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Aberdeen 2 - 4 Celtic

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 2 Celtic

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Jackson 47, McLeod 65.
Celtic scorers: McInally 20, McGrory 30, Thomson, Thomson

07/11/1925 | KO: 14:50


Celtic's victory over Aberdeen at Aberdeen was deserved, more so from their great steadiness in defence in the second period than from their attack, with the wind advantage in the first. The conditions were about the worst this season, both for players and the 22,000 spectators, the cold and strong north0-easterly wind proving very disagreeable, especially when accompanied by several showers of rain, sleet, or hail. The Celtic had reason to congratulate themselves on the defensive play of McStay, Hilley, and J. McStay, and on the initiative forcefulness of McInally and Thomson, the two inside wingers. For Aberdeen, Hutton, Bruce, Pirie, and MacLachlan were prominent in defence, and McLeod and Smith, on the left wing, were outstanding amongst the forwards. Blackwell in goal made the mistake of not clearing to the extent he should have done on at least two occasions. On the latter occasion Cosgrove came to his aid, but too late. The Celtic were quick to realise when the advantage favoured them, and made no mistake in pressing home their attack whenever they could. They were the superior team in that respect.

Source: The Scotsman, 9th November 1925

In a thrilling game at Pittodrie, Celtic beat Aberdeen by 4 goals to 2, and although flattered by the score, were the better team. The weather, boisterous in the forenoon, broke down before the start, and in the course of the game there were heavy showers of sleet and rain. In addition to this the players had to contend with a breeze that almost amounted to a gale. This proved a disturbing factor to the play; yet there were many bright passages and certainly no lack of excitement. Celtic had the wind in their favour in the first half, and the advantage greatly assisted them to a two-goals lead at the interval. In the second period Aberdeen were oftener attacking, but although they netted twice, their work in attack was negatived by the concession of two goals which fell to the Celtic as the result of mistakes by home defenders. Celtic were the better balanced and more methodical team. In attack they showed more individual and collective cleverness and ball control, and had a better understanding between thehalf-back and forward divisions than was manifested by the Aberdeen side. The back divisions compared favourably, but in goal Blackwell was not so confident as Shevlin, and two, if not three, goals that fell to Celtic might been averted. A weak header by Hutton cost a goal, but that was the only thing did that savoured of a mistake, and he was Aberdeen's outstanding player. Pire was the pick of the home half-backs, and in a forward line that combined poorly but did not lack dash McLeod was easily best. Shevlin kept goal brilliantly for Celtic, and McStey and Hilley were powerful backs. Macfarlane at left half, was the best intermediate line player on the field, but J. McStey was not far behind him. Iin a clever attack, Thomson and McInally were best, and clever as was McLeod, Aberdeen did not have a forward who compared with either of these two.


Aberdeen soon found that having to face the wind was a serious handicap. Right away they were forced on the defensive, and first Connelly and then McGrory shot behind. A rush by Jackson to the other end was thwarted by Shevlin rushing out and picking up, and Celtic went back on the attack to force a corner on the left while Hutton was the touch line having an injury attended to. From the flag kick Thomson headed wide. Celtic continued to attack, and Hutton and Bruce distinguished themselves with some grand work. Baulked at close quarters, McGrory tried a shot from long range, but sent high over. Other two corners fell to Celtic, but defeat prevailed, and Macfarlane tried a long shot which dropped behind Blackwell's goal. A slip by Bruce allowed McLean a clear run in, but the Celtic left winger shot feebly and the ball went wide. From a free kick against Hilley, Cosgrove had the Celtic goal in danger, but McStey cleared. Subsequently Reid gave Jackson a chance to shoot, but he failed to get right behind the ball and passed wide of the mark. Another corner fell to Celtic, but Pirie headed clear, and following this, the Celtic goal had a narrow escape off a cross shot by McLeod, the ball passing inches wide of the post with Shevlin at the other side of the goal. Hutton forced the play for Aberdeen, and once gave Jackson a fine opportunity to shoot, but he delayed and J. McStey dispossessed him.


Wife 20 minutes played Celtic took the lead. McInally dribbled past Pirie, and as he was about to be tackled by Hutton, shot, and Blackwell, whose view may have been partially obscured was beaten. Celtic continued hold the upper hand. On one occasion McGrory dribbled through on the right of the goal, but after having drawn out Blackwell, lofted the ball over the empty goal. A desperate rush by Smith led to his shooting narrowly over from close range. Aberdeen showed improvement at this stage. On two occasions Jackson got through to favourable position, but delayed to shoot, and at another time McStey headed away from Smith's cross when it seemed a goal might result. A high centre was sent behind by Smith, and subsequently Shevlin had to fist clear from Reid whilst beset by opponents. At the other end, Blackwell had to save from Thomson. After half an hour Celtic forced a corner on the right, and the ball was accurately placed from the flag kick for McGrory to head through. From this time until the interval the play was In the nature of a duel between the Celtic attack and the Aberdeen defence, which stood up to repeated onslaughts, and there was no further scoring at half-time. Celtic crossing over with a lead of two goals to nothing.


Aberdeen early showed what had been the effect of the wind on Celtic's play. Right away the home forwards bore down on Shevlin, and less than two minutes had gone when Cosgrove met a clearance by a Celtic defender to return the ball in front of Shevlin, and it was deflected off J. M'Stey to Jackson, who promptly netted from close range. This success obviously encouraged the home attackers. They surged down on Shevlin, and following a corner kick the Celtic goalkeeper had to fist clear during an exciting melee. A breakaway by the Celtic right resulted in an unexpected goal for them. From a throw-in Hutton endeavoured to head clear, but only sent the ball to Thomson who met it coming down to shoot a cleverly-taken goal, but Blackwell looked to be at fault for not saving the shot which crossed his front. For a time Celtic held the upper hand, and McLean missed a fine chance when, with a clear view of goal, he failed to gather the ball. Shevlin at the other end cleared at the foot of the post from Smith, and the Aberdeen goal had another "life" when Macfarlane having beaten Cosgrove and Hutton, slipped the ball across the goal for McLean, McGrory, and Thomson all to swing at it and miss.


Aberdeen again took the game in hand after this. Shevlin had a brilliant close range save from Jackson, and the keeper just reached a terrific long drive by McLeod. The Celtic goalkeeper was kept busy, and shots by MacLachlan, Pirie, and McDermid all caused him uneasiness. After twenty minutes' play Pirie let go a fierce drive from long range, and Shevlin failed hold the ball, and before he could recover McLeod had netted. Aberdeen subsequently promised to equalise, but Shevlin was equal to all calls, and saved finely from Jackson and Smith. A terrific free kick taken by Hutton was deflected for a corner, off which MacLachlan headed narrowly past. Following this Connelly and Thomson on the Celtic right wormed their way through the Aberdeen defence, and it seemed that Thomson would walk the ball into the net, but finally Blackwell stopped his progress. McLeod and Smith both shot wide at Shevlin's end, and then Celtic got up to score a fourth goal, Thomson meeting a weak clearance by Blackwell to crash the ball into the net from twelve yards' range. In the closing stages Aberdeen attacked with determination, but Shevlin distinguished himself with several daring saves, and refused to be beaten a third time.

Source: Press & Journal, 9th November 1925

Celtic Teamsheet
Shevlin; Hilley, McStey; Wilson J. McStey, Macfarlane; Connelly, Thomson, McGrory, McInally, McLean
Attendance: 21,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: T. Small, Dundee
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10 Jul 2024 / 19:00 / Balmoor Stadium, Peterhead