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Dundee 1 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Dundee 1 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Dundee scorers: McNab
Aberdeen scorers: Reid 17.

01/01/1927 | KO:

ABERDEEN'S PLUCKY DRAW AT DUNDEE. Fine Defensive Display. Serious Ankle Injury to Cosgrove.

Aberdeen's Misfortune at Dundee

Aberdeen were on the whole, lucky to draw with Dundee at Dens Park, but the contest was uneven for the greater part of the game on account of an accident to Cosgrove, who was carried from the field shortly before the interval. He was suffering from a strained ligament, and will probably be unable to play for several weeks. Dundee started brilliantly, and missed chances. Aberdeen, however, opened the scoring after twenty minutes through Reid, who beat Marsh with a splendid shot from twenty yards. Dundee responded with great dash, and the Aberdeen goal had several narrow escapes. Close on the interval McNab equalised brilliantly following a corner kick. Cook should have given Dundee the lead immediately afterwards, but missed a cross by McGinn when he had only McSevich to beat. Owing to Cosgrove's absence Aberdeen were mainly on the defensive in the second half. Dundee had many good opportunities to score, but the finishing of the forwards was very weak. Reid occasionally broke away in Dangerous style for Aberdeen, and McDiarmid was well placed for a goal when he fouled the ball. Dundee's outstanding players were Brown, McNab, Rankine, Campbell, and Cassidy, while Aberdeen's best were McSevich, D. Bruce, McLachlan, and Reid. The attendance was about 19,000.

Source: The Scotsman, 3rd January 1928

Aberdeen and Dundee had a thrilling struggle at Dens Park when they finished level at a goal each. The honours the game went to the Aberdeen defence because 25 minutes after the start, Cosgrove, thelr right half, sustained a severe Injury an ankle, and having to be carried off, was unable to resume. At the time, Aberdeen were leading and looked like going farther ahead, but Cosgrove's enforced absence completely changed the aspect of the game. Until the interval Aberdeen, played four forwards Reid falling back to right half, and although they surrendered the equalising goal, they continued to maintain a vigorous offensive. In the second half an entirely different situation prevailed. R. Bruce went to right half, with Miller taking up an intermediate position between the half-hacks and forwards, Aberdeen had only Reid, McDermid, and Cheyne in attack. In the circumstances the game developed into a fierce duel between the Dundee attack and the Aberdeen defence. Showing remarkable grit the latter triumphed in the end. There camo very near to being a sensational finish to the game as in the last minute Aberdeen were within an ace of obtaining the winning goal. Reid in his own penalty area got possession and bursting ahead beat three opponents until, when was just beyond the middle line, sheer exhaustion caused him to send the ball away. McDermid took the pass and only Thomson (D.) and Marsh confronted him. He appeared to be rounding Thomson when the ball caught the latter's heel and as it rose the Aberdeen forward handled. Just as the free kick was taken "time" was called. Had this Reid-McDermid movement proved successful Aberdeen would have gained the most remarkable victory in the series of encounters between the great rivals of the north of Scotland. But for Cosgrove's Injury, there is no saying how the game would have gone; as it was the draw would give Aberdeen more satisfaction than it would give to Dundee. The second half certainly was one-sided, but this was because Aberdeen had to adopt a policy dictated by circumstances.


While the whole Aberdeen team is due credit for their stubborn display, several are worthy of special mention. McSevich in goal was brilliant. Never once did he make the semblance of a mistake, and he had to deal with many trying situations. Jackson and Bruce (D.) at back were dogged defenders and in the second half put up a wonderful display. Until he was Injured Cosgrove was the best constructive half-back on the field. In this division MacLachlan and Bruce (R) also excelled as spoilers and defenders. Until the formation was broken up, the Aberdeen forwards played dashing yet good football. Bruce (R.), and McDermid especially showed excellent form, and Reid was probably the most dangerous forward on the field.
Marsh was safe In goal, but under pressure the Dundee backs were not as sound as the Aberdeen pair. Rankine was the best half-hack, with McNab also doing good work. Forward, the best performers were Campbell, Hunter, and Cassidy, but on the part of the quintette there was a lack of real effectiveness in finishing. This, however, was probably due more to the brilliant defensive play of Aberdeen than the defects of the Dens Parks forwards. There were about 16,000 spectators.

Keen Exchanges.

Aberdeen had a big advantage from the strong wind in the first half, but they made a none too promising start. Dundee hemming them on defence. There was a scrimmage in front of McSevich's goal, and several shots were charged down or blocked before Cosgrove cleared. The Aberdeen left retaliated but Miller getting offside, Dundee again attacked, and Bruce (D.) headed out a strong shot by Hunter. The first combined Aberdeen attack ended with Bruce (R.) heading on to the top of the net. As the teams settled down, play ranged quickly from end to end. Mcevich stopped a ground shot by Cassidy, and jumped high to fist away a fine centre by McGinn. Subsequently the Aberdeen forwards and half-backs combined well in fast play, and several times Marsh had to run out to the assistance of his backs when they were harassed. Bruce (R.). and McDermid had shots changed down, and Miller sent narrowly over with a strong effort. During a break in sustained Aberdeen pressure, McGinn got away, and from his centre Cassidy sent wide when well placed for scoring.


After 17 minutes' play Aberdeen deservedly took the lead. Reid temporarily out of position, and in front of goal, got possession about 15 yards out, and scored with a terrific shot, which gave Marsh no chance. Dundee made a spirited reply, and McSevich had to go full length at the foot of a post to deflect a ground shot by Cassidy. Following the corner kick the Aberdeen goal was seriously jeopardised, and in a desperate scrimmage the ball was sent in and returned several times before Cook headed against the crossbar and Campbell subsequently sent behind. Surviving this ordeal, the Aberdeen defenders let their attackers away, and for a time "the boot was on the other foot." The Pittodrie forwards, by clever close passing, kept the home defence on edge, and several times Marsh had to go to the assistance of his colleagues. When Aberdeen were pressing home the attack Cosgrove was forcibly tackled by Thomson (D.), and the Aberdeen half-back sustained an ankle injury, the extent of which will not he disclosed until it has been X-rayed to-day. He had to be carried off, and was unable to resume. Consequent on this, Reid took up the right half position, but the handicap had no immediate appreciable effect on the play of Aberdeen who continued to attack. Clever combination ended in Marsh having to save from McDermid. At the other end Cook forced a corner, which MacLachlan cleared, but Aberdeen resumed the attack, and the home defence was sorely tried to keep them at bay.
Gradually the handicap told on Aberdeen who were forced on to the defensive, but they offered a stubborn resistance. McSevich brilliantly fielded a touch-line effort by McGinn, and Jackson and Bruce (D.) put in some sound and vigorous work at back. In an Aberdeen raid, Marsh stopped a fine cross by Miller, and later fisted clear from a flag-kick by Cheyne. When it looked as if Aberdeen would go farther ahead, Dundee drew level. Following a run by the Dundee right, the referee gave a bye-kick, but on the Dundee players appealing, he altered his decision to a corner-kick. The ball was well placed by McGinn from the flag, and was cleared, but went to McNab who from 20 yards out sent it past a crowd of players into the net, McSevich having no chance to save. Subsequently Dundee crowded all sail on attack and would have gone ahead had Cook accepted a pass across the goalmouth from McGinn. As it was he got the ball near the posit and sent it past the outside. The interval found the teams on level terms.


In the second half R. Bruce went to right half for Aberdeen, Miller acted as a supplementary centre-half, and Reid, McDermid, and Cheyne were responsible for the work of the forward line. As was anticipated Aberdeen immediately resorted to defensive tactics, the policy of the rear divisions being to get the ball away - no matter where - and as the result of this it was often by accident than by design that either of the forward trio got the ball. Play in the period brought out the fine defensive qualities of the Pittodrie team, whose players went heart and soul into their work. Dundee attacked almost as a body from the start, but Aberdeen so crowded in front of McSevich that it took the Dens Park attackers some time to find contact with him. When they did, he proved able. After a corner given away by Bruce (D.) had been cleared, Reid, who was a persistent raider for Aberdeen, got away to shoot, and Marsh had difficulty in clearing. Dundee were soon back at the Aberdeen goal, and Edward was heartily applauded for a fine tackle and clearance from Campbell. There were many desperate tackles, and as the result of this tempers became roused, and the referee found it necessary to administer more than one caution. Dundee maintained determined pressure on the defence, and it was just as determinedly opposed. Unable to get through the barrier at close in, the Dundee attackers made sallies on the wings and from long range, and three times in quick succession McSevich jumped out and fisted clear from a crowd of players. On another occasion he shot up his hand to knock out a fierce effort by Campbell delivered from close in.


Aberdeen continues to put up a desperate resistance, and their depleted attack lent useful assistance by frequently getting away on individual raids that came to grief against superior numbers. McDermid, Reid, and Cheyne all had runs to their credit, and more than once they were beaten because having covered a big distance they were physically unable to finish off their efforts as they would have wished. On one occasion when harassed by Cheyne and McDermid, Thomson (D.) sent s wild pass-back to Marsh who conceded a corner, but Cheyne centred behind. Following this Reid after a long run brought Marsh to his knees. These were infrequent diversions, however, to the continuity of Dundee attacking. McSevich, seldom clear of the danger zone, was repeatedly in action and twice knocked out shots from Campbell and Cassidy that would have beaten most goalkeepers. Reid, ever ready to make headway, got away again and the Dundee following were in suspense until Marsh cleared with McDermid almost on top of him. Subsequently several corners, most of them on the right side of the field, were forced by Dundee, but they could make no impression on the Aberdeen defence. McSevich never lost an opportunity to leave his charge to use his fists, and never once did he miss the ball, so sure were his anticipation and judgment. In the last minute Aberdeen came very near to "stealing" another point when the Reid-McDermid movement already referred to occurred. It was a thrilling game, disappointing certainly from the Dundee point of view in the second half, but the most biased supporters could not gainsay that tor their brilliant defence in the second half, and for clever offensive play in the first period, Aberdeen thoroughly merited a division of the points.

Source: Press & Journal, 3rd January 1927

Dundee Teamsheet
Marsh; Brown, Thomson (D.); McNab, Rankine, Thomson (J.); McGinn, Hunter, Campbell, Cassidy, Cook
Attendance: 16,500
Venue: Dens Park, Dundee
Referee: J. P. Rowe, Glasgow
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