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Armadale 1 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Armadale 1 - 1 Aberdeen

Scottish Cup Second Round
Armadale scorers: Chisholm 12
Aberdeen scorers: Pirie 25.

07/02/1925 | KO:

Close Call for Aberdeen

Aberdeen had a close call at Volunteer Park, Armadale, and for a time in the second half of the match it almost looked as though the home team were going to gain the winning goal. However, a draw with one goal apiece was probably the best and fairest result there could have been to a match which was contested throughout on the most strenuous lines. At the commencement Aberdeen found the small and grassless field a severe handicap, but they quickly adapted themselves to circumstances, and adopted a neat, low passing game, in which the forwards showed up to fine advantage. Throughout the greater part of the first half Aberdeen were really top dogs, although there was not a great deal in it. Rather against the run of play, Armadale took the lead, Chisholm scoring from a neat pass by Leach. The credit if the goal, however, really went to Duff, who opened up the movement in fine style. With great determination Aberdeen went out for the equaliser, and a moment's lapse on the part of the home defenders gave Smith an opening. He dashed through, crossed to Pirie, and the centre headed the ball past Davis. A quiet spell marked the opening of the second half, and then Armadale opened up an attack which was kept up more or less right to the end. But valiantly though they strove they could not get the better of the Pittodrie defence. Paterson was the best of the Armadale forwards, who were too light a lot to make much impression on the big Aberdeen defenders, particularly as Hutton was acting more or less as a third back for the better part of the second half. A. Jackson and Smith were the outstanding figures in the Aberdeen front rank, but it said a lot for Duff and Young that they did not get too much scope. Both Armadale backs played resolutely, and the halves gave a good service of the ball. Attendance, 8000; receipts, exclusive of stand, £260.

Source: The Scotsman, 9th February 1925


Aberdeen had to fight very hard to avoid defeat at Armadale, where the peculiarities of the pitch Volunteer Park and the resolute defence and vigorous attack of the West Lothian team upset the First Division combination, who were glad to level at the finish, each side having scored once. The game attracted fully 7000 spectators, the majority of whom came in from the surrounding districts. Snow, which had fallen overnight, still lay on the pitch in parts, and a peculiarity of the ground was that, while it was hard in places, it was soft and giving in parts, especially about the centre of the field. Short and narrow too, and with one of the touch lines close up to the barrier, the pitch greatly puzzled the Aberdeen players for a time, and, indeed, they were never really very happy in their surroundings. The First League team did well to escape defeat, and, after their experience, it is not difficult to understand why in recent years fancied teams have been beaten at Armadale. From start to finish the exchanges were keen and the game fast, and, although there was little actual fouling, charging and tackling obtained throughout the piece. It was small wonder that, in the circumstance several of the players came by mishap, but fortunately not of a serious nature.
Aberdeen, started off as if they would pulverise the opposition, and it may be that, although not actually having taken the lead, this gave them a feeling of security. From a breakaway, Armadale took the lead in surprising style in 12 minutes when the trend suggested that Aberdeen would go ahead. The reverse nettled Aberdeen, and excitement and "nerves" were obvious among the players. They hammered away at the home defence, and after 25 minutes' play were rewarded with the equaliser. After that they became more settled, but, against a hustling defence who excelled in first-time tackling and kicking, they could not locate the net, although on several occasions they came very near doing so. The feature of an exciting second half was the wonderful rally of Armadale. Playing with great dash and not a little skill, they maintained long periods of pressure on the Aberdeen defenders, who had to put in all they knew to keep the eager forwards at bay. Aberdeen, on the other hand, were nearly as frequently dangerous, but in the period Blackwell's charge had more narrow escapes than that of Davies. It was a gruelling encounter, and both teams were thankful when the referee sounded the cessation of hostilities.


The Aberdeen defence played very soundly. Blackwell had many anxious moments, but came out of the game with credit as did D. Bruce and Forsyth at back. This pair had a busy afternoon, but their tackling and sure kicking was first class. Hutton was most prominent in a good half-hack line, and put in a powerful afternoon's work. In attack the most prominent were R. Bruce, Smith, and A. Jackson. The first-named was probably the best dribbler on the field, but there was a tendency on his part to retain possession too long, although the conditions favoured the individual player. Smith got over a number of very dangerous centres, and it was his clever work that made it easy for Pirie to head the equalising goal.
Armadale put up a surprisingly good display against more fancied opponents, and although Aberdeen ought to win the replay at Pittodrie on Wednesday, the West Lothian team will assuredly offer stout resistance. They have a capable goalkeeper in Davies, and in Scullion and Shaw a pair of backs who are dour fighters, strong kickers, and resolute tacklers. Duff, a big, left half, was one of the best individual successes in the game. Not only did he defend well, but repeatedly forced the war Into the enemy's territory. In a swift-moving attack, who proved capable exponents of the swinging game, Chisholm, Leith, and Paterson were outstanding. The supporters of the Armadale were delighted with the play of their team, and at the close were openly optimistic regarding its chances in the replay at Aberdeen.


Both teams took some time to find their feet, but Aberdeen were first on the offensive. A. Jackson made headway and centred, and, W. Jackson with a first-time shot hit the ball high over the bar and out of the ground. Chisholm on the Armadale left made progress, and centred, and Paterson, when in favourable position, negatived the advantage by handling. Off the free kick, Aberdeen again attacked, and Hutton sent a 'free' against a wall of defenders, Bruce sending high from the rebound. Davies at full length saved a lightning shot by Smith, and after a scrimmage the ball was got away. A dash by Duff led to Paterson netting, but the whistle had previously sounded for an infringement. Aberdeen were again aggressive, but the forwards were affected bby the narrowness of the pitch, and the home backs smashed up attack after attack. With twelve minutes gone Armadale took the lead. Chisholm broke away and transferred to the right, for Leitch to return the ball and shoot into the net from close range. Aberdeen followed with a desperate attack, and Edward headed over. R. Bruce followed with a shot that went wide. Subsequently the Armadale forwards again got going, but D. Bruce and Forsyth defended well. At the home end Pirie and W. Jackson were robbed when about to shoot, and R. Bruce dribbled through to send past. The latter should have equalised after this, when he swung at but completely missed a ground pass by A. Jackson. All the play was near Davies' goal at this stage, but Armadale crowded their defence into the penalty area, and may balls that might have found the net were blocked or charged down. A. Jackson dribbled through and cut in to shoot, only to miss the goal by inches. Pressure told, and after 25 minutes' play Aberdeen drew level. Smith obtained possession near midfield, and, racing ahead, out-distanced Young and Shaw. When two yards short of the goal line, he stopped suddenly, and with his pursuers running past him, was left clear to centre. He took full advantage of the opportunity, and lobbed the ball across for Pirie to head it downwards and into net. In the following minutes Aberdeen surged round the home goal. R. Bruce shot over after fine play by A. Jackson, and Davies saved a fast ground shot by W. Jackson. Smith, on the Aberdeen left was a great source of danger. Off another centre by him, Pirie headed inches wide of the goal, and just failed to get his foot on another lobbed cross from the Aberdeen left winger. Following a free kick taken by Duff, the ball flashed across the Aberdeen goal to go narrowly behind. Aberdeen forced the game until the interval, but although Davies was often in action, and had an anxious time dealing with corner kicks, the Armadale defence held out, and there was no further scoring.


Armadale got quickly to grips with the Aberdeen defence on resuming. A shot by Ashton was deflected for a corner, but Leitch failed to keep the ball in play. A raid by A. Jackson was negatived by his being charged over the touchline. By kick and rush football Armadale again attacked, but were met by a resolute defence. Smith gave relief with a dash, and forced a corner, but the ball was got away. R. Bruce was accidentally kicked on the chin and had to be attended off the field. He was, however, soon able to resume. Davies saved from A. Jackson's head, and at the other end Hutton effected a great recovery when Ashton was on the point of shooting. The home forwards played with great dash, and following a corner forced by Leitch, Dick headed wide. A ball from Smith at the home end was dropped at Pirie's feet by the, goalkeeper, but the centre-forward skied, and a splendid chance of taking the lead was lost. For a time after this the Aberdeen wingers were busy, but they were unable to judge distance, and their crosses carried too far. Following a foul against Hutton, Blackwell had an anxious time. He saved in quick succession from Freel and Chisholm, and, finally, Armadale forced a corner for Hutton to bring relief. The Aberdeen attack again came into prominence and Davies, at full length, effected a wonderful save from Smith. But the home team showed no signs of relaxing their efforts in attack. They swarmed into the Aberdeen penalty area, and Bruce, Forsyth, and Hutton had a trying ordeal. On several occasions they only got in their clearances in the nick of time and once Bruce brought off a wonderful bit of work when he punted clear with several forwards rushing him. Aberdeen got temporary relief when Pirie dashed away, but Scullion dispossessed him with only Davies in front. R, Bruce, who was the cleverest individualist afield, dribbled half the length of the pitch and forced a corner, but Duff came to the rescue. Towards the end, both teams showed signs of tiring, but they maintained a relentless duel. Following a free kick, Chisholm missed Blackwell's goal by inches, and at the other end, W. Jackson and R. Bruce both shot wide. Davies saved a fast ground ball from Smith, and, near the finish, Aberdeen packed their goal to get rid of a flag kick taken by Chisholm. A game full of exciting passages finished without addition to the score. The number who paid for admission was 6600, and the receipts, exclusive of stand and tax, amounted to£260.


The replay will take place at Pittodrie Park on Wednesday afternoon, and, to allow of extra time being played if necessary, the kick-off will at 2 40 p.m. Although several of the Aberdeen players are feeling the effects of Aberdeen's gruelling game, all are expected to be fit, and it is unlikely that there will be any changes in the team. In all likelihood Armadale will field the same side, except that McAdam may take the place of Ashton at inside left. Mr T. Small, Dundee, will again have charge of the tie.

Source: Press & Journal, 9th February 1925

Armadale Teamsheet
Davies; Scullion, Shaw; Young, Dick, Duff; Leitch, Freel, Paterson, Ashton, Chisholm
Attendance: 6,600
Venue: Volunteer Park, Armadale
Referee: T. Small, Dundee