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Aberdeen 3 - 1 North of Scotland

HT Score: Aberdeen 2 - 1 North of Scotland

Fleming Charity Shield
Aberdeen scorers: Low, Low, Low.
North of Scotland scorers: Ross

19/05/1906 | KO:

The Wasps Win the Fleming Shield

The weather clerk was most unkind to promoters of the game on Saturday for Ex-Lord Provost Fleming's Charity Shield. It was cold enough for a mid-winter day, still some £64, all in was drawn at the toll. Unfortunately, too, the Charity Final was going on at Inverness, and this kept a few of the outstanding players at home. I have no hesitation in saying that the bulk оf those present were out to see how the new goalkeeper would shape between the posts. There was very little in the play, for the simple reason that in the face of the gale Aberdeen carried the ball into their opponents' territory, and could keep it there. Henry Low was the first to score, though Hilton lost the chance of a lifetime prior to the deed being done. Then Stead got an opportunity to show his capabilities. A hard shot from the right he got away in masterful style, then shortly after he could only partly save a good shot, and in fisting out he was beaten on the return with a header. A bad miss by Fotheringhame let Henry Low away and he scored a. beauty. Aberdeen had it pretty much their own way in the second period, but did not press home their attacks as they might have done. Outside Lennie and Edgar on the left wing making rings round the defence, there was nothing of note done except another goal for Aberdeen, and the game finished 3-1 in favour of the home side.

The Players.

Of the visiting eleven the centre half was the only man who I thought might be worth picking up. The others were none better than there is at home. By the appearance of Stead, the new goalkeeper, I was very favourably impressed. It was a pity he did not get more to do, but what little he did get, was performed very cleverly. To my mind he has all the necessary qualifications for the post, and the Directors might do worse than sign him.

Dr. Fleming presents the Shield.

In handing over the Shield to the winning team. Dr. Fleming said the Aberdeen team, now that, the amalgamation had taken place, was very much like a Highland Regiment he knew where there were too many Irishmen in it. Up till Saturday this may have been quite true, but there were seven home-bred players in the eleven that won the Shield. In thanking all those who had so kindly assisted in the cause of charily, he trusted that by next year a scheme would be devised whereby the competition would receive the support he desired. Baillie Milne presided, and Henry Low accepted the Shield on behalf of the Aberdeen. Councillor Glass proposed a vote of thanks to the team, and Mr. Wyllie to the chairman, while Mr. D. B. Lothian conveyed the thanks of the Charity Committee to Mr. Nisbet for his services as Referee.

Chatty Bits.

It is expected that there will be over £40 to hand over charity.
The Inverness team came through for bare expenses, and so did Mr. Nisbet, the referee. This is as it should be.
Mr. Nisbet's action was heartily applauded when he took te» field.
All the players have now gone home for the vacation.
The only player who, I am sorry, won't appear again is Rab Macfarlane. He was a general favourite with all, and his "shout" will be sadly missed.
Rab was a little indiscreet in his terms, and this was the reason of the break-away with the directors.
The sensation of the week has been Meredith's transfer to Manchester United from the City. It was not expected anything would be done with this player thill the Commission reported on his case.
Bob Templeton will appear for the Celts next season . He was sought after by Rangers and Aberdeen.
There will be general satisfaction at Aberdeen having last year's middle line intact for next season. They were a good line.
McKinley, who comes from Dumbarton as a centre forward, has a great reputation in the south. Port-Glasgow and other clubs were after him.
There is to be a nice kettle of fish over Stewart's transfer to Manchester City for £650. This is a fabulous price to pay for any player.
Bobby Walker is to stay with the Hearts after all. This will be good news to Tynecastle people.
In the five-a-side tournament next week at Pittodrie there is a chance of some new blood being introduced in some of the events.
The entries to date are numerous, and the committee will have their work cut out to get through with their programme.
In addition to the items advertised, there is to be competition amongst the old players of the Aberdeen, Orion, and United. This should prove a draw of itself.
Mr. Philip, after attending the League meeting on Monday went away further afield in search of talent.
When we went to press there was no new capture from the "seat of war."

Source: Bon-Accord, 24th May 1906

Owing to there being now only one senior football team in Aberdeen, the local competitions, and especially the one promoted for the behoof of charity, have fallen on evil days. In order to do something for the public charities, the directors of the Aberdeen Football Club set about organising a match, and they were successful in securing the cooperation of the North of Scotland Football Association, who agreed to send a team representing Inverness and the north to Aberdeen to compete for the Fleming Shield, presented some years ago by ex-Lord provost Fleming. The match was played on Saturday, and owing to the boisterous weather, the attendance was small, the total amount drawn at the gates and stands being £60. The teams were:-
Aberdeen: Stead (lately Southampton); Willox, Gault; Davidson, Boyle, Wilfred Low; R. Simpson, Hilton, H. Low, Edgar, Lennie.
North of Scotland: MacDonald (Caledonian); Mackenzie (Forres), Fotheringham (Caledonian); Grant(Forres), Fraser (Caledonian), Macnaughton (Citadel), Glass (Caledonian), Ross (Citadel), Beaton (Thistle).
Referee - Mr. Nisbet, Edinburgh.

Aberdeen lost the toss, and kicked off against a stiff breeze, but notwithstanding the disadvantage they soon took the measure of their opponents. The ball was sent to Lennie from the kick-off, and the little man dribbled past several of the Northerners and shot across. Hilton, with an open goal, missed an easy chance by shooting over the bar. Less than a minute afterwards the visitors' goal had another narrow escape, a shot from R. Simpson, after beating the goalkeeper, cannoning off one of the post's. The Aberdeen players were inclined to overdo the "fooling" game, with the result that, although they shown in the open, they were invariably deprived of the ball when about to put on the finishing touches to their artistic efforts. The North of Scotland representatives were always seemed to best advantage when they played their own strenuous kick-and-run game. Occasionally their forwards attempted fancy work, but with little success. But in Mackenzie and the veteran Fotheringham, the north team had a pair of reliable, strong kicking backs, who did their work well. Lennie was very closely watched, and whenever he made off on a run, he was always attended by two or more opponents. Henry Low drew "first blood" for Aberdeen. He rushed past several opponents, dribbled around Fotheringham, and netted the ball with a fast low shot, which Macdonald, throwing himself full length on the ground, made a creditable effort to save. A few minutes later the veteran Caledonian goalkeeper turned out a high shot from Henry Low between the crossbar and the upright. The visitors, when they broke away, made ground quickly, and from one of their visits Stead, Aberdeen's latest capture in goalkeepers, had an opportunity of showing his paces. He smartly picked up a crossing grounder, and, in cleverly dodging two opponents before parting with the ball, he betrayed a tendency to take risks for the sake of effect. The north team equalized as the result of a clever bit of play by the right wing. Munro beat Gault, and tipped the ball to Cameron, who was closer in, the inside man sending in a shot which puzzled stead, the ex-Southampton custodian clearing weakly. From Stead's fists the ball went to the head of Ross, and the Invernessian netted. The ball was no sooner centred and kicked off and Aberdeen took the lead again. A bad miss by Fotheringham was taken advantage of by Henry Low, who dashed past the left back, running, and drove the ball with great force along the ground into the net at the corner opposite to that at which the Inverness goalkeeper stood. Macdonald, indeed, was so much taken by surprise that he made no attempt to save. Stead cleared neatly from a free kick against Aberdeen close in. At the other end Hilton with an open goal missed attempting cross by Lennie.

Playing with the wind in the second half, the Aberdeen players did not exert themselves. The northerners also took things rather easily, and the result was that the game became somewhat uninteresting, except when it approached the region of farce, when an occasional laugh was raised. The North of Scotland team was outclassed at all points, and had the ground team been in real earnest as they might have easily put on a few goals. Stead made an ugly slip in attempting to clear a shot from Beaton. Munro got the ball after Stead had handled, but before he could get his shot, Gault dashed in and cleared. Aberdeen forced several corners, and from one of these, beautifully centred by Simpson, Low banged the ball into the net giving Macdonald not the slightest chance to save. The Caley goalkeeper afterwards saved a hot shot sent in from point blank range by Lennie. A long shot by Boyle also gave Macdonald some trouble, the tall goalkeeper dropping the ball awkwardly at his feet, but recovering in time to punt it away. There was no further scoring, and uninteresting game ending - Aberdeen, 3; North of Scotland, 1.

After the match the shield was presented by the donor - ex-Lord Provost Fleming - to the successful team.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 21st May 1906

Aberdeen Teamsheet
, Willox, Gault, Davidson, Boyle, Low, Simpson, Hilton, Low, Edgar, Lennie.
North of Scotland Teamsheet
MacDonald (Caledonian); Mackenzie (Forres Mechanics), Fotheringham (Caledonian); Grant(Forres), Fraser (Caledonian), Macnaughton (Citadel), Munro (Forres), Cameron (Caledonian), Glass (Caledonian), Ross (Citadel), Beaton (Thistle)
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. Nisbet, Edinburgh
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