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match report 1893-94 fixture list
Gershon Cup First Round 
Orion 4 - 4 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
The "Gershon" Oup.
In dull and threatening weather these local rivals faced each other on Central Park. The match was a friendly, but apart from the interest in it as such, additional interest was imparted to the game by the fact that it was the first of a series which will decide the ownership of the Gershon Cup. There was a large attendance of spectators. The clubs were strongly represented, the only prominent absentee from either side being Orion's custodian, Edwards. Kicking off downhill, the strangers secured a free kick, from which within a minute of the start they scored. The game at once became exciting. Orion played capitally, and Gloag equalised. The game was well contested, but Aberdeen having the incline in their favour had slightly the better of play, and shortly before half, time they added a second goal.

On crossing over the Whites had a series of capital runs uphill, and one of these terminated in Reith passing to Whitehead, who put on a third goal for his club. Pressing downhill the Reds, from a throw-in, reduced the majority against them to one. This encouraged them. Before long they again swept down on the south goal, and a ringing cheer greeted the scoring of the equalising point. For a time the Orion carried all before them, and not only did they add a fourth goal, but it seemed as if they, would win easily. However, Aberdeen managed to withstand the rush, and, taking advantage of a temporary lull, they forced their way towards the Orion goal, where a blunder by the custodian made them a present of a fourth point. Soon afterwards, Mr Johnstone, the referee, decided, owing to the darkness, to bring the match to a close. This he did about twenty minutes before the expiry of the usual period of play. The match thus ended in a draw: 4 goals each.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 18th December 1893

A splendid attendance was in evidence to witness the friendly match at Central Park between the Aberdeen and Orion, the fact that the "Gershon" cup was also being competed for no doubt forming an extra attraction. Had the competition been retrospective - that is all the matches counting which have been played this season - then the tussle would have lain between the Orion and Victoria United, but at a meeting of representatives of the clubs it was decided to begin the competition proper as from the 16th December, a decision which reflects great credit on both the Vics and Orion. The match of Saturday was of the usual exciting order which generally characterises the tussles between the local "giants." The Orion had certainly much the best of matters, and would have won had Edwards been in goal, McBain of the 2nd making a miserable substitute. As to the players, Ramsay, though far from fit, defended well. John Davidson at back was the best man on the field. Hugh Ross tackled smarter than Davidson, but for brilliant, finished kicking he was not in it with the finely built Aberdeen defender. Alec Wood and Hugh McKay were far behind the former couple, and Wight, Low, and Currie were a much smarter line than the Aberdeen trio of halves, of whom Ewan played the best football. Morren worked very hard, and with some success, but Davidson still lacks Judgment. The attack of the Stripes was much stronger and sustained than that of the Whites, Ramsay having double the work to do that "the boy" had, but the ground men were in their worst shooting form. Macfarlane and Gloag were the best of the half-score. We were glad to see Toman back in his place, but we observed he is still rather dicky by the judicious way he nursed himself.

Short Kicks.

A Rentonite thinks if the Junior Vics. would make less use of their vocal organs and more of their pedal extremities they would be more thought of.
Another high old fight for local honours will be witnessed to-day (Saturday) at Wellington Grounds, when the Orion face the Vics. Smarting under their last defeat, the Viec may be trusted to make a great effort to turn the tables, and as both teams will be fully represented, an interesting game should ensue.

Source: Bon-Accord, 23rd December 1893

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Referee: Mr. Johnstone

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