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match report 1893-94 fixture list
Scottish Cup First Round 
Orion 2 - 11 Leith Athletic
Kick Off:    Fraser, Leggat        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
Orion Get the "Golden Drop."
The Orion met the Leith Athletic at Central Park in the 1st round of the final stage of the Scottish cup ties. The teams were: Leith: Anderson; McCartney, Gleghorn; Young, Wilson, Mann; Hislop, Walker, C. Henderson, J. Henderson, Lee. Orion: Gray; Mackay, Ross; Wight, Low, Currie; Flaws, Thom, Gloag, Fraser, Leggat.

The Orion kicked off, and within five minutes Hislop scored the first goal. Fast play followed for about twenty minutes, when Fraser equalised. The visitors again look up the running, and Charles Henderson, by a neat low shot, placed his team one up. Equal play ensued for a considerable period, but ultimately the Athletic's forwards succeeded in bringing the leather within their opponent's 25, and Wilson finding an opening sent in an effective shot. Fraser went away with a dribble, but was tackled before he got any distance. Shortly afterwards a foul was granted against the visitors, but nothing came of it. The homesters were being hard pressed, but Mackay and Gray, who were in capital form, managed to keep their opponents at bay. Wight with a long kick sent the ball well up the field, and Leggatt being in his place carried it up the wing, and eventually scored a goal. The Athletic then returned to the charge, and twice in quick succession Gray had to fist out. A goal-kick gave relief, and Currie was the means of transferring the play to the visitors' quarters. At half-time the scores were: Leith Athletic, 3; Orion, 2.

On a restart being made the Athletic commenced to press, and for some time the Orion had to play entirely on the defensive. Seven minutes from the restart, Henderson sent in a very soft shot which Gray failed to fist out. The homesters now began to get disheartened, and several opportunities of scoring were lost through faulty shootings. A corner fell to the Orion, but Leggat failed to improve on it. The Orion got away the ball, but Young came to the relief, and by a smart pass to Lee the latter scored the fifth goal for the Athletic. The slippery condition of the ground was telling against the home eleven and every now and again some player fell and lost the ball. Lee again got the leather at his toe, and by a soft tip sent it past Gray for the sixth time. The Orion seemed now quite done out, and the Athletics did pretty much as they liked, J. Henderson rushed the leather through, and thus scored the seventh goal. Ten minutes later Charles Henderson sent in an easy shot which Gray failed to negotiate. The Orion were by this time quite demoralised, and within five minutes the strangers scored other three goals. The game ended: Leith Athletic 11, Orion 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 27th November 1893

When the altogether disagreeable weather of Saturday is taken into account, it was really surprising to see such a large attendance at Central Park to witness the fight for honours between the above teams. The Stripes flattered their supporters in the first half, which ended with them being only one goal down (3-2), but the defence fell away lamentably in the closing 45, and like the local punters on the November Handicap, which was being disposed of at Manchester that afternoon, the supporters of the Orion got a "Golden Drop" of gall from the strangers, who simply smothered the local defence, and added other 8 points, the biggest whipping the Stripes have sustained this year. The heavy going was all against the ground team, some of whom had great difficulty in keeping on their feet, whereas the Leith lads got along almost without a flounder. Indeed, so much was this the case, that some local enthusiasts were of opinion that the latter had some mysterious agency attached to their understandings. The victorious team are a capital set of footballers, with a thorough understanding of each other's play. The main cause of the heavy defeat was the poor play of the goalkeeper, backs, and Low and Wight at half, who were all out of the running in the second half.

Short Kicks.

The disaster at Central Park will remain in our memory for many a long day.
Just as the Orion supporters were getting into good humour with themselves, down cames their pets like a rumble of bricks.
The holding ground had not a little to do with the defeat, the back divisions being apparently quite done with ere the game had run little more than half its course.
Jim Gray, the ex-custodian of the Victoria United, held the fort for the locals, and held it badly, as never in the history of local senior football has a more colourless exhibition been witnessed. He got almost no support from the backs in the second half, however, and this, together with his long absence from active work, may be some excuse for his lamentable performance.
Ross, McKay, Low, and Wight made a feeble show against the dashing uphill charges of the energetic Leith forwards, but Currie held his own manfully, and played a brilliant game from end to end.
The backs lay too near the halves, and there was an utter want of understanding between them, with the result that the speedy opposing forwards had little difficulty in getting past them.
In the open the forwards played a good game - Fraser, Gloag, and Thom excelling - but their passing in front of goal was carried too far, and generally ended in letting the Leith backs in, whereas, had these men shot when in position, there is no doubt that goals would have resulted, as the Leith custodian didn't shape like a champion.
Flaws was over-fed, and shot wretchedly wide. He crossed very well, but somehow Leggat couldn't put them to account.
By the way, Tommie might have got a little more work in the second half.
The Orion has got a check, but the players must not get disheartened.

Source: Bon-Accord, 2nd December 1893

Orion Teamsheet:  Gray; Mackay, Ross; Wight, Low, Currie; Flaws, Thom, Gloag, Fraser, Leggat


Leith Athletic Teamsheet:  Anderson; McCartney, Gleghorn; Young, Wilson, Mann; Hislop, Walker, C. Henderson, J. Henderson, Lee



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