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Aberdeen 1 - 1 Hibernian

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 1 Hibernian

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Wright.
Hibernian scorers: Williamson 8

20/12/1919 | KO:

There were 10,000 spectators at Pittodrie, where Aberdeen and the Hibernians had a one goal draw. Aberdeen opened strongly, but in ten minutes the Hibernians got a corner, and from it Williamson headed the ball through. It was only after half an hour's persistent pressure that Aberdeen equalised, the point coming also from a corner, when Wright headed in his first goal of the season. After that Aberdeen were more often the aggressors, but their forwards lacked cohesion, and much more danger came from the Hibernians on the few occasions they broke away. Williamson had one particularly fine try for the Edinburgh side, and for the home team Connon was the most persistent trier. The game was strenuous, but lacked interest. Anderson kept a sound goal for Aberdeen, and Hannah was their best defender. Robertson and Wright were best at half-back, and Connon and Archibald most prominent in a poor forward line. In Scott the Hibernians had a clever and resourceful goalkeeper, and Dornan gave a polished display at back. Shaw and Grosert were outstanding in the half-back division, and Wood and Williamson the best of a forward line which was usually well held.

Source: The Scotsman, 22nd December 1919

Aberdeen could only divide the points in an indifferent display of football with Edinburgh Hibernian at Pittodrie. There were 10,000 spectators, and each side scored once. At the outset Aberdeen started off strongly, and a goal seemed imminent, but the visitors, after 8 minutes, broke away, and, following upon the weakness of the home defence, Williamson headed a surprise goal from a corner finely taken by Ritchie. After that Aberdeen attacked persistently, but another half-hour elapsed before A. Wright got his first goal of the season by heading through the equaliser from a well-placed flag kick by Archibald. Both defences were a trifle shaky in the earlier stages, but as the game developed the improved considerably, and did not experience much difficulty in countering the rather unmethodical tactics adopted by the respective forward lines. When the Aberdeen side there was again in evidence that over-indulgence in individualism which has not proved successful in past games. Aberdeen had more than their share of the aggressive work, but the Edinburgh forwards when on the move, lost none of their effectiveness in comparison. It was a defenders' rather than the forwards' game, but in the case of neither side was the standard of play up to expectations.

Anderson kept the Aberdeen goal and his usual efficient manner, and Hannah, if inclined to be robust in his methods, was Aberdeen's best defender in the field. All three half-backs played well, with Wright and Robertson showing to advantage in forcing the game, and Brewster as usual, conspicuous with hefty work in defence. There was a lack of harmony of the forwards', all of whom showed a tendency to bunch, and their parting efforts were anything but successful. All were triers and never spared themselves, and in a line far removed from the happy medium, Archibald and Connon occasionally caught the eye.
Hibernians by no means proved themselves a brilliant side, but when it is recalled that they at present have a heavy injured list, the performance was the more creditable. Scott, if daring at times, was always safe in goal, and his one-handed efforts merited the applause they got. McGinnigle was always a stout and sure defender who tackled successfully; and Grosert, if on the slow side, was as good a half as they had. Wood and Williamson were the best of the visiting forwards, but the centre-forwards' lack of height and weight repeatedly told against him.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 22nd December 1919

Hibernian Teamsheet
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
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