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match report 1893-94 fixture list
Brechin 4 - 1 Victoria United
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Attendance: 0
Another Disappointment.
The Vics, travelled to Brechin, where they played a friendly match with the club of that town. Both sides were below their usual strength. In the first period the home players had the lion's share of play, and at half-time had three goals to their credit. Play in the second period was more evenly balanced. The strangers did the, aggressive work at the outset, and after ten minutes secured their first goal. They continued during the greater part of the period to hold their opponents to their own territory, but their efforts to score were unsuccessful Before the call of time Brechin added another goal. Result: Brechin 4. Victoria United 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 4th December 1893

Though somewhat scratchly represented, the general opinion was that the Victoria United would be able to render a good account of themselves at Brechin, but such was not the case, the Blues returning home defeated by 4 goals to 1. The team was a somewhat scratch one, and this in great measure atones for the defeat, though all the same the eleven sent south played gamely, and had time and again very hard lines in scoring. We shall look for an improvement in their future matches, as we are quite convinced the best eleven are capable of much better work than has yet been credited to them.

Short Kicks

It is a long lane that has no turning, but at last the spell has been broken, and the Aberdeen has got round the corner.
After such a long run of bad luck the Senior Club sent their supporters into ecstasies on Saturday by their defeat of the Forfar Athletic.
Not only were the immediate supporters of the club delighted, but the entire football public was pleasantly surprised.
It was the only gleam of sunshine that lighted the local football firmament, and the devotees of the game basked in its rays.
The striking feature of the play was the dashing style in which the forwards conducted themselves, our old friend " Watt" making a splendid show on his re-appearance, while little Fred was in capital trim.
They were a trifle selfish, however, trying too much on their own account - their only fault.
If Reith could only improve his speed, and be a little smarter on the ball, he would make an excellent forward.
As it was he performed very creditably, his shooting in itself constituting one of the features of the game.
Kilpatrick got along very nicely in centre, and Macfarlane played one of the best games he has done since he changed colours.
As to the defence, Ewen was the best, but although his companions, the backs, and Ramsay were not brilliant, they all acted a very useful part in the gallant victory.
The Orion was expected to quite hold their own with the Dundee " A's," but they were no match for the energetic, tear-and-wear Juteopolians, who play the usual go-ahead, devil-may-care game so peculiar to Forfarahire teams.
Mr Atchison's failure to see the point claimed by Leggat no doubt had a depressing effect upon the locals, but with the exception of Edwards, who played about as fine a game as ever he did, there was not a brilliant man in the lot.
The backs indulged in their old prank of lying too far down the field, and were invariably caught napping.
The halves were spasmodic to a degree. Low exercised little judgment, and dropped away to nothing in the second half.
As to the forwards, Flaws, like the weather, was a decided frost. The spirit may have been willing, but the flesh was weak.
Thom for once disappointed his admirers, es-pecially in his shooting.
Gloag worked hard, and placed very well, but, in-advertently no doubt, gave his right wing more than their share of the ball.
What came Leggett's way he disposed of in a very satisfactory way, but as we have indicated, he wasn't called upon so often as he might have been.
Fraser was much in the same position, but nevertheless when he did get on the sphere he didn't disgrace himself.
Assertions were made that at least two of the eleven were quite unfit to play from lack of condition.
This can easily be remedied by giving such gentlemen a rest until they can get fit.
A team occupying the position the Orion does in local football can't afford to carry dead weight un-less it means to sink itself into oblivion.
At Brechin the Victoria United were poorly represented, and the usual result followed ? defeat. Pull up your socks, Blues!

Source: Bon-Accord, 9th December 1893

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