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Aberdeen 0 - 0 Motherwell

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Motherwell

Scottish Cup Third Round

21/02/1925 | KO: 15:00


Motherwell put up a great fight at Aberdeen, where their defence thoroughly earned a draw. Although defending more than Aberdeen, Motherwell adopted good Cup-tie tactics. They wasted no time in getting on, and their swinging passes always kept the home defence in suspense. Aberdeen, on the other hand, were too much inclined to individual work, which was overdone, and against a defence that covered up well the policy was unprofitable. There was a period in the second half when Blackwell was hard pressed to stave off disaster. One save of his from Ferguson was one of the best things in the game. Motherwell's raids into Aberdeen territory were vigorously aggressive, but were well held. The attendance was about 25,000, and the divisible "gate" £960. It was a clean, sporting tussle and Referee Allan, Glasgow, had seldom to blow his whistle for infringements. The replay is to take place at Motherwell on Wednesday.

Source: The Scotsman, 23rd February 1925

Aberdeen were prominent in the opening exchanges, but Motherwell were early aggressive. Hutton cleared from Tennant, and Aberdeen forced their way to McClary's end where A. Jackson nearly scored. Aberdeen forced two corners but neither was converted. A breakaway by Motherwell gave the Aberdeen defenders some trouble but the visitors failed to score. Play was again even in the second half, and there was no scoring on either side.

Source: The Glasgow Herald, 23rd February 1925

A huge crowd at Pittodrie witnessed the indecisive struggle between Aberdeen and Motherwell. No goals were scored, and the teams will meet again at Fir Park, Motherwell, on Wednesday afternoon.
Although it had its exciting moments, the game was devoid of many of the thrills usually associated with a cup-tie between two well-matched teams. It was game which either might have won without the other having cause to grumble. Aberdeen certainly accounted for the major share of attacking, but they were not effective, and the thrustful raids of the Motherwell forwards were always more dangerous. In contrast to the individual work indulged in by the home attackers, those of Motherwell kept the play open, and they followed up swift movement with a tendency to shoot oftener and better than those of the home team. The honours of the game went to the defenders, who had a hard afternoon's work and had much credit by the goalless draw.


On the home side Blackwell effected several brilliant saves, two from Stevenson and Ferguson being especially noteworthy. D. Bruce and Forsyth were splendid backs, especially the latter, who was the best of the four on view. Hutton and MacLachlan were outstanding at half-back, and excelled both in offensive and defensive play. The forwards failed to touch the form of which they are capable. A Jackson, R. Bruce, and W. Jackson occasionally shone with individual work, but they invariably hung too long on the ball, and the failure to keep the play open was largely responsible for their team's lack of success in the goal-scoring line. Pirie scarcely got a chance, and Smith, also suffering to some extent from lack of opportunity, was not nearly effective as he can be.
Motherwell proved a good, serviceable team. McClory was the equal of Blackwell in goal, and, although Little and Frame were at times none too steady, they were two determined backs. The team was exceedingly well served at half-back, all three excelling in accurate tackling and covering up. Of the trio, Greenshields was best, but Craig was a good second. In a fast-moving attack, which always looked more dangerous than that of Aberdeen, Ferrier, Ferguson, and Stevenson executed many clever thrusts.


Great interest was taken in the game, many enthusiasts travelling from other centres by train and motor, and there was a large contingent of Motherwell supporters from Lanarkshire. The attendance, although falling a good bit short of the record, was easily up to expectations. It was officially stated that the number of persons who paid for admission was 24,257, so that with season and complimentary ticketholders, the total present would be nearly 26,000. Exclusive of stand drawings, the receipts amounted to £1372 and after deduction of entertainment tax, a sum of £962, less referee's and linesmen's expenses, fell to be divided between the clubs.


Aberdeen made a promising start, R. Bruce letting Smith away, but Greenshields pulled him up, and a raid by the Motherwell left was foiled by D. Bruce. Hustling play by Pirie flurried Frame, who in an effort to clear sent the ball to A. Jackson. The latter centred, but there was no Aberdeen player in position, and Craig cleared. R. Bruce met the ball and shot, but McClory saved on his knees. For a time Aberdeen were aggressive, but they could not surmount the spoiling tactics of the visitors' defence. A rush by Ferrier gave Motherwell relief, and Forsyth got in a clever clearance when the Aberdeen goal was in danger. Following this, Aberdeen set up a determined attack, and a shot by A. Jackson was deflected for a corner by McClory. Consequent to the flag kick, there was a series of exciting incidents in front of the Motherwell goal. One corner followed another until ultimately the ball went to MacLachlan whose fast shot was headed out from under the bar by Frame, and then McClory by a great effort got the tips of his fingers to a headed ball by A. Jackson to tip it over the bar. In the first ten minutes Aberdeen forced no fewer than five comer kicks, but the Motherwell defence was helped by the fact that from none of them was the ball well placed. Ferrier broke away to shoot over the home goal, and following this, Aberdeen again forced the visitors on the defensive and other two fruitless kicks followed from the corner flag. Blackwell had to run out and field from a long drive by Greenshields, and at the other end McClory fielded off a free kick by Edward. A miskick by Frame gave Aberdeen yet another corner, but R. Bruce shot wide. Shortly after this Stevenson got through to shoot, and Blackwell at full length executed a magnificent save, Forsyth dashing in to complete the clearance. Stevenson was again the marksman when Blackwell saved a stinging shot. From a free kick granted outside the Motherwell penalty area, McClory saved from MacLachlan and at the other end Blackwell fielded a high centre by Ferrier. A burst by Smith gave Aberdeen another flag kick, following which R. Bruce shot behind. Stevenson troubled the home defence, and following good work by that player Johnman had a shot deflected by MacLachlan, D. Bruce completing the clearance. A miss by Little gave Aberdeen a chance, but Frame reached the ball before Smith, who was obviously taken by surprise. A centre almost under the bar by Smith saw McClory tip the ball over, nothing resulting from the flag kick. MacLachlan from a free kick sent the ball narrowly over, and towards the interval Aberdeen maintained vigorous pressure. Smith swept the ball over the bar, and following an individual effort by W. Jackson, MacLachlan was given a good chance to score, but shot precipitately, and crashed the ball against the crossbar, off which it bounced behind. On the run of play in the period Aberdeen ought have been ahead at half-time, but they failed to steady themselves in front of goal.


The Motherwell goal had a narrow escape following the resumption of play. A. Jackson carried the ball along and sent it out to Smith, who returned it to the centre, and Pirie's header missed the goal by inches. Weak shooting by R. Bruce lost a chance for Aberdeen, and following another spell of pressure by the home team, W. Jackson headed wide. Forsyth was cheered for a clever recovery after Tennant had beaten him. Runs by A. Jackson were nullified by his sending the ball behind. Following a free kick, Motherwell got relief, and off a cross by Ferrier, Ferguson turned the ball neatly into goal for Blackwell to bring off a wonderful save at full length. After Pirie had been crowded out, Ferguson again got through for Motherwell, and was steadying to shoot when Edward dashed across to kick the ball away from his toes. A miskick by MacLachlan gave Motherwell their only flag kick, but the ball was got away. By keeping the play open the Motherwell forwards kept the home defence in suspense, and there was a prolonged duel between the home rear divisions and the Motherwell van, but so well was he protected that Blackwell was not tested. Following another Aberdeen attack, Hutton took a terrific free kick from 25 yards range for McClory to effect a brilliant full-length save. Consequent to this, Jackson made headway and centred, but Hutton's header was cleared by Little. As the end of the game approached Aberdeen concentrated on attack, but the forwards delayed to shoot. They forced other two corners - they had fifteen to Motherwell's one - but could not force the ball through so well did the visitors defend their goal.

Source: Press & Journal, 21st February 1925

Motherwell Teamsheet
McClory; Little, Frame; Greenshields, Craig, Coyle; Tennant, Johnman, Ferguson, Stevenson, Ferricr
Attendance: 25,257
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: A. Allan, Glasgow