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Rangers 2 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Rangers 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Rangers scorers: Henderson, Cunningham (pen)

22/09/1923 | KO:


Rangers Meet With Strong Defence

Although the Rangers always impressed as the more resourceful team at Ibrox, Glasgow, they had to play their hardest to beat Aberdeen. The latter's defence was very strong, and, in addition, Hutton and Forsyth played the Rangers' forwards offside often enough to spoil the run of the play to some extent. The Aberdeen forwards were effectively held for the greater part of the time, whereas there were periods when the Rangers' attack fairly stormed Blackwell's goal, which had some extremely narrow escapes in the first half. There was no scoring at the interval, but a minute or so after the restart Henderson headed the ball into the net following a corner kick. The last kick of the match was a "penalty" taken by Cunningham, who scored the second goal from it. The Rangers certainly deserved to win, but they should have been able to do more with the chances they had. The attendance would be about 20,000.

Source: The Scotsman, 24th September 1923

Although beaten by 2 goals to 0, Aberdeen put up a great fight against the Rangers at Ibrox, where 20,000 spectators were often thrilled. In the first half Aberdeen faced wind and sun, a dual disadvantage which greatly hampered their efforts. Nevertheless, in the earlier stages they went all out for the lead, and at times Robb's charge was seriously endangered. The forwards kept swinging the ball about, and these open tactics repeatedly had the Rangers defence in difficulties. Moir and Smith each lobbed over balls that were only got away in time, and Grant and Miller both had creditable shots, which Robb was troubled to clear. Blackwell had to stop a long drive by Henderson. After several colleagues had failed to reach a centre by Smith, Robb, while harassed by Miller, had difficulty in cleaning a long free kick taken by Hutton. Keeping up the pressure Aberdeen came twice very near to counting, shots by Miller and Grant only going inches wide. The Pittodrie defence at this stage defied all the efforts of the champions to get going in attack, but ultimately the forwards got on the move, and a headed ball by Henderson went only inches high of the crossbar. Later, Blackwell shot out his foot to block a try by Henderson. Subsequently, Rangers showed brilliant combination, but although succeeding up to a point, they were always countered by the resolute defenders in the Aberdeen rear. Defied at close quarters, the Ibrox forwards commenced shooting from long range, but hampered in their attempts, these efforts were badly directed. Towards the internal, the Aberdeen forwards again came into prominence, and Robb was frequently called upon, although most of the shots that reached him lacked sting. Miller, however, provided one exception, Robb on one occasion requiring two attempts before cleared a fast drive by the Aberdeen centre-forward. At the interval there was no scoring and both teams had considerable credit for that state of affairs.


Aberdeen made a promising restart and were rather unfortunate to lose a goal when it seemed they might themselves find the net first. Jackson, in attempting to get rid of a shot by Henderson, conceded a flag kick. The ball was accurately placed by Morton, and Henderson, lying handy, headed past Blackwell. Aberdeen played good football in reply, and although they carried out several clever movements they found the Rangers defence impassable. A raid by Archibald nearly lead to the Rangers increasing their lead, Blackwell bringing off a remarkably fine save from the home right winger. At this stage Rankin went to outside left as a result of an injury, and, handicapped as he was, got over several good centres which bothered the Rangers defence. Moir on the other wing, too, was lively, and came near to counting when he flashed a ball just wide of the goal with Robb beaten. The Aberdeen forwards and half backs, ably backed up by Hutton and Forsyth, kept pegging away, but the attack rather faded out when near goal and had more shooting been indulged in the equalising goal would have followed. In the last minute of the game Rangers increased their lead through the medium of a penalty goal. Henderson was rushing through when he was upset by Hutton, and Cunningham, taking the kick, gave Blackwell no chance. The final whistle sounded before the game resumed.
Hutton, Jackson, and MacLachlan were seen to advantage in the Aberdeen defence, and in the attack Miller, Grant, and Moir were best. Best for Rangers were Muirhead, Cairns, Morton, and Henderson.

Source: Press & Journal, 24th September 1923

Rangers Teamsheet
Robb; Reid, Manderson; Meiklejohn, Dixon, Muirhead; Archibald, Cunningham, Henderson, Cairns, Morton
Attendance: 20,000
Venue: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
Referee: J. M. Dickson, Glasgow