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Kilmarnock 0 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Pirie 13.

31/01/1925 | KO:


The most and the best that can be said about the game in Kilmarnock is that tit was keenly and strenuously contested from start to finish. The weather conditions had rendered the ground in an almost unplayable state, and in the course of the game a violent hailshower occurred, and lasted for nearly ten minutes. The teams were evenly matched, and it was not till within the last fifteen minutes that Pirie headed the Aberdeen goal from a fine centre by Smith. Kilmarnock lost their opportunity in the early stages of the game, when several good openings came to them, but with a greasy ball the shooting was erratic. Kilmarnock strove hard in the closing minutes to equalise, but were unable to pierce a solid defence. A draw would have been a true index of the general run of the play.

Source: The Scotsman, 2nd February 1925

Aberdeen picked up two very valuable points at Rugby Park, where a goal headed by Pirie thirteen minutes from the close proved the deciding factor in the game with Kilmarnock. The ground was sodden by heavy rain, and the players quickly churned the pitch into a quagmire. Rain ceased while the first half was in progress, but a fierce storm broke over the ground in the later stages, rendering the lot of players and spectators unenviable. In face of the treacherous footing, and the wretched overhead conditions, it was not surprising that the game was punctuated by inaccuracies and many mistakes made by players of both teams were excusable in the circumstances. In the later stages the game developed into a test of stamina, and Aberdeen finishing stronger proved themselves to be the better equipped in this respect. In the first half Kilmarnock had the better of the exchanges, but coupled with their inability to finish, they met a strong and resolute defence. Both the Aberdeen extreme wingers made ground fast, but they failed to lift ball well enough over, and the home defence invariably were able to clear their centres. Although there was much end-to-end play in the second period Aberdeen accounted for most the attacking, and they were greatly helped in the later stages because of the fact that the Kilmarnock defenders had to face the storm. Blackwell had several clever saves, notably one from a fierce shot taken on the run by Gray, the home centre-forward. Forsyth at left back was the best back on the field, D. Bruce, his partner, while tackling well, being erratic in his clearances. All three half-backs played well, and MacLachlan especially so. Smith was the most dangerous of the attackers, and was responsible for the cross that led Pirie's goal. A. Jackson on the other wing was often prominent, but frequently failed to get his centres properly across. R. Bruce and W. Jackson were indefatigable workers as inside supports, and Pirie, if not often in evidence, was a persistent menace to the Kilmarnock defenders.
Gould did well in goal for Kilmarnock, although he might have fisted away before Pirie headed the ball. As a matter of fact, the goalkeeper attempted to do this, but missed and caught Pirie on the face with his fist, the Aberdeen centre-forward being knocked out as the result. Both backs were shaky under pressure. Morton being better than Hood. In Dunlop and McEwan, the losers had two strong and clever half-backs, and the best of the forwards were Smith, Gray, and Brown. There were nearly 5000 spectators.


The game opened quietly, with Kilmarnock the first to be dangerous, and Hutton and Forsyth were prominent with good defensive play. Ultimately A. Jackson got away for Aberdeen, but his cross was intercepted by Dunlop. Kilmarnock retaliated on the left, and Blackwell had to run out and kick away from Lindsay. A slip by D. Bruce let Lindsay through, but he shot against the outside of the net. At the other end, Gould left his charge, and A. Jackson's shot was deflected off him for a flag kick, which was cleared. Following this, the Aberdeen right winger returned to the attack, and the home defence found relief when Pirie was penalised for a charge. Walker had a thrust for Kilmarnock and forced a corner off Blackwell, Hutton clearing. Clever play by R. Bruce resulted in his bringing Gould into action with a hard drive from 25 yards range, the keeper saving finely near the bottom of the upright. A miskick by Forsyth let Lindsay in, but he preferred to square the ball rather than shoot, and Blackwell quickly pounced upon it and cleared. A shot by Gray was deflected for a flag kick by Hutton, and Willis shot wide. Kilmarnock continued to press at this stage, and Brown lifted over from a favourable position. Aberdeen ultimately got back on attack, and Smith had a splendid drop-kicked try, the ball being deflected very narrowly past for a corner. At the other end, Smith shot over for Kilmarnock. A. Jackson followed with a sprint along the Aberdeen right, but he ran the ball into Gould, who left his goal to intercept. D. Bruce miskicked for a corner when Kilmarnock again attacked, and Hutton brought relief. Subsequently the Aberdeen defence was hard pressed, and Gray and Walker both misjudged when shooting. Forsyth got in the way of what might have been a counting shot by Lindsay, and a scrimmage ended with Smith shooting high over Blackwell's charge. Smith on the Aberdeen left raised the siege with a burst away, and Pirie headed narrowly over. Towards the interval the Aberdeen attack came more into prominence, and the home defenders were kept busy clearing crosses by the wingers. Hutton was injured as the result of a foul by McEwan, but, although limping, was able to carry on. A free kick taken by McEwan was well saved by Blackwell, and a flag kick by A. Jackson was headed clear by Hood. A period of fast and not uninteresting play ended without a score being registered.


Both teams- resumed with a fresh rigout, but they early presented a bespattered appearance. Kilmarnock were quickly dangerous, and Forsyth blocked a fast shot by Brown that might have beaten Blackwell. The pressure by the home team was maintained, but their shooting was bad, Gray and McEwan both being at fault. Following upon this the Kilmarnock goal had a narrow escape. Gould ran out to intercept Pirie, who shot the ball against him. It rebounded to Walter Jackson, who sent past the goalkeeper, but Hood, standing the goal line, kicked clear. Shortly afterwards A. Jackson Just missed with a fierce shot following a cross by Smith. At the other end Gray got through to deliver a terrific shot on the run, but Blackwell brought off a spectacular save. Mistakes by the home backs gave Smith and Pirie chances, but they were taken by surprise, and after a deal of scrambling the ball was sent upfield. At this stage a fierce wind and rain storm swept over the pitch, and blowing in the face of the Kilmarnock defenders put them at a disadvantage. A great drive by Hutton was cleverly saved by Gould, and following Aberdeen pressure Pirie just failed to get his head on a centre by Smith. With thirteen minutes left for play Aberdeen scored. Smith broke away and sent over a high centre, which Gould left his charge to fist away, Pirie also jumped, and getting his head on sent the ball into the net as the goalkeeper's fist caught him on the face. The Aberdeen centre-forward was stretched out, but quickly revived. Aberdeen looked like increasing their lead, and Pirie might have improved upon another centre by Smith if he could have turned quicker. A brief spell of attacking by Kilmarnock followed, but they were well held. Near the close Pirie had a shot charged down by Hood, and Edward headed clear off a free kick taken from outside the Aberdeen penalty area.

Source: Press & Journal, 2nd February 1925

Kilmarnock Teamsheet
Gould; Hood, Morton; Willis, Dunlop, McEwan; Walker, Smith, Gray, Black, Lindsay
Attendance: 5,500
Venue: Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
Referee: W. Bell, Motherwell
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