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match report 1893-94 fixture list
Northern League 
Victoria United 2 - 3 Arbroath
Kick Off:    Benzie, ?        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
The "Iron Dukes" Defeated at Home.
Played at Wellington Grounds before a large crowd and in beautiful weather. The teams were: Arbroath: Napier; Milne, Collie; Rae, Bennett, Buick; Findlay, Hutton, Maxwell, Leuchars, McWattie. Victoria United: Edwards; Foote, Ririe; Morrice, Stewart, Duffus; Turner, Benzie, Forsyth, Annand, Clark. Mr Leighton, Strathmore, Dundee, officiated as referee.

The United kicked off, and immediately were in the vicinity of the Arbroath goal, where they kept the ball for nearly ten minutes, but could not obtain an opening. Findlay and Hutton at length brought relief and raised the siege, but the United were again down upon Napier, who had to work hard in order to avert defeat, McWattie and Leuchars were prominent in a run along the left, and thus gave their defence a breathing space. A corner was secured, but Ririe saved in capital style, and allowed the forwards to get down the field. Benzie, with a fast shot, scored the first goal for the United, and it was sent through on two occasions almost immediately, but they were disallowed as off-side. Five minutes before half-time the strangers equalised.

After the restart play was fast, both teams working very hard. A foul was given to the United, but the ball was sent past, and after a few minutes' scrimmage in front of the strangers' goal they broke away, and, passing all opposition, enticed Edwards to leave the goalmouth, and added a second point. Only the grand defence of Ririe prevented the downfall of the United goal on two occasions, and again his strong kicking gave his side the advantage, but though Duffus and Annand had good chances, bad shooting rendered them fruitless. After ten minutes' vigorous play, hostilities were transferred to the opposite end, and a capital charge on the part of the centre forward of the Arbroath baffled the back lines of the United. Edwards was knocked through between the posts, and the ball being driven in the third goal was scored. The Vics protested, but the point was allowed. The United retaliated strongly and secured a second point, and although they made strenuous efforts to equalise, they failed. A capital game ended: Arbroath, 3 goals; Victoria United, 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 9th October 1893

The Victoria United dropped two points into the Arbroath hat on Saturday on their own ground before a mammoth gate. Although there was only one point between the two at the finish, it was very disheartening to the home supporters to see their fancy go down before what may be termed a scratch team of Arbroath. Bar the half-backs, the Vics. all performed much below par. Edwards, by falling into his old mistake of leaving his charge, presented the opposing side with a goal, and otherwise his performance was only fair. The backs were anything but safe, but the halves gave a most creditable exhibition, Stewart at centre playing a brilliant game in all departments. Indeed, had it nob been for his strong, fearless, and at the same time, strikingly judicious play, there is no saying what the score would have been against the blues. Morrie assisted him gallantly, struggling in the gamest fashion from beginning to end, and Duffus was also very good. The forwards, of whom Benzie and Annand were the pick, played an indolent, heartless game. Clark made a meritorious effort in the opening stage to throw selfishness to the wind, but in the finishing part, just when combination was needed, he dropped into his old pranks, and thereby threw away any chance his aids had of equalising the score. Rab got any number of chances to shine, but he hung too much on the sphere. This is not a general fault of this sturdy little forward, and he so seldom plays badly that we can't find heart to condemn him too severely. All eyes were on Forsyth - and he knew it - hence his mediocre performance in centre. He may be a better man than Sutherland - this is a matter of opinion - but in our humble idea the heavy weight is a more dangerous man at goalmouth, and had his companions studied his play a little more instead of rushing away from him, he might have made an excellent centre. With a weakened team (no less than six of their first eleven being absent) the victory of the Arbroath is a most creditable one. There was no dilatoriness on their part, but each seemed to put "all in," every man playing in that dashing and enthusiastic style that invariably commands success. If the Vics. mean to be anywhere near the top of the League, the forwards must be smarter on the ball, give over dilly-dallying, and drop that unprofitable and selfish habit which characterises the play of at least some of the line.

Source: Bon-Accord, 14th October 1893

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Edwards; Foote, Ririe; Morrice, Stewart, Duffus; Turner, Benzie, Forsyth, Annand, Clark


Arbroath Teamsheet:  Napier; Milne, Collie; Rae, Bennett, Buick; Findlay, Hutton, Maxwell, Leuchars, McWattie


Referee: Mr. Leighton, Strathmore, Dundee

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