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match report 1893-94 fixture list
Northern League 
Victoria United 6 - 3 Strathmore, Dundee
Kick Off:  2:30 PM          
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
Splendid Victory of the Vics.
This, the only fixture on the Northern League card, was played at Wellington Grounds, Aberdeen, in ideal football weather, and before a large attendance of spectators. Both teams were well represented.
Kicking off southwards against the wind, the home players were driven back, and for the first five minutes they were hard pressed defending their own goal. A change then came over matters. The United rushed the ball up the field, and from a free kick put on their first point. They continued to make the pace, but could not score again. The strangers then took up the aggressive, and Malcolm, by adding two goals in quick succession, gave his team the lead. Before changing ends, however, Ferries scored, and the teams at half-time stood on level terms.

The second half opened with a sharp but unsuccessful attack on the home goal. The Vics retaliated, but to more purpose, as they soon increased their score by two points. Strathmore secured a third goal, but the home players replied by adding two more to their total, thus winning by 6 goals to 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 11th December 1893

The Victoria United gave a capital account of themselves against the Dundee Strathmore on Saturday, there being a decided improvement among the forwards and halves, while Ririe gave us a glimpse of what he can do when fit and well. For once, however, Foote didn't do so well as his partner, but Ned has played so consistently and well during the season that a little failure on hls part can easily be forgiven, He will make up for It in the future. After the past disappointments, the victory was very much relished by the supporters of the club, who were getting pretty low spirited, and we trust they have a few more surprises in store for them. The Strathie lads, who were short of two of their first eleven, were inclined to be somewhat shady in their tactics, but the Blues, as we have indicated above, overcame all difficulties, and romped home easy winners, having almost all the play In the closing half.

Short Kicks.

Victory all round was the order of the day on Saturday, and though the Senior Club didn't give Stonehaven such a beating as was expected, still the three-cornered victory was very pleasing to all true sportsmen.
Wellington Grounds were well patronised, and the Victoria United came back to something like their best form, and defeated the Dundee Strathmore handsomely.
The two first goals against the Vics. were no dis-grace to Cannon, but the third might have been saved had he used his hands instead of his feet; otherwise his goalkeeping was all that could be desired.
Ririe was the better back, his tackling being worthy of his best days.
Foote was disappointing, his kicking being extremely feeble, and was in great measure responsible for one of the goals scored against his side.
Morrice and Stewart played a capital game at half-back, the former, if anything, having a shade the best of it, whilst young Ritchie put in a lot of serviceable work.
The forwards all played well, Clark and Ferris being very dangerous in the close.
The best of the strangers were Peat (forward), Willocks (half-back), and the two backs, whose strong kicking dwarfed the feeble punts of the home defenders.
The forwards never had much chance against the half-back trio of the homesters, any attempt at combination being broken up by the fearless tackČling of Morrice and Stewart.
The Vics. thoroughly deserved their victory, and if they only can improve a little they ought to give a capital account of themselves in their remaining League fixtures.
Fifteen minutes valuable light was lost by some of the locals falling to turn up at the appointed time, and this, taken together with the fact that the Dundonians left the field at half-time for some minutes, caused the game to be finished in semi-darkness.
The Strathies were very anxious to leave the field when the ball burst a little before time, but the referee "called them back again," and the game was finished with another ball
. The decisions of the referee didn't seem to please a few of the onlookers, but in our opinion Mr Bryan's work was prompt and above aboard.

Source: Bon-Accord, 16th December 1893

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