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AFC - Match Report
match report 1893-94 fixture list
Gershon Cup 
Victoria United 2 - 3 Orion
Kick Off:    Ferries, ?       ?, ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
THE match between these combinations was also a friendly, but the keen rivalry existing between the two had the effect of attracting a large crowd to Wellington grounds. The clubs were represented as follows: Orion: Edwards; McKay, H. Rose; Wight, Low, Currie; Flaws, Thom, Gloag, McBain, Leggatt. United: Cannon; Foote, Ririe; Morrice, Stewart, Ritchie; Smith, Menzies, Clark, Annand, Ferries.

The game opened with a spell of even play. Then each side secured a goal. This raised the excitement to fever heat, and each team struggled with might and main to gain the upper hand. Victoria soon scored again, but scarcely had they done so, when their opponents also registered a point. Ends were changed with the game standing even.

Orion reopened briskly, but so stubborn was the resistance which they bad to encounter that it was not until the middle of the period that a third goal was obtained. The Vics, strove manfully to get level, but Orion kept the upper hand, and eventually won with the scores - Orion 3, Victoria 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 25th December 1893

The meeting of these teams is always replete with interest, and Saturday's match will stand out prominently as one of the fiercest struggles that have ever taken place between the Stripes and Blues. There was a big crowd present, and every good point of play was heartily recognised, the visitors if anything getting the lion's share of recognition. The game was brimful of good points on the part of the victorious eleven, who as a whole never gave a better show of the scientific side of Association football. There was one single exception, however, and that was the talented young player, Jim Thom, who got blinded in the first moments of the game. He was also a spotted man, more than one of the Blues looking after him. In goal Edwards recognised his position to a T, and played that clever, courageous game that he can always be depended on to do when on his mettle. During the concluding fifteen minutes of the tussle he had a rare hard time of it, but Dick was equal to all calls, and emerged from the ordeal with flying colours. He was ably seconded by McEay and Ross. The former is a peculiar player, and one who can't be depended upon to give the same exposition two Saturdays in succession, but on this occasion there was no fault to find with him, and be capped a splendid afternoon's work by scoring the finest goal of the match. Ross tackled and kicked in superb fashion, and even when he was got round at the first attempt he came again in the smartest fashion, and evaded danger in such a dashing and decisive style as drew forth the plaudits of the crowd. At half the Orion was particularly strong, both in defence and attack, Currie shining out conspicuously. Donald's tackling was sharp and decisive, and his placings invariably well done. Low put in a lot of useful hard work, and is fast getting into form. He is indeed a tower of strength in the Orion's defence. Wight was in excellent mood, and played one of his finest games. As we have said, Thom did not do himself anything like justice, but the other forwards all distinguished themselves. We give Gloag the first place. At every point he was the beet man on the field. While keeping his men on the move, he shadowed his opponents in the cleverest way, thus giving his companions opportunities to shine. Leggat missed some capital passes from Gloag and McBain through over-eagerness, but his play was replete with fine points, the cute way he got round Foote pleasing friend and foe alike. McBain possesses all the attributes that go to make a forward, and he went about his work in a way that showed that he can carry these attributes into practice, his tackling and passing being of the very best class. Flaws was in much better form than we have seen him for some weeks, his centres being specially noticeable. On the losing side. Cannon had a hot time of it, and it is much to his credit that more goals were not scored against him. Ririe was the better of the backs, Foote being a good deal out of it. Stewart was the mainstay of the defence, working with great tenacity and success till the pace wore him out. Morrice worked very hard, but there was a perceptible lack of judgment in his every movement. There was more method in Ritchie's play, who stuck in manfully till the end. Of the forwards, not one of them was brilliant. As usual, little Clark played too much of a single-handed game. Smith is not a Turner, and why Rab is kept out of the team is indeed a mystery. Benzie was never allowed to get dangerous, and Annand's mode of procedure partook too much of the half-back order. Ferris played fairly well, but was inclined to lie off-sides, the first goal of the match coming from him when in a very suspicious position. The front line of the Vics. must be re-modelled, with Turner and Sutherland in their old places.

The positions of the three clubs now stand:

Play'd. W. D. L. For. Against. Pts.
Orion 2 1 1 0 7 6 3
Aberdeen 1 0 1 0 4 4 1
Victoria United 1 0 0 1 2 S 0

Short Kicks.

The matches down for the New Year holidays are ?To-day (Saturday)?Vietoria United v. Partick Thistle; Dunblane v. Orion; Johnstone Wanderers v. Aberdeen. January 1. - Aberdeen v. Victoria United, at Wellington Grounds; Battlefield v. Orion; Leith Windsor v. Aberdeen Reserves. January 2 ?Renton v. Victoria United.
The Renton match will no doubt prove a great attraction, as, though they have not been winning matches, they have been playing good football, and only the cruellest of luck has kept) them at the bottom of the League table.
Next in point of interest will be the meeting of the Vics. and Aberdeen in the "Gershon" Cup.
The Partick Thistle and Vics. should make a good match, as ought also the Dunblane and Orion, while the visit of the popular Battlefield will no doubt prove a good draw at Central Park.
The Whites will have to improve on last week's team if they mean to overcome the Wanderers.
The Orion took a couple of points out of the Vics. on Saturday, after one of the toughest fights we have ever seen witnessed between the teams.
One goal only separated them at the finish, but this is nothing like a fair reflex of the play, as the winners were the much superior beam, and only bad luck and the grand play of Bill Stewart kept them from running up a large score.
The interest never flagged, and the closing minutes were perhaps the most exciting.
Indeed, nothing could have been finer than the gallant do-or-die rushes of the ground team, and the stern defence displayed by Edwards and company just on time.
Mr Robertson, the referee, was impartial in his every act, ably assisted by the linesmen, who performed their tasks with commendable fairness.
The Orlon boys' smoker in the Northern Hotel was a bumping success, Mr W. Walker making a genial chairman.
The feature of the evening was the singing com-petition for a silver medal, which was won by young Foote. Space forbids us giving the names of the singers.
The Waverley P.C. held their first smoker on Saturday night, Mr Machardy, 2nd Orion, presid-ing. There was a large attendance, and the dreaded eleventh hour brought a most enjoyable evening to a close.

Source: Bon-Accord, 30th December 1893

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Cannon; Foote, Ririe; Morrice, Stewart, Ritchie; Smith, Menzies, Clark, Annand, Ferries


Orion Teamsheet:  Edwards; McKay, H. Rose; Wight, Low, Currie; Flaws, Thom, Gloag, McBain, Leggatt



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