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Aberdeen 0 - 0 Partick Thistle

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Partick Thistle

Div 1 (Old)

19/04/1920 | KO:

No Goals at Pittodrie

Aberdeen and Partick Thistle had a goalless draw at Pittodrie last night before 8000 spectators. With the wind in their favour in the first half Aberdeen had slightly the better of matters, but Thistle defence stood up well. In the second half the Thistle were early on the aggressive, but Aberdeen's defence was as staunch as Thistle?s had been earlier. The chance of the match was missed by Blair, who, with an open goal near the close, hit the side of the net. Best for Thistle were Bulloch, Black, J. Harris, N. Harris, and Salisbury, and for Aberdeen, Hume, J. Wyllie, Wright, Connon, and Yule.

Source: The Scotsman, 20th April 1920

After a fast and interesting game, Aberdeen and Partick Thistle fought a goal-less draw under Scottish League auspices at Pittodrie last night. Aberdeen showed changes. Hannah was at left half in place of MacLachlan (injured), and J. Wyllie was brought in at centre-half with W. Wylie at inside right. Thistle were without Campbell, their internationalist goalkeeper, but otherwise were at full strength.

Aberdeen played with the breeze in the opening half, and their defence was early in trouble against the Thistle right. Then Connon got away and passed finely out the right for Yule to force a fruitless corner. Aberdeen kept up the attack, and after Connon had shot wide Wylie headed over. Confining the Thistle to the defensive, Aberdeen played well this period, and J. Wyllie had a drive which just missed. Thistle retaliated, and a fine cross by Salisbury was headed clear by Hume. There was a Thistle claim for a penalty against Hume, but the referee gave a negative nod. Bernard cleared a fine drive from J. Wyllie, and then at the other end Anderson saved at close range from Macfarlane. The ball went to Niven, but Hannah got in the way, and Thistle had a fruitless flag kick.
Play ruled fast from end to end with neither side claiming advantage, and neither having much opportunity to shoot. Another corner fell to Aberdeen, but Yule sent behind. Hume shone with some fine tackling for Aberdeen, and after a return by Hannah, Crichton got his foot on the ball before Connon. Aberdeen at this stage played well, but they found themselves up against a stout defence. Wyllie and Wright shone with fine constructive half back play for Aberdeen. The Thistle attack came into the picture, and when well placed, Harris spooned into Anderson's hands. There was much midfield play which brought out the good qualities of both defences. A long pass by Connon let Archibald away to cross from the corner flag, but Connon headed past. The best shot of the match came from Hannah, who let drive from 30 yards out for Bernard to save finely. Following up a flag kick given away by Colman, Anderson with great difficulty cleared a header from Neil Harris, and then, with the keeper out of his goal, the ball was returned, and J. Wyllie blocked a drive by Black. At the other end Bernard saved a fast ground effort by Archibald, and there followed brief stoppages for injuries to Connon and W. Wylie. Towards the interval Thistle attacked, and Blair forced a corner, but this was cleared, and danger threatened the home goal from a free kick just outside the penalty line, but J. Wyllie brought relief. On the eve of half time W. Wylie was hurt, and had to be carried off, the teams crossing over with a blank score sheet.

Aberdeen Defend Finely.

Aberdeen were without Wylie on resuming, and in the opening stages were content to defend, and a free kick for a foul throw by Hannah just missed the home goal. N. Harris was clean through when he was cleverly overhauled by Wright. Thistle confined the home side to defence, and Hume was often prominent in the rear with well-timed intercepting and tackling. W. Wylie resumed at the end of fifteen minutes, at a period when his team was being badly pressed. Bernard had his first bye-kick, this time following upon a long drive by Wright, which went wide. Thistle attacked strongly for a time, but Anderson had a comparatively easy time. Several free kicks came the way of Thistle, but they failed to improve upon them. Aberdeen took fresh heart, and a square by Yule was spooned over by Wilson. Black was hurt after a tackle of Connon, but soon recovered. Anderson did well to knock down and save a shot by Blair, by what time N. Harris was in the black of the net. Later the keeper saved again from N. Harris, after good work by McFarlane. Forcing work by Connon, and a fine pass out to Archibald, brought danger to Bernard, but the outside left sent behind. Connon raised enthusiasm with a fine burst, but, shouldered by Bulloch, he shot wide. At the home end Harris missed a fine ground pass and Blair, with a great opportunity to score, banged against the side net. Aberdeen again took up the attack, and after Bernard had fielded from Wilson he kicked out a high dropping shot from Hannah. This was followed by the keeper just reaching a fast, oblique shot from W. Wylie. Then Hume was hurt in heading out a drive by McMullan, and Colman nipped in when N. Harris was almost through. Anderson tipped a fine shot from Salisbury over the bar, and then brought relief from the second of successive corners awarded to the Thistle. Fast play followed, and in the closing minutes Aberdeen forced a corner but this was not improved upon, and a not uninteresting game ended Aberdeen 0; Partick Thistle, 0.

Aberdeen were best served by Anderson. Hume, Wyllie Wright, and Wilson, and Thistle by Bernard. Bulloch, J. Harris, Black, Salisbury, and McFarlane.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 20th April 1920

Partick Thistle Teamsheet
Bernard; Crichton, Bulloch; J. Harris, Black, McMullan; Blair, MacFarlane. N. Harris Niven, Salisbury
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: W. J. Campbell, Dundee
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