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AFC - Match Report
match report 1893-94 fixture list
Victoria United 4 - 2 Kings Park
Kick Off:    Benzie, Ferries, ?, ?        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
A Terrific Blizzard.
The Victoria United played a friendly game with the King'S Park at Wellington Grounds. There were very few spectators. The teams were: King's Park: Ferguson; Graham, Black; Mackin, Thomson, Millar; Wilson, Stirling, Kennedy, McInnes, Gray. United: Cannon; Foote, Ririe; Morice, Annand, Ritchie; Turner, Benzie, Clark, Smith, Ferries. Referee: Mr Peter Simpson, Aberdeen.

The home eleven were fortunate in getting the wind in their backs during the first half, and managed to keep up a sharp attack. The first point was notched by Benzie, and not long after Ferries scored the second. The visitors seemed careless, and did not tackle in their usual style. The home team continued to press, and at half-time they were leading by 4 goals to 0.

In the second portion of the game the Vics, played an almost entirely defensive game. The wind was aiding their opponents, and had it not been for the clever play by the goalkeeper and the backs, the game would have been lost. Stirling eventually succeeded in beating Cannon with a sharp, low shot. The visitors maintained their attack, and shortly before the call of time put on a second goal. Result: Victoria United 4. King's Park 2.


The few enthusiasts who turned out at Wellington Grounds and Central Park will not readily forget the 18th November, 1893. It was indeed a caution. At the Inches King's Park took the Iron Dukes in hand, and considering the altogether wretched afternoon, the play was surprisingly good on both sides. Playing with the hurricane at their backs, the Blues put on four goals to nil in the first half, and though they couldn't score themselves in the last moiety they defended gallantly, Stirling getting only two notches.

Short Kicks.

"Football under difficulties!" sighed our half-frozen special as he stood shivering at Central Park. "Amen" responded our representative at Wellington Grounds, as he fought with the breeze in an endeavour to kindle his "golden bar!" Oh! it was indeed terrible! We don't want such another experience for a long time.
King's Park, Stirling, came out in pretty good time at the Inches, but were kept standing in the cold for at least fifteen minutes.
In the hurricane which prevailed we could not expect anything brilliant, but really the play was surprisingly good at times. There was scarcely anything between the teams, if we except the first-class goalkeeping of Cannon.
The Blues made some grand attacks against the wind, the forwards exhibiting a decided improvement on their previous week's play.
There is still room for a little more combined effort all over, however.
Were Ririe to play up to his best, and the halves to infuse a little more judgment into their kicking and placing, the defence would be all right, as Ned Foote is going great guns.
The forwards just want one thing, and that is combination. There were glimpses of it on Satur. day, and should they continue to improve in this direction they would become a really good all. round quintet.
Mr Peter Simpson refereed the match, and did his work well, showing an impartiality and promptness in his decisions which gave him a lift up in the opinion of all unbiassed onlookers.
By the way, there were no less than four balls sent whizzing into the Dee, the game being stopped at one time for about 15 minutes, while Ned Foots spanked to the Chain Bridge and fished them out.

Source: Bon-Accord, 25th November 1893

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Cannon; Foote, Ririe; Morice, Annand, Ritchie; Turner, Benzie, Clark, Smith, Ferries


Kings Park Teamsheet:  Ferguson; Graham, Black; Mackin, Thomson, Millar; Wilson, Stirling, Kennedy, McInnes, Gray


Referee: Mr. Peter Simpson, Aberdeen

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