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Ayr United 0 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Ayr United 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)

03/04/1920 | KO:

Ayr United failed to overcome Aberdeen at Somerset Park, although they had the greater share of play. Poor shooting at close quarters was their undoing. Half-way through the first half the United claimed a goal, holding that Anderson had knocked the ball over the line, but after consultation with the linesmen, the defenders got the benefit of the doubt. Despite repeated raids by Ayr in the second half Anderson kept his goal intact.

Source: The Scotsman, 5th April 1920

By sharing in goalless draw the Aberdeen League team came well out their visit to Ayr, where they gained their first point away from home since their fine win over Dundee at Dens Park on New Year's Day.

The weather at Somerset Park was dull but dry, and the ground was in excellent order for a fast game. The United made several changes, Nesbit taking Kerr's place in goal, and McBain being drawn into Gillespie's place at centre-half, Gibson going right half, and resuming at his old place at left half, while McCulley filled McBain's place at inside left. MacLachlan was still absent from the Aberdeen half-back line on account of injury, and McLaughlin, late Dundee, took his place at inside left. Archibald played inside to Yule on the left. Aberdeen stayed in Glasgow overnight, travelling to Ayr on Saturday forenoon.

With the wind in their favour the first, half the home team were the more aggressive, and Aberdeen were distinctly fortunate to have their goal intact at the end of 20 minutes' play, a header from Richardson taking the crossbar and going behind. Taking heart of grace from Ayr's misses, the visitors, well backed up by Milne, who early came into the picture, attacked strongly, and a cross from Grant found Hutton wanting at the crucial moment. McBain and McCloy were lucky afterwards to clear from Connon and Hutton, the latter having particularly hard lines. Curiously enough, it was a high dropping shot from McCulley that seriously put the wind up Aberdeen. Anderson unaccountably dropped the ball, and [it] seemed to turn into the goalmouth ere clearing. A claim was made by Ayr for a goal, but after a consultation with the linesman Aberdeen were given the benefit the doubt, which, all things considered, was the correct verdict. Aberdeen were hard put it to keep their end up in the closing stages, yet Wright, Hannah and Milne were always reliable, and Ayr's forwards fell easy prey to them.

Woodwork Saves Ayr.

The second half was not many minutes old when Wright drove the ball with great speed for goal, and Nesbit made a timely clearance. Anderson, although hard pressed this half, never made a mistake, and he was several times seen repelling raids when it appeared impossible that he could avert disaster. Once he threw himself on the ball and stayed there until the referee's whistle brought relief. Aberdeen awoke to the possibilities of the situation as the game advanced, and Milne opened the play so far he that was able to test Nesbit with a terrific grounder. Always lively, the Aberdeen left wing carried play into Ayr territory, and a fine pass by Yule was banged against the upright by Grant, with Nesbit beaten. A long spell of attack by the United followed this Aberdeen rally, and only a sea of feet saved Anderson's charge from downfall. Ere the close, however, the Ayr citadel was again danger. Wright sent in from a free kick and Hutton let go to hit the upright at the expense a corner.

Anderson and V. E. Milne Best

Taken all over, the game was singularly dull, and both teams would appear to be a bit stale. Ayr has not won a game home since February 7, when they defeated St Mirren the cup-ties, and the result is noticeable in the falling-off of the gates, Saturday's attendance being no more than four thousand. Although United had the best chance of the points, their forwards were inept compared with the visitors' five, who never hesitated, but banged the ball well ahead. Aberdeen's backs early hit their game, Hannah especially and well it was that he was in such form, for Middleton was a hot handful to tackle. All three halves did well, but Milne was the best, of the trio, and had no superiors on the field. Hutton got little rope from McBain, but the left wingers were a lively pair, and from them the most danger came. Grant could always be depended upon to catch up the crosses, and certainly had hard lines on more than one occasion. Nesbit must hold a wholesome respect for the Aberdeen forwards, yet gave few opportunities. Neither McCloy nor Semple were reliable, and had Hutton profited by one the latter's glaring mistakes, Aberdeen might have had both points. Crosbie was the trickiest forward on the field, but much of his play went for nothing, and Richardson got little support from his inside man. Aberdeen can certainly travel north quite pleased with the result, and they have Anderson and Milne to thank for it in large measure.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 5th April 1920

Ayr United Teamsheet
Nesbit; Semple, McCloy; Gibson, McBain, McLaughlin; Middleton, Crosbie, Richardson, McCulley, Gray
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Somerset Park, Ayr
Referee: A. McMahon, Motherwell
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27 Apr 2024 / 15:00 / Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen