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Aberdeen 1 - 0 Kirkcaldy United

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Kirkcaldy United

Northern League
Aberdeen scorers: Ward.

28/04/1906 | KO: 15:30

Kirkcaldy had the unique position on Saturday of assisting Aberdeen to win the flag. Further they have still to meet Arbroath in the same competition, and had the Aberdonians failed to make sure they could also have prevented the Gayfielders from going, top. All this, however, is useless, for Aberdeen won their concluding game at Pittodrie, and have thus a point to spare in the race. There was a nice crowd present, who, no doubt, expected a hard game. So it was so far as the kick-and-rush style was concerned, but nothing furtherd any glimpses of combination emanating from the home side. Herd had one or two good saves at the start, but once Willox and Brebner got settled down they seldom allowed the ball to get near Herd. It has been on rare occasions that the halves have displayed such a determination to check any onrush that might occur. "Gowie" Robertson deserves a special word all to himself, for he worked like half-a-dozen men. He was terror to his opponents, and a great help-meet to his forwards, and I was greatly taken with this little lad's play from start to finish. Next to him I should say Ward occupied a great share of public favour, not because he scored the only goal, but it was not his fault that there were no more goals to his side's credit, Kircaldy's backs got a lot to do and did it well, while their inside left was a trimmer, and Aberdeen might do worse than sign him on. There was little in the game, but the excitement was intense in the second period as rush after rush was repulsed, then there was only three minutes to go. Then Ward got his upper storey on the sphere, and it went in. I expected to see it chalked off as so many other things were done, as the pot looked suspicious. However, Aberdeen won, and for the first time in the history of the present or past organisation will have their name inscribed in the roll of fame of the Northern League.

Chatty Bits.

There was a crowd of some 30,000 present at the Scottish Final on Saturday. Not bad for the fag end of a busy season.
The favourites on this occasion won, and deservedly so, for the Hearts were immeasurably superior to the Third Lanark.
Henry Low was absent from the team on Saturday through' being in Newcastle and losing his connection home.
It was quite on the cards that Henry had gone to Tyneside for good, but such is not the case, as he has put his name down for Aberdeen once again.
Willie McAulay was on the sick list last week, and did not feel able to travel to Dundee. He was an interested spectator at Pittodrie.
By their victory on Saturday Aberdeen A have won the Northern League flag.
Orion and Victoria United have won the championship in previous years but this is the first time that Aberdeen gets the honour.
If there was a little hero in Saturday's match it was "Gowie" Robertson. The ground he covered was marvellous.
J. Simpson got a nasty kick in the back, but he was plucky enough to resume in the second half.
I was pleased to hear that Johnnie Edgar had re-engaged for Aberdeen again. He is, a good lad, and one that is always in condition.
Ward is another of these lads that ought to be encouraged, and he will be an artist next season in goal scoring.
Players arc now free to be approached on forty-eight hours' notice to the club.
It would appear as if there were to be a good few changes in h Aberdeen next season. One never can tell. The rumour that McLuckie and Macfarlane, of Dundee, were coming to Aberdeen is entirely without foundation. No overtures to this effect have been made by either side.
N0W that the English season has closed, several of the applicants will be interviewed, and for this purpose and the transaction of other business the manager left for Glasgow on Tuesday.
It seems McAulay wants a change for next season. He has several offers, but Willie has not made up his mind which to accept.
I am told it is premature to say who is and who is not to be returned at Pittodrie. The stumbling-block seems to be the terms.
There is no gainsaying, however, that there will be several changes which I hope will be for the better, especially in the League.
What is wanted is goal-scorers. We have had plenty of the fancy jig-dancers.

Source: Bon-Accord, 3rd May 1906

The Aberdeen A team completed their Northern League fixtures on Saturday, when, by defeating Kirkcaldy United, they won the League Championship for the season. The teams were:-
Aberdeen A: Herd; Willox, Brebner; Davidson, J. J. Simpson, Robertson; Simpson, Ward, G McNicol, Henderson, Edgar.
Kirkcaldy United: Durward; Oswald (up to Tayport), Cowan; McPherson, Rankin, Fisher; Lyon, Lawson, McCall, Drummond, Fairlie.
Mr. A. Cathro, Lochee, was referee.

At the outset, there was a fair attendance. The weather was rather uncertain, but the ground was in excellent condition. Kirkcaldy won the toss, and Aberdeen played against a gusty wind, but immediately pressed and looked dangerous at close quarters, but Henderson shot past. The visitors' front line then had a run on their own, and it was only after handling the ball three times that Aberdeen's custodian averted disaster. Shortly afterwards a foul was given against Aberdeen, but nothing resulted. The "Lang Toon" men were pressing very hard, and repeatedly had tries for goal. Some midfield play followed, which the visitors had their full share. Aberdeen then had a fine passing run, and when close on goal, Cowan one broke Geordie McNicol down, but a penalty was not awarded. Aberdeen's territory was in turn bombarded, and Herd had to give a corner, which, however, was not taken advantage of by the visitors. Aberdeen had several splendid runs down the field, but in each case they were brought up close to the Kirkcaldy goal. Stewart Davidson had a very tricky run, but nothing came of it. At this stage a section of the crowd were showing their disapproval of the referee's decisions in a very animated manner, as repeatedly the ball seemed to be fouled by the Kirkcaldy men, the half-backs in particular. On one occasion Geordie McNicol was on the point of scoring, when he was drawn up for offside. Kirkcaldy had the best of the game so far, the ball being most of the time in aberdeen's territory. The Aberdeen forwards then came away with a rush, and by neat passing work up to the Kirkcaldy goal, when Ward sent in a beauty which, if Edgar had been in time to meet it, would certainly have found the inside of the net. Another rush by Aberdeen resulted in Ward shooting over. At this stage a heavy shower of snow fell, which was accompanied by a strong wind.

On the resumption of play, Aberdeen broke away in fine style, but Henderson kicked weakly into Durward's hands, the ball being easily held. J. J. Simpson, who had to retire in the first half to an injury to his back, came on the field again on the resumption of play. The A's had another rush, and a stinging shot was sent in by Davidson, and held by Durward. Another exciting bit of play was when Ward was robbed of the ball by Oswald. Simpson crossed to Edgar, who shot wildly over the bar. The visitors shortly afterwards had a try at goal, but goals seemed difficult to get. A foul was awarded Kirkcaldy close-in, but the lines were cleared by Brebner, who shot up the field, letting Aberdeen off. With about 20 minutes to go, Aberdeen pressed hard, and on several occasions the ball was almost inside the posts. Close on time Simpson had a splendid try at goal, and it was only with difficulty that Durward saved. One within 5 minutes of the Finnish Edgar sent over a beautiful cross to Ward, who made no mistake in heading it into the net, thus scoring the only goal of the much, and winning the Northern League championship for Aberdeen A.

The gate amounted to £52, including £7 for the stands.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 30th April 1906

Kirkcaldy United Teamsheet
Durward; Oswald (Tayport), Cowan; McPherson, Rankin, Fisher; Lyon, Lawson, McCall, Drummond, Fairlie
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. A. Cathro, Lochee
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