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Kilmarnock 0 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Kilmarnock 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)

09/10/1926 | KO:


The game at Kilmarnock was spoiled by the boisterous weather conditions and the goalless draw fairly accurately represented the respective merits of the teams. In the first half the effects of the wind were not so much in evidence as in the second period, when the players singularly failed to rise above the conditions, and the exchanges were scrappy and uninteresting. Early in the game Kilmarnock were awarded a penalty for an infringement by Hutton, but Cunningham sent the ball over the cross-bar, from the spot kick and, as it happened, this slip cost the Rigby Park men a point. Apart from this, however, a number of good chances were missed by both sides, but the swirling wind had a lot to do with the failure of the forwards. The best part of the game was the last fifteen minutes of the first half, when Kilmarnock struck a bright patch and Aberdeen were lucky to be on level terms at the interval. Over the ninety minutes the goalkeepers had very little to do, and for most of the closing period were practically spectators. In an effort to get out of the lowly position into which the have fallen through four successive defeats, Kilmarnock made six changes from the previous week, and the rearranged team gave promise of better things in the future. D. Walker at centre proved an enterprising leader, and Cunningham and Wishart gave him good support. McLeod, the old Ayr centre-half, was a success in his new position at right half, and was Kilmarnock?s best middle man. Hood and Nibloe were sound at back and covered Gould well. Aberdeen were well served in the forward line by R. Bruce and the veteran Reid, and at half-back Maclachlan was outstanding, while Hutton was the better back and took his side out of several tight corners. Blackwell in goal was very fortunate at times. The weather conditions affected the attendance, only about 4000 spectators being present.

Source: The Scotsman, 11th October 1926

Aberdeen saved a point at Rugby Park, where they had a goalless draw with Kilmarnock. The game took place in a terrific gale, and play in consequence never reached a high standard. The wind blew from east to west across the pitch, but catching the stand on the west side swirled back, with the result that the ball accomplished many amusing cantrips. Neither side in either half had advantage from the conditions, and neither made any serious sustained effort to keep the ball low.
A draw was a fitting result to an encounter which either might have won. In the first half Aberdeen accounted for slightly more aggressive work, but Kilmarnock had the better scoring chances, and they failed at a penalty kick. In the later period, the exchanges were fairly equal, but Aberdeen had the better opportunities of scoring. On the Aberdeen side Blackwell, Hutton, Edward, MacLachlan, R. Bruce, and McDermid, and for Kilmarnock, Hood, Nibloe, Dunlop, McLeod, and Cunningham were outstanding. In the later stages Aberdeen were handicapped by injury to Cosgrove, who changed places with Reid, and in his crippled state was unable to respond.


There were less than 4000 present when MacLachlan won the toss, and set Kilmarnock to face the sun, but neither had advantage from the gale. Aberdeen attacked at the start, and Smith was pulled up for offside when he had the home goal at his mercy. After Wishart had sent behind at the other end Reid worked close in, and his express shot passed inches high of Gould's charge. Aberdeen continued to make the running, and Hood effected a grand clearance, with R. Bruce almost through. The game opened up and after Dunlop had sent a free kick over Blackwell's charge Wishart shot weakly behind. The first dangerous shot came from the home centre, which took Blackwell to full length, and the keeper did well to get it clear before Walker got in on him. Although Aberdeen were pressing, it was evident the gale troubled them. Miller shot over from the right wing, and at Blackwell's end Hutton headed behind a fast cross by Wishart. Kilmarnock was defending well. Twice tackles by Nibloe saved the situation when R. Bruce was all but through, but so far the Aberdeen attack had not attempted much in the way of shooting. Much the play was in midfield, and although territorially Aberdeen had so far had the better of matters, a tendency on the part of the forwards to hang on to the ball greatly eased the task of the home defenders, who tackled with more resolution and much success. When Kilmarnock attacked they were dangerous, a header from Walker swerving wide of Blackwell's charge with the keeper not in a position to save. The wind was beating both teams, but the ball control of both was atrocious. Neither goalkeeper was getting much to do, byes out on the wings being the order when either attacked. R. Bruce tried his luck with a ground shot from long range, but it lacked sting, and Gould easily cleared. Another Aberdeen attack was negatived by Reid centring behind. With half an hour gone, Kilmarnock were awarded a penalty kick. Walker was all bat through when he was forcibly tackled by Hutton about ten yards from goal. Cunningham took the kick, but his terrific shot sailed harmlessly over the bar. This was a lucky escape for Aberdeen, and they retaliated strongly. Gould did well to field a great free kick by Hutton from forty yards out, and then had to get down to a 'cute turn by R. Bruce. Following this, Kilmarnock should have gone ahead. Blackwell pulled down a high shot by Walker to Wishart's feet, and the latter's close-range shot hit the goalkeeper and went for a corner.
Walker got in the way of Cunningham's shot that was going through. Again the ball was shot in, and this time it struck D. Bruce, who was standing on the goal line, and after a scrimmage the ball was ultimately cleared. Towards the interval Aberdeen got back on the attack, but their forwards continued to try too much, and Gould had few anxious moments. They forced a corner, but Reid failed to keep the ball in play. Half-time arrived without a score. Aberdeen had been more often on attack, but in all the incidents of play were rather fortunate to be level.
Aberdeen went the offensive right away when play resumed, and after dashing play Miller shot hard against Gould from out on the left. For a time neither side could claim advantage, the wind playing funny pranks with the ball. On a free kick by Dunlop it curled back, and the same thing happened at the other end when MacLachlan lashed it ahead. Forcing work by Smith was negatived when Reid finished weakly, and at Blackwell's end McLeod dropped the ball just over from long range. With both teams adopting spoiling tactics, play was very uninteresting. Walker gave Morton a great chance to put Kilmarnock ahead but the inside left shot weakly behind. Then at the other end Miller might have improved upon a cross which Reid dropped at his feet, but he hesitated, and was lost. Kilmarnock continued to be the more dangerous team. Walker was hustled off his shot by Hutton, and Blackwell had to join in a scrimmage before a raid by the Kilmarnock right was repelled. R. Bruce was doing his best keep the Aberdeen attack in the limelight, but his efforts were not being well responded to. This was entirely due to no serious effort being made to combat the gale by keeping the ball on the ground. This remark applied to both teams, and on a day when goalkeepers would be expected to be busy, Blackwell and Gould had little to worry about. Smith sent over a high ball, which Gould fisted and R. Bruce just missed the return. Following this Reid screwed over a low ball which had Gould beaten, but it passed right across the goal, and slipped behind. For a brief spell Aberdeen took up the attack. Miller lifted just over with a snap shot, and R. Bruce followed with a fast grounder that went inches wide. Play was often farcical, and frequently there were stoppages until the ball could be recovered from neighbouring gardens. Cosgrove was injured in a tackle, and had to be assisted off. While he was away Miller broke away, and after getting clean through, and with only Gould in front, he shot just over, and missed the chance of the game. When Cosgrove resumed he changed places with Reid. In the closing stages play was even, and defence continued to hold the upper hand. Aberdeen's goal had a narrow escape from a cross by Wishart, but the game ended with Aberdeen attacking.

Source: Press & Journal, 11th October 1926

Kilmarnock Teamsheet
Gould; Hood, Nibloe; McLeod, Dunlop, McEwan; Wishart, Cunningham, Walker, Morton, Crump
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
Referee: D. Calder, Rutherglen
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