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Aberdeen 2 - 1 Kirkcaldy United

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Kirkcaldy United

Northern League
Aberdeen scorers: Towns, Edgar.
Kirkcaldy United scorers: Niblo 3

21/11/1908 | KO: 14:45

The Aberdeen reserves were at home on Saturday afternoon to Kirkcaldy United, whom they met in a Northern League fixture. The weather was cold and damp. There was a small attendants when the teams lined up as follows:-

Aberdeen A: King; Hannah, Forbes; Davidson, McCann, Roberts; Hay, Towns, Dalgarno, Toman, Edgar.
Kirkcaldy United: Dorward; Neilson, Main; Wilkie, Holland, Patterson; Fairlie, Low, Niblo, Wilson, Brown.
Referee - Mr. John Nisbet, Edinburgh.

Aberdeen lost the toss. The homesters made tracks for Broward, but they were about 2 minutes only in the visitors' half when they were sent to their own end. Kirkcaldy attacked, and their first visit to Aberdeen's end resulted in a goal. About 3 minutes after the game commenced, Fairlie and Low got away. They were the ball well down, when the wing man centred. Niblo was lying handy, but he scored with a hard drive. There was no holding in Kirkcaldy after this success. They were all over Aberdeen. Niblo let his forwards in dashing style. Time and again he got away on his own, and was unfortunate in not scoring. Aberdeen's halves did not hold the visiting forwards very well, while they were deficient in placing. On the other hand, the visitors' middle line not only held the local forwards but placed to perfection. Aberdeen had several runs towards Dorward, but they were met with a stout defence. They could not make anything of the backs, who were playing a grand game. Aberdeen gradually improved as the game advanced, and began to have some more say in the matter. Edgar was the pick of the Aberdeen forwards. He got away on his own, and gave Dalgarno an excellent opportunity. Although the centre-forward had no one to beat but Dorward, he sent the ball yards wide. Fast end-to-end play followed, and both goalkeepers had to handle.Kirkcaldy's goal ran several narrow escapes, as did also Aberdeen's. The forwards of both teams were over-anxious, and accordingly they missed several excellent opportunities. If Aberdeen were now value for goal. They played with much determination, and never for a moment did they slacken down. Kirkcaldy also attacked, but the defences would not give anything away.

The game was resumed after 2 minutes of an interval. Kirkcaldy took up the running, and in the first minute Aberdeen's goal had a narrow escape. The ball was kept hovering around King, who cleared repeatedly. The goalkeeper fisted out, and Niblo headed back the ball, which struck the crossbar. It was sent in again, and, although the visitors made strenuous efforts to place it in the net, it was ultimately got away. Aberdeen attacked, but it was only for a few minutes. Brown had an excellent run if, practically the whole length of the field, but as he was on the point of shooting from a few yards out he stumbled and fell. He had no one to beat but king. Aberdeen retaliated strongly, but they made the mistake of sending the ball too far ahead, thus giving the backs plenty of time to clear. Dorward saved several good shots, after which Kirkcaldy had a long spell of attacking. The backs, however, refused to be beat, and a breakaway by Hay and Towns resulted in the game being equalised. Toman, securing the ball from Hay, passed to Edgar, who had no difficulty in scoring. This success was after 20 minutes' play. Two minutes later, Kirkcaldy were awarded a penalty. In a scrimmage in front of King, one of the backs handled. Niblo took the kick, but he sent wide. After this lucky escape, there was no holding in Aberdeen. They were repeatedly attacking, and in the excitement not a little feeling was displayed by the players. The referee kept a firm hold of the game, and nothing is scape his observation. He had to speak to several players. Edgar forced a corner, and from the resultant free kick Towns's place to Aberdeen on the lead. The game was hotly contested to the end, but no further scoring took place.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 23rd November 1908

An Improvement.

One could hardly believe they were looking on at the same team at Pittodrie, there was such an improvement in the forward play from anything we have seen them do this season. Kirkcaldy, who are to be reckoned with for championship honours, made things hum at the start, their opening goal being a smart bit of work on the part of the right wing, and fittingly capped by the centre-forward three minutes after the ball was set agoing. They had several chances later on, but the backs or goalkeeper were equal to the task of clearing, and it was only vile luck which kept Aberdeen from equalising before half-time. It was only pleasure deferred, for Aberdeen came away strong in the second period, and Edgar scored with a lovely shot. This was a start to be going on with, and Davidson gave his side the lead from a corner. Twice after this Aberdeen should have increased their goal list, but Toman and Towns were too eager to pilot the ball through. A penalty against them saw Neilson put the ball yards on the wrong side of the post. The game ended in semi-darkness with Aberdeen leading by 2-1, which alters their position on the table considerably.

Summing Up.

Kirkcaldy had the pull at the start, but lost it gradually, and their burst at the finish came too late to meet with success. They have a clever vanguard, in which Niblo shone best, their halves being all good, with a tendency to loft the ball. The backs were very shaky in the second half, and but for Dorward in goal would have let their side down badly. King was safer than usual in goal, with Hannah a trifle better than Forbes at back. Davidson and Roberts were the pick of the halves, while McCunn, though not brilliant, did good work. Dalgarno was the best forward, with Edgar as clever as one could wish, while he coached the others in no small degree to let fly when opportunity occurred. Toman and Towns were good and bad by turns. Hay got in some fine centres, which the inside men failed to use through their anxiety to get there first. It was a rousing game, and one which will do the side a lot of good and restore them a bit in public estimation.

Source: Bon-Accord, 26th November 1908

Aberdeen Teamsheet
King, Hannah, Forbes, Davidson, McCunn, Roberts, Hay, Towns, Dalgarno, Toman, Edgar.
Kirkcaldy United Teamsheet
Dorward; Neilson, Main; Wilkie, Holland, Patterson; Fairlie, Low, Niblo, Wilson, Brown
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr John Nisbet, Edinburgh
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