson, Seymour


Referee: Mr. J. Grant, Edinburgh

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