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Aberdeen 3 - 3 Hamilton

HT Score: Aberdeen 3 - 0 Hamilton

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Hutton (Pen), Smith 17, MacLachlan 37.
Hamilton scorers: Moffat 57, Miller, Williamson

02/10/1926 | KO: 15:00


After being three goals in arrears at the interval, Hamilton Academicals made a wonderful recovery at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, where they made up the leeway and in the end came very near to winning. In the first period the Academicals attacked as frequently as their opponents, but finished badly, whereas Aberdeen, when they raided, were always dangerous, and Smith, Maclachlan and Hutton (from a penalty) had counting shots. In the second half the Academicals monopolised the pressure and they fully merited the equaliser obtained by Williamson, their centre-forward, after Moffat and Miller had beaten the Aberdeen custodian. On the home side, Hutton, Maclachlan, Reid, and McDermid were the most prominent players, and for the Academicals McCormack, Hunter, Hunt, Thomson, Miller, and Borland were best. Miller was the outstanding forward on the field. Over 15,000 spectators saw a good match.

Source: The Scotsman, 4th October 1926

Aberdeen gave a disappointing display at Pittodrie where, leading Hamilton Academicals by 3-0 at the interval, they could only finish level and divide six goals. There were 15,000 spectators. In the game Aberdeen never really settled down, and while there were period's when they played well, they were inconsistent. Hamilton Academicals on the other hand were persistent attackers and dour defenders, and even in face of the big deficit in which they found themselves at the interval never gave up hope. There was more understanding and method in the play of the visitors than that of the home team, who made ground by spasmodic and badly sustained rushes. The home forwards shot well enough on occasion, indeed their big lead at the interval was entirely due to their finishing, for in the period they had no more chances than fell to the Academicals. The second half failure of Aberdeen can be attributed to weakness at half-back and a tendency to concentrate on holding what had been won, rather than go out to increase their advantage.
Few reputations were enhanced so far as the home defenders were concerned, but Blackwell and Hutton did their parts well. The half-backs, especially in the second half, played much below form and forward, Reid and Bruce were best and Smith might have done damage had more opportunity come his way.
Although appearing to be rather simply beaten when Aberdeen obtained their second goal, Harris was a clever keeper for the Academicals. McCormack was the sounder of two steady backs, and in a middle line that was much more effective than that of Aberdeen, Hunt was outstanding. The Academicals had a speedy and nippy attack, which included in Miller (a brother of the Aberdeen leader) the best forward on the field. Moffat and Borland were speedy wingers, and Williamson in the centre was a constant source of worry to the Aberdeen defence.


Facing a strong sun, the Academicals were the more aggressive team the opening stages. Blackwell had to save from Williamson, and Hutton effected some fine tackling when the Aberdeen goal was endangered. From a free kick Hunt shot wide, and Tom Miller was just off the mark with a splendid effort. The right wing brought much needed relief to the home team, and after clever play by Reid, Smith shot behind. Aberdeen improved, and Reid and R. Bruce had capital tries. Off a cross by Smith, Miller had a chance to open the scoring, but shot wide as Harris advanced to meet him. After 17 minutes Aberdeen took the lead, Smith scoring with a fierce cross shot after Reid had centred. For a time Academicals attacked, and Thomson sent wide from long range, but Aberdeen got back to attack, and R. Bruce shot hard against the goalkeeper. The ball rebounded to Miller, but the centre forward lifted over the empty goal. The Hamilton wingers subsequently troubled the Aberdeen defence, and Blackwell cleared from Moffat. At the other end Harris diverted a shot by Miller, the referee awarding a goal kick instead of a corner. Following this, Smith just missed with another cross shot. After 37 minutes' play Aberdeen got a second goal. MacLachlan worked the ball well forward on the left, and then lobbed into goal for Harris to be completely deceived. The Academicals retaliated in spirited fashion, and both Aberdeen backs were seen to advantage. Harris saved brilliantly from R. Bruce, and following this the home team obtained a third goal. R. Bruce had an effort blocked by Harris, and Smith's shot from the rebound was destined for the net when McCormack fisted out from the goal line. A penalty kick was immediately granted, and Hutton easily scored. The big lead at the interval flattered Aberdeen, but they had been the more dangerous attackers.


In second half Aberdeen had to contend with a dazzling sun, and it was early apparent this would trouble the defence. After Harris had saved from Reid, Academicals attacked, and Gibson shot wide after good wing play by Borland. Blackwell was in action in quick succession to shots from Borland and Williamson, and was fortunate on one occasion after fisting out to get in the way of a shot by T. Miller. After 12 minutes persistence was rewarded, when following a well-placed corner kick by Borland, Moffat netted from close range. Subsequently the Aberdeen attack again came into prominence, and three flag kicks were forced. From one Harris saved well from R. Bruce, and later Miller shot wide from close range. After this the Academicals again took up the running, and Blackwell and Hutton stopped shots that were well-directed. In another Academicals' attack D. Bruce saved on the goal line, when Blackwell was beaten. For a time the defence was kept on the stretch. Moffat just missed with a terrific shot, and Blackwell saved a long range effort by Hunt. Further success attended the visitors after this. T. Miller capping a period of pressure by scoring from close range. This reverse obviously nettled Aberdeen, who attacked on the right, and after Reid had shot wildly over, they forced two fruitless corners, Miller shooting wide from one these. While Aberdeen were attacking Moffat broke away and centred, and, before the home defence could recover Williamson dashed in in advance of Hutton and headed the ball past Blackwell. In the closing minutes both goals were endangered, although Aberdeen held slightly the upper hand. There was no further scoring, and a game which Aberdeen appeared to have well won at the interval ended all square.

Source: Press & Journal, 4th October 1926

Hamilton Teamsheet
Harris; McCormack, Hunter; McKeary, Hunt, Thomson; Moffat, Miller, Williamson, Gibson, Borland
Attendance: 15,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: M. Quinn, Bellshill
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