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AFC - Match Report
match report 1893-94 fixture list
Northern League 
The Aberdeen 1 - 4 Montrose
Kick Off:  2:30 PM   Toman        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The Whites Come a Cropper at Home.
Played at Chanonry. The Montrose had choice of ends, and Toman kicked off for Aberdeen. Play for a time was fairly even, and then the visitors made a raid on their opponents' goal, and, through a misunderstanding between the Whites' backs, Montrose scored rather easily. A second soon followed, and from a combined rush by the home forwards Toman put on the first, and what proved to be the only goal, for Aberdeen. Before crossing over Montrose added a third.

In the latter half of the match the ground team played better, and strove hard to make up the leeway. Reith on the outside right shot with excellent judgment, and on several occasions tested the abilities of the Montrose goalkeeper, but the latter defied all the attempts of the local players to increase their score, in which he was ably assisted by the backs. Towards the close, Macfarlane, Joseph Davidson, and Reith hit the goal posts, the ball on each occasion rebounding into play. Just before the call of time, Montrose, after acting on the defensive for fully 20 minutes, suddenly broke away and got a fourth goal. No further scoring was done. An uninteresting game ended: Montrose, 4 goals; Aberdeen, 1. Mr P. Simpson, Victoria United, acted as referee, and his decisions gave entire satisfaction.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 15th January 1894

The game at Chancery was an extremely tame affair, the locals as a combination being specially poor. One or two of the team, however, played well, notably Jimmie Reith, whose performance right through the piece was of the most meritorious character. Time and again did he give his companions likely chances, but the invariable result was failure. Morren, if a little reckless, was useful, and Toman was the best of a weak line of forwards, his shooting of the Aberdeen's solitary point being a capital effort. The backs got in a kick now and again, but their work was very unequal. Tom Smith in goal did well enough in the latter part of the game, but taken as a whole we can't say he was a success. The other members of the team seldom got over the line of mediocrity, and we guess there will have to be some polishing up if the Senior Club is to finish the season at all well. The most glaring weakness observable in the ranks of the Whites was in front of goal, their wild and reckless shooting causing no end of hilarity among the Gable Endies. The latter, though superior to the home eleven, didn't play a brilliant game, their actions at times being of the listless, careless order, and had the Aberdeen forwards been anything like deadly at goal, the score would have been of a very equal character. Mr Peter Simpson (Victoria United) refereed in the most satisfactory way.

Source: Bon-Accord, 20th January 1894

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Montrose Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. Peter Simpson, Victoria United

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